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156 > Page 156 of Battle of freedom : including seven letters on religious liberty, addressed to Bishop Spalding / by S.H. Ford.

LETTola TO BISHOP SPALDING. avowal might defeat the cherished design of its sworn supporters. But let Rome, by her sleepless vigilance-by her countless and invisible agencies -her secret and well-planned machinations-let her worm herself into the heart of this republic, and with the constant stream of emigration inno- cnlate it with her principles, and here, too, will her " pastoral voice be raised " and her temporal and tyrannical power be enforced. Well may we be aroused at every encroachment of that power in our midst, which seeks to "annul the enactments by the civil power," which secures to us what is dearer to us than lite. "Slaves fight for what were better cast away- The chain that binds thern, aiid a tyrant'A sway: But they that fight for freedom, undertake The noblest cause mankind can have at stake; Religion, virtue, truth, whate'er we call A blessing-freedom is the pledge of all." Here, reverend sir, I shall close these letters. In them I have fearlessly, but respectfully, qnes- tioned your statements made in the cathedral, and in your communication in the Courier. I have pursued this course from motives the most honorable and pure. Love of truth and love of country, have been my only prompters, to express, thus publicly, my honest convictions. With the greatest respect for your talents and position, and in the hope that the spirit of all truth may enable you and your people to break the chain that binds you to the papal throne, I am Yours. c., S. 1I. FORD. 156