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THE BATTLE OF FREEDOM. CHAPTER I. PATRIOTISM-IN12ODUCTORY. I PROPOSE, in the following pages, to sketch a few of the struggles which the friends of religious liberty, in every age, have maintained against spiritual despotism. The endurances and triumphs of patriotism have glowed on the historic page, have been renowned in immortal song, and their memories perpetuated in columin and statue. In vivid and grateful recol- lection we reverence the name of the patriot; are moved to sorrow at his sufferings, or dwell with rapture on the record of his triumphs. Amung all the splendors that circle the memory of ancient Rome, the revolution, under the elder lBrutus, shines down upon us with transcendent glory. Amid all the brilliant achievements of patriotism, that noble effort has not been surpassed. A people crushed and fettered by an overwhelming despotism, in a dark age, nnaided by the light of historic example, suddenly awaking from their apathy, and rising in all the majesty of principle, shattered at a blow the battlements in which tyranny 2