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Boston " Watchman and iReflector," which ex- changes with the Pilot; then in the "Ilartford Chris- tian Secretary," furnished that paper by a correspon- dent. It was afterwards published by itself in the Western Christian Advocate, the editor remarking that it was taken from the Pilot, which came to that office in exchange. It, or any of those quotations, from unendorsed editors, are not relied upon as proofs. The most that can be made of them is. as mere illustra- tions of what has been incontestably proven. I shall there.ore beg of the reader, instead of what is quoted from Catholic new8paper8, tor which some, nameless editor is alone responsible, to insert the following letter from the head of the Order of Jesus, and twenty-three of the reverend father Jesuits. They had been charged there, as Bishop Spalding has charged them here, (but with a different object,) with being favorable to liberty. Hereistheir denial: To his Royal Majesty, Ferdinand II, of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: SACRED ROYAL MAJzsy-Sire: Wdith much surprise we have heard our sentiments doubted with regard to absolute monarchy; we therefore think it necessary humbly to submit our views in the present page. Majesty, we not only in olden time, but also recently on our establishment in 1821, until the present day, have also inculcated respect, love, and devotion for the King our Lord, for his govern. ment, and for the form of the same-that is, absolute monarchy. This we have done, not only from conviction, but also because the Doctors of the company, who are FRANCESCO SUAEXZ, the Cardinal BALLAhIJNo, and many other theologians and publicists of the same, have publicly taught absolute monarchy to be the best form of government. This we have done, because the internal economy of th company 1V PgE;FACE;.