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full guarantee for their devotion by all proof to the absolute monarch. (ITUSEPPE MARIA PALADINI, (and 23 others.) della Compagni di Gegu Provinciale. COLLIGIO DEL GEsu NuEvo, NAPOLI, Nov. 21, 1854. This translation can be found in the New York Times, of January 12th, 1855, and also, with edito- rial remarks, in the New York Tribune. And when Pope Gregory condemned, by his bull of August 15th, 1832, " religious liberty of conscience," the Gazette de France, which had advocated it, was stopped, and the following letter appeared from its managers:- "Frhe undersigned, editors of the Avenir, and members of the council of the yeneral agency lor the deflace of religious liberty, present in Paris Hi Being convinced by the Encyclical Letter of our sovereign Pontiff, Gregory XVI, dated August 15th, 1832, that they could not go on in their labors without placing themselves in opposition to the solemn will of him whorn God has charged with the govern- ment of his Church, they believe it to be their duty, as Catholics, to declare that, in respectful submission to the supreme authority of the vicar of Jesus Christ, they leave the arena in which they have loyally fought for thle space of ten years. They entreat earnestfy all their Iriends to give a like example of christian sub- mission. Consequently, first, the Avenir shall appear no more. Second. The General Agency for the defence of reLigious liberty is dissolved. [Signed,] F. DE LA MENNAIS, (and several other names.) PARIs, Sept. 10th, 1832." Would it not be dissolved here, in obedience to the same " supreme power," were there good Catholics enough to dissolve it With these explanations, I may be permitted to aver, that nought but my own deep convictions, and the purest motives, have prompted what I have written. S. H. F. Louiaville, Kentucky, April, 1855. vi P'REFACEF.