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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY KERNEL Bowling Green, Kentucky Miss Cnraon will be remembered nmong University of Kentucky friends, having been n member of the Rrnduntion class of 1025 nnd net ivc in student nfTnirs during her two years nt the university. She 'wns Dr. and Mrs. James Oliver Carson graduated from the College of Law nnd received the highest average of Announce the marriage any student who took the bar examinof their daughter SOCETY NOTES nmmi CALENDAR Saturday, May 1 Sigma Chi formal at the New Gym. PAGE THR Hnwsic ginn Bryant, of Calhoun, Knox, of Lcwlsport, Jean Woll, of Hnwesvillc, Marthn Wheeler, Louise Potter, Estclle Kclsnll, Mrs. James Allen nnd Helen Hnll, of Louisville, Mary Ileall, Anncllo Kelley, Mnrga-rc- t Van Meter, Knthcrinc Roberts, Dorcas Lyons, Dorothy Cooper nnd Lexington, of Brnnnnmon, Doris Cynthinnn, of Jessie Fry Moore, nnd Allccn Lemons, of Greenville, Ruth Latimer, of Danville. ation last year. The bride was also graduated from to Brenenu College, where she was a Marriage Announced Dr. William Patterson Drake FRATERNITY ROW member of Alpha Chi Omega fraternThe following announcements, beau- Wednesday, the fourteenth of April, ity. She wns a member of Mortar tifully engraved, have been received One thousand, nine hundred and Board, honornry senior fraternity wishes to announce Kappa at Pi pledgingAlphaDavid Alexander of twenty-siby university frlcndsi of the the Univcrstiy of Kentucky. nnd Earl Sherwood of Louisville Ewing. Delta eta Tea Dance The Delta Zcta tea dance on Satur & BROMLEY Sigma Beta Upsilon sorority hnd as day afternoon from A until G o'clock guests Inst week-enMisses Judith PRESSING AND DRY CLEANING at Patterson hall was one of the Yungblut of Dayton, and Dayle r, Phone 1G58 152 South Lime most delightful of the season. of Louisville, at the chapter Ferns and plants decorated the hall. house on Knlmia avenue. QUALITY AND SERVICE The Rhythm Kings furnished the music and fruit punch wns served. PERSONALS The guests of honor were severnl members of the Cincinanti chapter of Miss Ellen Hughes, of Louisa, an Delta Zcta. alumna of the university, was n The hostesses, members of the act guest at the Chi Omega house last Confidence Buy ive chapter: Misses Anna Williams, week-enMiss Hughes had been Mary Jane Lyle, Muriel Hincks, attending K. E. A. at Louisville. Eleanor Beggs, Mildred Cowgill. Cor Alpha Gamma Epsilon had as n inne Cowgill, Ruth Madison, Kather-in- e week-enguest Mr. Hnrvoy Stone De Mint, Benn Latta, Ella Marie Kintsler, Betty Benson, Mary Bledsoe, of Louisville. Mr. Frank McVey was the guest Your money back for any purchase Alice Young, Mary Giles Thorne, Christine Anderson, Celonn Reese, of Mr. nrtd Mrs. Lewis C. Humphrey not entirely satisfactory. Mary Allen Spears, Lydia Latham, at their home on Douglas Boulevard, Henrietta Howell, Wilma Robinson, Louisville. Mary Belle Smith, Nancy JCidwell, President and Ars. McVey were Pauline Carpenter, Lois Cox, Jane hosts for afternoon tea, Wednesday, Lewis, Louisa Tiley. at Maxwell Place, for the faculty and Chaperones: Miss Mary Norris, students of the university. The Chi Omega Alumnae met for Mrs. Edna Giles, Miss Dora Berkeley, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Powell. their April luncheon Saturday iri the Representatives from the various private dining room of the Lafayette, . women's and men's fraternities were hotel. Devil Alpha Xi Delta had as their guests present, and the guests numbered week-en- d visiting alumnae, for the about two hundred. MINTS FANCY CAKES DECORATED Misses Dorothy Blatz, of Louisville, SALTED NUTS FOR PARTIES Mary Elizabeth Krafton, of HenderK. D. Alumnae Bridge Miss Helen King entertained de son, Helen Brewer, of Frankfort, lightfully in honor of Miss Harriet Jeanette Allison, of