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The Kentucky Kernel, March 9, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. CATS DEFEATED LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, MAR. 9 1916, K'S AWARDED BY MARIETTA STARS Brilliant Finish of the TO STACK TAKES CHARGE R. R. R. CATS AND TABBIES OE TRACK Rules For Awarding of the Sea- son Is Witnessed By Letters Basket Fans Are PLANS MADE FOR ATHLETICS Y. M. G. A. Roth Is Appointed To Act Raymond' RobinsNoted SoAs Assistant In cial Worker and EvangeCoaching list, To Be Here March 28 Modified THRILLS ARE GALORE SWEATERS No. 23 ORDERED WORK STARTS AT ONCE MARCH 28 IS THE DATE The Athletic Committee met the Kentucky's basketball team closed Its season rather disastrously with early part of this week and upon the of Coach Tigert, two games with Marietta Friday and recommendation Saturday nights of last week, which awarded seven "K's" to members of she dropped by the respective scores the boy's 'Varsity basketball squad team. of 27 to 22 and 27 to 23. Although and six to players on the The men who will receive the covthe scores show defeat in both in stances, the fans who journeyed to the eted prize are Captain Karl Zerfoss, Server, Gumbert, Ireland, Auditorium to witness the contests Hart, were well repaid, for the two teams George Zerfoss and Manager Carmen. put up about the classiest game of The girls who were named for the the basket sort seen here this season. honor are Miss Heller,, captain, and The Wildcats lost gloriously and were Misses Innes, Haydon, Bastin, Cregor found fighting true to their hon de and FJanery. The rule for the awarding of the plume throughout both games. The Blues never looked better in letters in recent years has been that their lives, and although slightly out- only those players who participated in s of the games of the 'Varclassed in dribbling and team-worwas the break of tha sity schedule were eligible,, and a it game that turned the tide on both game was defined as twenty minutes of play. A general modification of nights. The initial half of the first game end- the rules for awarding "K's" in the ed in a dead heat. Shots under the future was authorized by the commitbasket were well nigh impossible, due tee and the qualifications necessary to the clever work of the guards on were made less stringent. The revised both teams. Captain Karl Zerfoss ruling lifts the qualification as to the was playing the game of his career. time of .participation and makes en- into the game for any length The driving, fighting tactics of the time constitute a game. "Dribbling kids" from Ohio brought It is not unlikely that several play- out all the cleverness the Kentucky gang had to stop them. Hart played 'ers who were denied "K's" under the ruling during the last football sea- his customary spectacular, yet con son will now receive them as a reflex sistent, game. He landed three field goals in the meshes of the enemy's condition was attached to the rule and basket andi made six foul goals in Director Tigert was instructed to look s seven attempts. Server snatched a into the records of several men. much as only twelve were awarded couple of counters, as did George Zerfoss, who was substituted last fall the stringency of the rule in the last half. One of these was can be appreciated. the longest shot made on a local floor Coach Tigert was also instructed to buy at once all the sweaters which this season. Don Whiting was the most brilliant wero duo men in any branch of snort Harold Stack, director of physical Unlimited preparations for the most education, has been placed in charge extensive effort ever undertaken by of the entire management of track tho University Y. M. C. A. to better athletics, and will be assisted in the the moral condition of the school and welwork of organizing and perfecting a interest the students in Christian fare, are under way. The plan of the track team worthy of the institution upby Ben Roth, who is a former mem organization is to launch a revival on the campus beginning March 28 ber of the Blue and White track squad. The reorganization, of the and lasting three days, and through coaching system was effected at the personal work and regular services every member of the student athletic committee meeting Monday reach body. afternoon, when Coach Tigert asked Raymond Robins, millionaire social to be relieved of this branch of ath worker, chairman of the Illinois State letics this spring. Dr. Tigert, however, will have Progressive League, and former cancharge of the formation of the rack didate for the United States Senate, schedule. The prospective schedule 1,as Deen secured, alter vigorous er- vviU likely include a meet onS.toll f.rt of tne association, to conduct the co-e- d three-fourth- d In-a- two-poi- illumination on the opposing quintet. Five field goals, nearly all of which were were little short of discouraging to State fans. He also made five foul goals in eight attempts. Following is a summary of the first game: Kentucky Ireland and Hart, forwards; Server, center; Gumbert and K. Zerfoss, guards. Marietta Don Whiting and Hayes, forwards; Turnbull, center; C. Whit-- ' ins and Molstor, guards. G. Zerfoss for Hart; Substitutions Hart for Server. Field Goals Hart, 3; Server, 2; K. Zerfoss, 1; G. Zerfoss, 2; Don Whiting 5; Hayes, 3; Turnbull, 1; C. Whiting, 1; Meister, 1. Foul Goals Hart, 0; Don Whiting, 5. Referee King, Y. M. C. A. HOUSE PASSES BILL TO CHANGE NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY hair-raiser- The House of Representatives of the Kentucky Legislature last week passed tho bill introduced by Representative Nichols, of Fayette County, to change tho name of State University of Kentucky to University of Kentucky. It is believed that this bill will bo passed by tho Senate also, which is oxpocted to act on it some-timtills week. o ' j DR. J. K. PATTERSON'S ADDRESS INSPIRING AT SENIOR CHAPEL Tho second game was practically a duplicate of the first in fierceness and score. Fouls called on State and the consistency with which Don Whiting tossed them into the clutches of tho Dr. Jamos K. Patterson, President Emeritus of tho University of Kentucky, addressed the student body at tho chapel exercises which wero given under the auspices of tho senior class in tho chapel last Tuesday morning. Dr. Patterson's address was very (Continued on Page 3) (Continued on Page 2) KYAIQS ROBINS tau'i'a'B". Field with Georgetown College and the Blue team will probably go to whose time is in great demand, is TAU KAPPA ALPHA return of year's nan9 the most desirable Y. M. C. A. OFFERS SILVER CUP dual meet. for arepresentationlastwill be worker in the United States. His A BEST ORATION sent to the annual Southern Intercol- - work 1,1 the 'ounS men's field has by success and his Tau Kappa' Alpha, the honorary ora legiate Athletic Association meet at(bee1!. marked torical and debating fraternity of Nashville. Besides these there will earnestness of purpose, personality and abIllty s a speaker gain for him inter-clas- s be State University, will present a and some silver loving cup to the best f meets and the big high school touma- - recognition among the evangelistic ator in the school. Any student in ment which has become a headliner 'workers of the nation, Mr. Robins was well known in State the University, not a member of this on the spring program each year. De- tails for this event are being worked politics in Illinois and when he was fraternity, is eligible to compete, vided he presents an entirely original out by the officials and literature will selected as candidate for Senator from oration which he has never used in be mailed to all the high schools of his State, Theodore Roosevelt and s any previous contest. A copy of the the State at once. The prospects for Governor Dunne were among the meet appear brighter than ever, paign orators that went on the stump oration must be submitted to Prof. C. F. Weaver on or before April 15. Mr. Stack and Mr. Roth will issue in the interest of his candidacy, No limitation other than the above a call within the next two weeks and The evangelist's career has been a mentioned will be placed upon the it is expected that a larger number of unique and remarkable one. In his subject matter of the orations except men will respond for practice this early life he was dissipated and re- that they shall not exceed three thou- year than ever before, as interest in gardless of his duties to others. In sand words in length. The contest this branch of athletics is on the up- - the gold rush to Alaska he joined the grade in the institution. will be held early in May. col(l seekers. Lost in a storm ha grasped a cross over a grave to keep SENIOR rtlNGS. ifrom falling into the snow. As ho hung on tho cross and thought over CALE YOUNG RICE TO It is imperative that all seniors who his misspent life, he. resolved if his ordered rings and havo not taken life was spared to consecrate it to them, get them at once. BE HERE MARCH Christian service. Rings are at tho University Book On his return to the United States, Store. after gaining fortune, ho undertook 'Noted Poet Is Next Offer F. CORN. J. social reform work in tho tenement ing of Lyceum Chairman Ring Committee. Course districts of Chicago. Ho was successful in this work and desiring to take MANAGERS' CLUB. Calo Young Rico, of Louisville, Kenup a broader field of activity ho tucky's greatest contemporary poet, managers of student activities jgaged ln reguiar evangelistic work, will 1111 tho next number of tho meet for about ton minutes in chapel Ho nns promised ono year of his lifo courso in the University chapel Friday afternoon at 3:30. Object, to oxcluslvoly to Y. M. C. A. work under tho ovoning of March 10. Ho will de- consider taking spaco in Tho Kon-Uisupervision of tho national board, vote twenty minutes of his timo to a tuckiau. Ho asks no remuneration for his serv discussion of early English poets, a ices. subject on which ho is recognized as which are adaptable to tho stage. His work so far has obtained great an authority. Probably tho best known of his results. At Virginia, Vandorbllt and Mr. Rico has acquired an enviablo lyrics is "Yolando of Cyprus." The reputation as a literary man, and is re- first poem of his last volume, entitled many other largo Institutions of learngarded as ono of the best interpreters "Earth and Now Earth," appeared in ing ho completed the most successful of Oriental lifo today, either in poetry tho Century Magazine about a year religious enterprises ever undertaken or prose, knowledge of which he has ago. Its theme is tho causes of the by those schools. Over two hundred gained during his extensivo travels in European war. English critics and and fifty young men pledged themthe Orient. Ho has published ten vol- men of letters have given Mr. Rico selves to turn their lives into the right j F6R hand-tranc- e or-i- j pro-lol- d , cam-thi- 10. en-A- ll umes of verso and drama, many of first place in the Contemporary World. (Continued on Page 3)