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CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. xi PAGE Positions of the Oppoosing Corps at Spotaylvania - Major-(;eneral John Nf. Jones, C. S. A., from Antlerson- Cook !,hoto.- rnjsir-(ieneral Johut C. Btlttsot-u, fronm Brady phofo.-Gernral ltnrnsile aleatdiuarters at ilethlt Clhurth, May 22d, 1864, fl ot (ardiner phottt. ( W. Tubel). HAND-TO-HAND FIGHTING AT SPOTSYLVANIA ..... G. NORTON GALLOWAY .1 0 IIt.t.ITRITIrONs: Strugglitig forthe Works at the '1hlAly A.n,.de (Il. T. Trego)- Upton', Brigade at the 'Bloody Atigle," frtoou sketch by G. N . Gallowvay (Fi: II. ,Scelll) -Brev -t Mtajor-iletterall Emuory Ufttott, frto' Birlady phltut.- Cuit lIteolpitat at Al-ps 'e Farin-hoti-s uear the Br-ek road, fro..t Gardner photo. IV. rAber). THE DEATH OF GENERAL JOHN SEDGWIC(K... GENERAL MARTIN T. M'4MAHON... 1 7.5 Mt.ALLISTERS BRIGADE AT THE "BLOODY GENERAL ROBERT MCALLISTER .... ANGLE " I. ..... ...... GNRLRBRTMALSE . 7 IILICITRAfTI t Cetter of the Uttit- position at Spotasytania, May 10th, 1864 (Edtrin rbes) EDWARDS'S BRIGADE AT THE " BLOODY ANGLE " . JAMES L. BOWEN . .. ....... 177 ILI.I.STR1 MTI II: General (;rat reconnoit-ring the Coufelerate position at SIpotsylvattia Court lhouse (C. IV. ffi- 0. THE OPPOSING FORCES AT THE BEGINNING OF GRANT'S CAMPAIGN AGAINST RICHMOND 179 LLI.8THIATtON: Beathig the Long Boll (Wi-lso- Hostet'). THE OPPOSING FORCES AT COLD HARBOR, JUNE ist, 1804.185 SHERIDAN'S RICHMOND RAID ... .......... GENERAL THEO. F. RODENBOUGH 188 ILLUITttATItNS: Ulinhwrsd Troopers retiring front Sheridaute Raid (Wnhsltow Homer) -Major-General George A. C('ter, frottt Gardn,-e photo.- Map of the Klilpatriek-Dahlgreu Raid, ,,f Sheridan's Richmomd Raid, an-t of Sherilan's Trevillan Raid (Jacob Wells) - portrait groult of General P. H. Sheridan, General D. MeNM. Gregg, General A. T. A. Torbert, General Jaues lH. Wilson, (leneral Henry E. Davies, Jr.. and Generatl WsIey Merritt, from Gardner photo. i BY A PRIVATE OF THE SIXTH VIR- 1 THE DEATH OF GENERAL J. E. B. STUART i GINIA CAVALRY .. .. 194 ILLtSTRATION: Major-General Fitzhugh Lee, C. S. A., fromt Anderson-Cook photo. THE DEFENSE OF DREWRY'S BLUFF . ... ... GENERAL G. T. BEAUREGARD . 195 ILLUSTRATIONS: Looking for a Friend (W . aber) - Map of Operatiouts at Drewry'a Bluff, Bermuttda Hundred, atttt Deet Bottom in 1814 (Jacob Wells) -Major-General R. F. Hoke, C. S. A., from photo.- Coutfederate Roll-Call (A. C. Red-'ood). BUTLER'S ATTACK ON DREWRY'S BLUFF . ...... GENERAL WM. FARRAR SMITH . ... 206 ILLUSTRATIONS: A Fifteen.-neh Gun, from Gardner photo. (O. R. ilalta) -Ma.or-tGeneralJohn A Di., from photo. bty J. W. Black-Brevet Major-General Joseph R. Hawley, froin photo. by Prescott Gage - Major-General Go.ifrey Weitzel, from Anthony photo. COLD HARBOR ...... ............. . . GENERAL MARTIN T. McMAHON.. 213 ILLUSTRATIoNs: Fording the Mtattapoty, front sketch by C. W. Reed (W. Taber) -AMap of Confederate Positions at the North Autna and at Cold Harbor (Major Jed. Hlotchkiss) -Map of Cold Harbor- Major- General Francis C. Batllow, frottt Brady photo.-C old Harbor, June 3d, Bomb-Proofs on the line of the S-eittd Corps (Edtria Forbes). THE EIGHTEENTH CORPS AT COLD HARBOR.... GENERAL WM. FARRAR SMITH ...... 221 ILLUSTRATIONS: Explosiou of a Bomnb-shell nn'ter an Artillery Cam-fi4re at Ctldd Harbor, from sketch by C. W. Reetl (IF. Tabe) - View of the Uniolt Breastworks on the Cold Harbor Line, June It (Edwin Forbes) - Major-General Horatio G. Wright, from Brady photo. NOTES ON COLD HARBOR .... GEORGE CARY EGGLESTON ....-.... 230 SHERIDAN'S TREVILIAN RAID . .GENERAL THEO. F. RODENBOUGH ...233 ILLUs TRATION: Map of the Battleof Trevilian Station (Jacob Wells). THE CAVALRY FIGHT AT TREVILIAN STATION. GENERAL M. C. BUTLER ... -........ 237 ILLUsTRATIONS: Major-G(eneral Thomas L, Po-ser, C. S. A., fro-o photo. lettt by James Blair (Wyalt ELtoti) - Waiting for his Breakfast ( Wins.1ee .oote.r). GENERAL LEE IN THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN .... COLONEL CHARLES S. VENABLE.... 240 ILLUsTRATIoNs: tniform of the Mary-land Guard, C. S. A. (A. C. Red-ood) -MIajor-Gener.l C,. W. C. Lee, C. S. A., frotm Andtersnn-Cook photo.- Major-General Stephen D. Ratmseur, C. S. A., fromit photo. -5Major-General Edward Johnson, C. S. A., from photo.-Brigadler-Geteral George H. Steuart, C. S. A., frotil Atltersomt-Cok photo.- A Call for Reouforeenuts, Fac-simile of a Dispatch from General Lee to General Beauregardl-View of Belle PlaIn, Potomac Creek, a Union Base of Supplies, in May, 1864, from photo. lent by W. H. Wtlbittm (C. A. I'asderhoof). ATLANTA. THE GRAND STRATEGY OF THE LAST YEAR . GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN . 247 OF THE WAR .....GNRL..T.SEMA . 4 ILLUSTRATIONs: A Shtell at Heatquarters (W. Taber) - Map of tte Atlanta Cattpaign - General William T. Shertt-an at Atlanta, from photst.- Ration Day at Chattanooga in 1864 (Theo. R. Davis) -The "Calico