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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

FAGE KENTUCKY KBRNEL BlGHt DDCCC CTAEE n of Its nledees at the Lamp and vn hut. Phllln Tin sch. president exCross dance, to be given later in tne Strollers, is working on this and pects to bo able to announce shortly year. The Suky circle has postponed us the time It will nppear in Lexington. regular May dance until the night of Offers from several neighboring towns Frldnv. Mnv 7. when the nnnunl high to present "Icebound" there are being .schooi tournament will be in progress. considered. All classes will be dismissed Saturday at the end of the second hour, to STUDENTS WILL HOLD allow all students to witness the May ANNUAL MEETING HUKB Day festivities. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) YEAMAN TO TAKE LEAD were IN PLAY "ICEBOUND" t.nviu. nf Wnshinirton and Loo Many speakers nt the conference. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) university problems of the day were inrhulintr regulation of lion llaanrl n ing held dally and according to the drinking and dancing, the director, Al Wicman, are proceeding Wntinn of thn camnus. and the possi No difficulties iiiiuw nf the tutorial system in most satisfactorily. Intramural ath worn exnerionced when the aubstltu Amcricnn coHckcs. lion in the cast was made and Mr. letics and, the value of social fratcrni Wlnmnn said he was hiffhly pleased tics were also discussed. with the way Mr. Yeaman was hand Kenneth Durham, of Washington ling his part. nnd Lee, was elected president and T T. Ploknev of Davidson College was Arranging Dales Nov? Dpfinltn dates have not been set elected secretary nnd treasurer of the year. for tho presentation of the play as federation for the ensuing Zeta Banquet TCl Faculty Members Will Alalia Program s Given for President on Berea ,ni jBe NAMhD rUK YLAK Dean Boyd and Others To Speak L. H. Dennic Addresses Agricul tural Fraternity ; u e a n at American Mathematical Taylor Tonstmaster Association Meeting Now Members of Nntioiml and State Associations To Hannln. nntionnl honorary ng- Alnhn Vinnltv members nnd students of dle University News and University of Kentucky will be on icultural fraternity, held n banquet nt Student the Write-up- s night, ilio nrncrrnm of the American Mnthc- - the Lafayette hotel Tuesday A mIt 2(1. In honor of L. II. Dennis, nMP.R nmtlenl Association when it convenes BEGIN WORK AT president of the organization tit its nnnunl meeting nt Berea College, national nml i niiiitv siiner ntonticnt 01 tno jjo- . 'rim now amn ill liii; . . . ..... i,o Knnn Prof. T. A. Martin, state president .inKtmnnt nf T'llhl InSlrUCtlOll Ol l I'ennslyvania. Tlnnn W. R. Tnvlor. of the College of ' '. 01 jour n. head of the department 'T The i "M,o. Kfliipn Hon. acted as tonstmaster. t. nf honor made a speech on the instructors from all parts of -tiYoTZwrZ can IRul ,Caj growth of the fraternity,.nnd its posassist h . sibil ties for further constructive i rcss The purpose of the National ,nt nno nf nrjn. work in ngriculturc. Association is to advert so ne umhis subicct beimr Those nresent were! alumni mem . . stnfi Icg.t mate.y versity nnd its Miss bcrs: W. S. Taylor, 0. B. Jesness, formntions. " giving national Pu;Jy cuuy EHssabeth LeStourgeon, assistant pro T. R. Bryant, P. K. Karraker, L. J. by standing work mathematics nt the univer Horlncher, E. J. Kinney, J. B. Kclley, Morn than nn.i afiulnntR. ) IIIUIIIUUI.-- MMU on "Fundamental Cal V. S. Anderson, C. O. Mahnn, W. u, and educational sity, will speak nowsnnnors v.ut L. G. bel- . i.iin,.ic ti,rniiirhout the country re culus." university sneakers will be Finn, Cnrise Hammonds, Other arils nnd Herschcl Wiel; active memfi,n'n stories. That the work is i graduate student of trated by the II. W. Mobley, a who will sneak on hers: J. W. Drake, Watson Arm Mm nnivnrsitv. strong, C. J. Bradley, L. E. Scott, A. Y the fact that the New York Times, mnthomnticnl nroblems of students Cravens, G. G. Wndlington, M. u. unrunon receiving an important story nnd Miss Vndn Leo Nelson, graduate rifl, .1. E. Threlkeld, C. U Uolt, u. u recently, mme .ate y Wired foi w,)o wU, Miwr an address Ponnebnkcr, C. A. Loudermilk, .1. H i. Ntwspa photograph to run w Trnnsfomation8 Bondurant, and L. M. Caldwell. of Tran" in Iho Ternary Field." Beginning at P,?I ton Mnw Vnrk meeting will continue Uonublicnn. and 10 o'clock the cinn-finlithroughout the day. The visitors will ri.inr..Tniirniil have used material be served luncheon at Boone Tavern. PLANS ARRANGED FOR GRADUATION EXERCISES Press As sent out by the National sociation during the past year SMITH (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) a mnntr suhiects submitted the past T.AMPERT TAKES TO HEAR ELIJAH SUNli year have been Dr. Morris Scherago's nil rnllpces will hold their annual FR0M page one) ronninn nt the. Art Department by rcuelid Avenue, followed at 10:30. bureau information m the annual business meeting in' the homes ii7.fi the next one you hear At. 2 oVlock thev will TVinntn for makers of more attractive The theme of the oratorio, lie told T.snin IT C. MnnT.ean's discovery 01 nn.l returning to' no. pnnooms a nroohet by the