Williamsburg, Chatfield of Catlettsburg, on Friday Maryouise Morris, of Providence. Misses Anna Louise Reising and PHONE 59tfl night with a bridge and buffet lunch.140 S. LIMESTONE eon for members of the alumnae of Pauline Porter, of Louisville, and Miss Kappa Delta fraternity nt her home Belle Waugh, of Ashland, were weekend guests at the Kappa Delta house. on Linden Walk. Mr. Edmund Noland, of Daughters, The house was beautifully decorated at the Kentucky, spent the week-enGo To with spring flowers. Alpha Gamma Rho house on South Limestone street. Z.T.A. Tea Miss Mabel Graham of Frankfort Zcta Tail Alpha fraternity enter tained with a delightful tea at their hapter house Wednesday from 3:30 Class Shoe to 6 o'clock, in honor of their mothers Here's the game for one and patronesses. Soles $1.25 Sewed and all The house was tastefully decorated Baseball now has got the ith spring flowers af ferns. A de 209 E. Main Street call. Goodyear and O'Sullivan licious salad course', as served. Mr. LEXINGTON, KY. Rubber Heels 50c The alumni of the University of Kentucky entertained with an enjoy able dance Saturday evening from 9 to 12 o'clock in the university gym COHEN SHOP nasium. The music for the dance was furn ished by the Kentucky Kernel orches- No doubt you are interested in Apparel of Art, not just cloths a from the Strand theatre. The committee in charge of ar 145 East Main Street rangements were Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. Wilson, Mr. nnd Mrs. White Guyn, GIVE US A CALL Mr. and' Mrs. W. C. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Viley McFerren, Misses Nancy The right sort of baseball Coats, Millinery, Innes, Irene McNamara, Marie Bark- supplies will help you to deey, Helen Osborne, and Mr. Reed velop a winning streak, Mr. Wilson. College The chaperones for the occasion were members of the faculty. Several Bats 15c to $1.50. Balls. $1 to $2. hundred guests attended. gloves, for All leather finger Alpha Gam Luncheon boys, $1 up; for older boys, $2.85 Thursday, April 22, at 12:30 o'clock, to $5. private dining room of the Ken Basemen's mitts, $1 to $5. Catchtucky hotel, in Louisville, was the ers' mitts. delightful luncheon given scene of a Masks, $1. Stockings, $1 pair. by alumnae of Epsilon of Alpha campus, every BURKE'S SPORT SHOP Gamma Delta who were atttnding 3 meals served, on the K. E. A. Bicycles, Sporting Goods, school day. Open forenoons for. sandThe table was beautifully decorated Athletic Supplies coffee, ice wiches, milk, chocolate, in red and buff roses, the fraternity 128 N. Limestone St., Lexington flowers. and candy. cream The following girls attended: Re- Louise week-en- d at the Delta Delta house, Sunday afternoon from .1 to fi o'clock in their honor. Delta house. Misses Nancy Kldwell nnd Mildred Owen W. Daniel of Atlanta nnd n Walter Gurslund of LouisviMc were Cowgill attended a conference of chapter of Delta Zetn, at Miami guests nt the Sigma Beta XI house University as representatives of their over the week-enchnpter Inst week-enMisses Lilllnil Rnsch, of Covington, nnd Alice Eckmnn, Rachncl Sparling, Dottie Do Beck, nnd Mnry There is u device composed of reof Cincinnati, spent the week- volving nnd rotating balls moved by end with Dcltn Zctn and attended the wheel-wor- k called an orrery, which Ten Dance Saturday afternoon. shows the relative motions of bodies Dcltn Zeta entertained with open In the solar system. apent the x Get Extra Credits at Home PARRISH ly Cas-en- More than 450 courses in History, English. Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Modern Languages, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, etc, arc given by correspondence. Learn how the credit they yield may be applied on your collctfc program. Catalog describing courses fully, furnished on request. Write today. 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