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xvi CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. PAGE. "Illutrated London Nerws -"Retnrning for the Wounded (M. J. B-ras)-The tinkingof thi' "Alabalma" (J. 0. Daeidao)-The United ltates Screw-sIoop "Kearsarge" at the tbice of the Encounter with the Alahamna, fromi -ar-timue drawing ( '. Taber). THE DUEL BETWEEN THE " ALABAMA AND THE I JOHN M. BROWNE "KEARSARGE".T . ....RE........... . ILLUNTRATIONN: Initial (W'. T'aber)-The Crew of the" Kearsarge" at Qu.arter , froic phot.W. lent by Henry McConnell - Rear-Adniral John A. Wiunlow, Captain of the Kearsarge ' - Captain Thom..a. S. Thornton, Executive Offieer of the Kearsarge "-Wlltanu Smith, Quarteru..cer ift lie' Kearsarge" aud Captain of the After Pivot-gua- Jamec B. Wheeler, Acting Master of the "Keir.ierge," from photos. lent by SurgeoN John M. Browue - The Eleven-ineh Forward Pivot-gnu on the" Keare-.c.-g In action (J. 0. Davids.) - Peaman Willia.. Gounl, -ortally wounded on the "Kearrge," frucc i photo. by Taylor, lent by Henry A. Chaney - Close of the Combat - The "Kearsarge" getting intic liosticm to rake the "Alabama" (J. 0. Dsaedso.) - The Boat from the "Alabama" announlng the inrrewkcer nd asking for Aasitanee (J. 0. Davidso.) -The Shell in the Stern-pott of the" Kearsarge," front photo. (WI. Taber). THE CONFEDERATE RAM "ALBEMARLE." THE FIRST BATTLE OF THE CONFEDERATE RAM ALBEMARLE" ............GILBERT ELLIOTT .... .. ILLUsTRATIoNS: Building the "Albemarle" at Edwarda's Ferry, after sketch by Mias M. H. Hoke (J. 0. Davicfso.j-Planof the Albemarle -Captain J. W. Cooke, C. S. W., from photo. by Walter-Comn,.,ander C. W. Flunser, U. S. N., from tintype. THE "ALBEMARLE" AND THE "SASSACUS" . EDGAR HOLDEN ... ... . .... 628 ILLUSITRATION11: The Making of the BSouthfleld" 4April l8th, 18644 (J. 0. David-s.c) --Nalc ci the Coaat of the Carolinas (Jacob WeUa) -Rear-Admiral F. A. Roe, U. 8. N.. fr.cm photc.- Chart of the Engagement in Albemarle Sund, May 5th, 1864, from drawing lent by CommanderJcchc R. Bartlett-The z S.acacus " ramitungthe IAlbwearle" (J. 0. Daeidbo.) -The "S-assaus" disabled after ra.i..c.i.ig (J. 0. D.ccidsoc) - Paymaster George de F. Barton, Acting Aide and Signal Officer to Comimander lBne -durin the Engage- ment with the " Albemarle," fro. photo. by Ludovici-Acting Matter Charlea A. BMictielle, U. Ft. Wf., from photo.-Commander W. B. Cushlig, U. S. N., from Brady phccto.-The "Albencarh "' ready for action (M. H. HIke). THE DESTRUCTION OF THE "ALBEMARLE" .....COMMANDER W. B. CUSHING...34 ILLUSTRATIONS: Part of the smoke-stack of the "Albemarle," from photo. (W. Taber) - Cuohig' Luinch and Torpedo. ihowing Methods of Working, and Sectional Viewo cf Torldic, two vih'wv, fron drawings lenutby CommanderJohn B. Bartlett.-The Blowing-up of the "Albemarle" (.1. 0. Daridaon) -The Wreck of the "Albemarle." from photo. Ientby William L. Welch (.. 0. Dcridaon) -Captain Alexander F. Warley, C. S. N., from photo. lent by Mis M. D. HBger (VF. Gribayreoff). NOTEONTHEDESTRUCTIONOFTHE"ALBEMARLE" CAPTAIN A. F. WARLEY.. .41 THE CAPTURE OF FORT FISHER. THE DEFENSE OF FORT FISHER .. . .... COLONEL WILLIAM LAMB . f 42 ItLUsqurtoNs: Map of the Naval acid Miltary Attak.nFort Fisher, January 11th, 1861, howingdirec- tion of fire of Union ve-iels, and Plan and Sections of Fort Fisher (E. E. ('drt) - Colonel Wilianm Lmb, C. S. A., from photo. by C. M. Van Oridell (Wtyatt Eafoa)-View of the land Front from the Se-ond Traverse of the North-west Salient and Interior View of the three Traverses of the North-west Salient, front Gardner photo. (5W. Taber) -Lieutenant Wiley H. Williford, C. S. A.. from photo. lent by Colonel William L mb-Interior View of the North-east Angle, from Gardner phito. (W. Taber)-The Butt- bardment of Fort Fisher. a. seen froto the Mound Battery, from lithograph by Endicott Co., lent by Colonel William Lambb-The Mound Battery from the Fort tide, the Sea-face of the Sixth to the Eleventh Traverses, and Battery Buchanan, from Gardner photos. (W. Taber) -Brevet Major-General Newton M. Curtis, from pthoto. by Dow - Brevet Major-General Galusba Pennypacker, from photo. by F. Muluier- Brevet Major-General Adelbert Ames, from Brady pboto.- Colonel Louis Bel, from photo. THE NAVY AT FORT FISHER ...... ...... ... CAPT. THOS. 0. SELFRIDGE, Jr 4155 I LLUSTRATIONs: Interior View of the first six Traveres on the Sea-face of Fort Fisher, from Gardner photo. ( W. Taber) -Captain T. 0. Selfridge, Jr., from photo. by Bachrarh -The Bombardlnent of Fort Fisher, January 11tb, 1865, from lithograph by Endicott Co. (J. 0. David.on) -Captain K. R. Breese, from photo. by D. Fowler -Major-General A. H. Terry, from Brady photo.- Assault of the Naval Col- umn on the North-east Salient of Fort Fisher (5W. Taber) - Commander James Parker, tro-. photo. by W. R. Tobias - North-east Salient of Fort Fisher, showing on the left the (Ground over which the Naval Col- umn cbarged, from Gardner photo. (W. Taber)-LieAtenant Samnuel W. Preston, from Brady photo.- Lieutenant Benjamin H. Porter, from Brady photo. THE OPPOSING FORCES AT FORT FISHER, N. C ......... .... .. ...... ..1 . .6 SHERMAN'S MARCH THROUGH THE CONFEDERACY. SHERMAN'S ADVANCE FROM ATLANTA. . ...GENERAL OLIVER 0. HOWARD. (663 ILLU'sTRATIONS: Marching through Georgia (WV. aber) - Hook lsed by General Sherman's Army for twicdtl.cu and destroying Bailriua- Iron, from print lent by General 0. M. Poe - Sheruan'e Troops destroy-