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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 50, 1980

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Co / / 7 , Fall 1980 Vol.50 No.4 I I The Campus and the C0urts/ 2 Increasing litigation is throwing universities across the country into a number of courtroom encounters. ` I Demand for Legal Serv1ces/10 UK legal counsel John Darsie shares his observations of the changing attitude toward suing universities. I Students w1th Troubles! 12 UK Student Government has set up a legal aid service to help students with a variety of problems. I I O Alumn1 Volunteer Leadersh1p D1rectory/ 15 A pull-out guide to alumni leaders who can keep you in touch with UK and get you in touch in their hometown areas. I I Understand1ng Terror1sm/ 19 A student explores the rationale of terrorism following the seizure of the American Embassy and the holding of 53 hostages in Iran. I I I O I I Take the Poss1b1l1ty of Kldnapplng Ser1ously/22 A former hostage who survived tells you how he did it and what you can learn from his experience. , The College of Knowledge/25 I Philip Morris, Inc. and the College of Agriculture pioneer a program that demonstrates the public need for new as well as applied knowledge. , N / 29 University Archives I ass Otcs Margaret l. King Library - North I UNlV2t'Slty of Kznfuglgy 4 . l.TZl|`I}kOI`I, lkTItlJCl