name go to Dix River Dam, which threatens to revolu Til of n nnw a banquet at,' f Eliiah. who foretold the first great the Shaker town Inn for tVin mnt-- ; no- nf bearimrs in lrv nnoll t.n the Israelites, and the 6 o'clock. innphlnorv. At 11:45 o'clock the Board of retiring members of the staff lrought that resulted preceeoea tne TvuntoAci will moet in the office of The by nbout Slayden Douthitt, J. L. Crow- - Eighteenth Amendment is supposed the president. hree thousand years, and ford, and Miss Prewitt Evans, At 10:30 the class day exercises o have been worse. There is a chorus Chosen enmnus. State Press of 250, an orchestra of 56, besides the on the Sunday, May 30, the Baccalaureate The committee which will handle the four soloists, and how in thunder next year has also hfiv'ro all eoin' to eet into Woodland Sermon will be delivered at 3:dU otuflont writo-un- s gymnasium m. in the university been chosen. The new members were Auditorium is more than I can see. President Frank h. McVey presid T snvs I'd have to see a practice named at the meeting of the retiring Dy com mmkrs late last week. This before I'd know what it was all about, ing. The address will he given mittee is known as the State Press 30 I trails down to the church that D. C. Hull, president of Kentucky Association and the officers for next light to find out. Professor Lampert Weslevan Colleere of Winchester. Mondav. Mav 31. at 10 o'clock is vnnr will be Harriet McCauley, chair- ,vas directin' it, bo I parked in back mnn. nnd Charles Headley, secretary, :o see what he did. He had a musical Commencement exercises. The proces home, ot Tho members will be Virginia Conroy, itick that he called a baton which sion will form in front of the the president and will march to the Edwards, Ralph Connell, itarted the fireworks. Rebecca university evmnasium. the scene of Catherine Carey, Helen Shelton, Betty Offers Odds on Altos The Commencement Rppanstein. Niel Plummer and Marga He made a pass at the chandelier, the exercises. ret Williams. The retiring officers of ind everybody sounded off. Then the address will be delivered by Dr. Wil the association are Willy King, chair basses started a solo and sawed it Ham E. Barton, of Chicago, III. lectman, and. Stanley Royse, secretary. back and forth, and passed it over to clergyman, editor, author and L. McVey will he sopranos, who fondled it a bit ano urer. President Frank hon boosted it over to the baritones. The preside and confer degrees and HIGH SCHOOL MEET WILL finors iumned at it but the altos way ors. BEGIN THURSDAY MAI jver in the corner was sailin' along ton sneed. and I was gettin' excited DOROTHY CHAPMAN IS ONE) it (CONTINUED FROM PAGE and offerin' odds on the altos, when CHOSEN MAY DAY QUEEN .nmsthintr busted, and a tenor cracked. contests in oratory, declamation and ind the director called a halt by ham- (CONTINUED FROM .PAGE ONE) miblic discussion in which a large nerin' on a music stand. number of students will participate Fnvorites Skid. Smith Loses Alpha Gamma Delta, and is prominent The formal program which has not Thev all clamoed on the brakes, but been changed except for the date is the altos skidded, and slip out in the in both social and scholastic activities Uoham Makes Great Race as follows: middle of the street, so the sopranos An interesting feature of the elec Thursday, May G won the first round on a technical tion was the prominence of a dark 10:00 a.m. Contestants in debate will oul. Well, it was a wonderful thing. horse candidate. When the results coaches, for You got all the effect of an earthquake meet with officers and wore counted, Miss Upham, the dark pairings will be made and photo n Main street with the angels singin horse, possessed enough votes to make crrnnhs taken. 'n the distance, and a few harmonious her an attendant, she was ruiea out 11:00 a.m. Delegates and contest .hundercracks on the side for orches however, when no record of the regis will be truests of the univer tration. nnts tration of a girl by that name could be luncheon at the university sity at I savs to the professor that he could found. thn deaf people in the bald- cafeteria. tick all The crowning of Miss Chapman as 1:30 p.m. First preliminaries in de headed row, and restore their hearing. May Queen will take place on the Hp crins kind of modest, and says bate (first section of eight). campus following a gigantic paraai 3:30 p.m. First preliminaries in de that was iust the first squad I heard through the principal streets of Lex bate (second section of eight) down to the church, and when the ington. Friday. May 7 whole army- showed up, hed put on 8:00 a.m. Second preliminaries in de real party. I says I wished him bate (first section ot lour). uck. There was more dope to write 'BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK" in ibout the "Elijah" than the Chicago m?nn A.m. Second Dreliminaries WILL BE GIVEN MAY 7 debate (second section of four). fire, and if we wasn't hard up for 11:00 a.m. Delecrates and contestants space, I d write a real oratorio anout (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) will be guests of the university at Professor Lampert's oratorio. luncheon at the university cafeteria. cessary to complete the play. The 1:30 n.m. Preliminaries in oratory, RTTITYENTS TO TAKE PART costumes and sets "will be designed by nnd public discussion declamations IN "ELIJAH" ORATORIO Professor Sutherland's class in play simultaneously). (all held production. 