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is monarchical, and therefore we are by maxim and by education devoted to absolute monarchy, in which Catholicism,by the wisdom and zeal of a pious King, can alone have secured defence and prosperity. Majesty, that we both think, and believe, and sustain that absolute monarchy is the best of governments, is demonstrated by the damage that we suffered in the year 1818. We were the victims of Liberalism, because all Liberals were, and are, well persuaded also that the Jesuits are the supporters of absolute monarchy. These things, oh Majesty, are well known, and Liberals would more easily believe that the sun would not rise to-morrow, than admit that the Jesuits would favor them, and therefore every time they attempt a revolution, their first object is to despoil the Jekuits. For this reason the Liberals, by an inviolable canon of their law, will not admit a Jesuit, or one who is affiliated to the order, among them. In fact, the Jesuits in the kingdom of Naples have always taught it to be unpardonable to make revolutions for the purpose of changing the absolute monarchy, which the reigning dynasty has always maintained. If this should not be sufficient not to be thought Liberals, we humbly pray your Majesty to point out what further we ought to do to be believed decided absolutists. Certainly the Jesuits have never been, at any time or in any place, accused of Liberalism; and what motive should they have for not loving and defending the absolute government of the august monarch FKRD1NAND II, who has covered them with benefits Finally, Majesty, of this sovereign beneficence we have made no other use than for the good of Christian morality and Catho- licity and the reigning dynasty, to profess immutable fidelity to the absolute monarchy, to which we declare ourselves always devoted, and we hope that your Majesty will graciously permit us to confirm this sentiment at your Majesty's feet by word of mouth. The present page is signed by me, by my '- Father's councillors," (Padri Consultori,) and by all others present, in the short time there has been for collecting their signatures: and if your Majesty desires the signatures of all the Jesuits of this province of Naples they can speedily be obtained. Insomuch, we who sign this are P, sEF iAt, E. v