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5 > Image 5 of Guide to civilian organizations. Fayette County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

The Fayette County Defense Council is Affiliated g , with the Kentucky Defense Council A Frankfort, Kentucky ? Honorable Keen Johnson, Governor of Kentucky I Chairman ~ John J. Greenleaf, State Director of Civilian Defense I . Q FAYETTE COUNTY DEFENSJ COUNCIL T Embracing Lexington and Fayette County P T. wars Havely, General Chairman Katherine Hessel, Executive Secretary 5 CIVILIAH DEFEUSE COMMISSION Frazer D; LeBus Dr. Ernest B. jradley Rev. T. E. Svweney Washington Reed Garland C. Bryant Judge, Chester Adams Thomas S. Scott Dan E. Fowler Judge, William E.Yichols ` I 5 Mrs. Alvin Stilz Robert H. Hogan ' 5 Major YC O, Wilson,LiaisonCfficer Dr. E. S. Maxwell, Chief Medical Officer ; COMMITTEE CDAIRKEN 2 Miss Anna Pherigo Fred B. Techs _A. B. Guthrie, Jr. RECREATION AED COIMUUICATIOHS ` SPEAKERS CONHITTEE CHILD WELFARE . . L V Thlliam A. Minihan ..I. J. IcGruder { J. B. Caulder U.S. DEFENSE BONDS y~ EHGIFEERIHG COLORED HOUSIWG AUD LEGAL ~` AKD RECREATION Charles J. Henry F. J. Benckart Laurie Blakely VOLUNTARY FIREIEI FINAFCING AID SERVICE IUUUS TELFABE TRAINIIG PURCHASING AKD SPECIAL DRIVDS Austin 3. Price Dr. Charles D. Cawood Mrs. Alvin Stilz VOLUUTLRY POLICE HEALTH ADD REGISTRATIOE TRAIHIYG FIRST AID CONHITTEE TL Emmet Milward Jack Bryan Mrs. Frances ncvey CTVTTTA O**TF HOUSITG AED THATS- SERVICE IGUS EMTER - .. --1--.]] L- .-l;..l1 _ > PORTATIOV TAIUHEHT COMMITTEE L. K. Frankel E. E. Jacobson Raymond Bell TECHNICAL SURVEY PUBLIC UTILITIES ADVISORY COMM; COFHITTEQ ITT]? ON TIUES Mrs. Harry NoEldowney Hrs. Robert Nodes CONSUMERS COMKITTEE CHIEF BLOCK LEADER i