7:30 n.m. Finals in oratory, decla (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) The cast follows: and public discussion mation Dr. Albert Rice... Alvin Hammel Saturday. May 8 manner, Cynthia Mason ..Leonora Donovan and enunciation ol nign in debate 10:00 a.m. Frank Haag quality. Neil McRae . n.m. Hich school contests in Mr. Sutherland Chorus Has 250 Voices Mr. Cady . scholarship. Martha Payne On May 5 that wonderful production Mrs. Cady 11:00 a.m. Delegates and contest of Felix Mendelssohn, the "Elijah" or Nell Pulliam ants will be guests of the university will bo presented. The oratorio will Cowgill .. Corinne Gladys at the university cafeteria. in enner hv n rhnriin nf 250 selected or Mattie Waugh i 'On n.m. Scholarship contests for voices, augmented by the four artists Fred New Homer Cady tho trades. Mr. Samuels Mentioned above who will carry the Jerry including finals, Music 1:30 n.m. Virginia Early various solo parts, several members of Miss Hey hand nnd orchestra contests. Lois Cox .he Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Miss You 1:30 p.m. Declamation and recitation ind the entire University ol KentucKy Alvin Hammel Waiter for grades. Wallace Sanders orchestra which numbers approxl Juror 7:80 p.m. Finals in debute. nutelv 55 nieces. Alvin Hammel Novelist Frank Haag Song Writer The entire production is under the liroct on Carl Lampert. Alvin Hammel Reporter School Profflssor of Professor director of the Artist Go To Laninert is Wallace Sanders Cental Kentucky Choral society and .Addison Yeaman Poet head of the department of music of The ushers will be Misses Parrish ho University of Kentucky. Some of and Kay. To Turn Out May 2 the best professional and Students are urired to observe "Go lional talent of Paris. Winchester, to Sunday School Day" next Sunday, Georgetown and Berea is included in PRRSHMRW MUST BURN THEIR CAPS MAY DAY Mav 2. bv the churches of the city .he personnel of the cast. The men's U of the univerind W4t. dim wjr wtiw ,,ntt.sitv V M. wj at nnfl Y.- W. II sity women's glee clubs tne cnoruses - (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) O.A. The attendance also taKe part in the various Tells Bible Story Sunday SchoolB will be counted and G. T. Fenn. junior class years. The "Eliiah" is based on one of the nronhet. compared to that of former post dramatic incidents recorded in prophet, will receive the hereditary "Go to Sunday School Day" is ob served annually through the country all literature. It is the Btory of the spado from the departing class, and Elmer and on that day, every Sunday School children of Israel, of their worship of will make a short address. In thn land endeavors to have the tho god Baal, and the punishment Vossmeyer, president of the senior largest possible number of persons at which was meted out to them by jeno- - class, will also speak. Mortar Board Will Pledge AoonnUnv to James Russell, vah usintr the prophet Elijah as his tend Following the planting of the tree, ,iot,ioa nf i,n imlvofattv "V." It Is snnknsmnn. Tho test which thn fallen especially desirable to get a large people make to find the true God, their Mortar Board, honorary senior soror, im ity, will hold its pledging exercises. number or students oi tno university i appeal to mcir iuojjucuvc uwwi-aLamp to attend on this day as the figures their chancre of heart which comes Hnntrarv to tho usual custom. organization, are kept from year to year and are over them when they are convinced of and Cross, men's senior constantly cited by speakers who em- the power of Jehovah makes it one of will not hold its pledge service on May the most masterful musical creations Day, on account of the absence of phasize the religious life of the many of its members, but will an ever written. i IT dProf cs ,, & I t. over-orga- Will Be Set rlnt" for tho meeting hero has not been set as yet, but will" be ine named by the new president. convention here will be under the auspices of the Men's Student Council, which body sent Mr. Milward and Mr. Cochran to the Washington ana Lee conference this year. nate tu nvoit ALPHA SIGMA PHI BUYS CHAPTER HOUSE (CONTINUED FROM PAGE SIX) porary chapter house. The committee of the members ot tne irnternuy which made the purchase have outlined plans for improvement which include construction of a sleeping porch and remodeling of the interior. The house itself is a spacious one, according to Mr. Charles. A garage was included in the sale of the property purchased from a real estate syndicate here. The price was not mado public. - GRAVES, COX and CO. mS l srsuah :;., - 6-- Semi-fina- m-n- Sunday non-prof- -- STYLEPARK HATS in the college man's manner 5 The largest assortment of young men's hats in the city. Smart snap brimfancy band styles that are "plenty, hot". The new shades of grey and tan to harmonize with your new spring suit See window display of these hats GRAVES, COXandCO. THE COLLEGE MAN'S STORE