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xii CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. PAGZ House," General Shertnan'a First Headquarters in Atlanta, from photo. lent by Miss Orelia Key Bell (W1. Taber). OPPOSING SHERMAN'S ADVANCE TO ATLANTA,.. GENERAL JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON.....2(0 ILLUSTRATIO2s: Buzzard-Roost (ap (Theo. R. Laris) -The Battle of Resaen, Ga., May 14th, 1864, and Confederates dragging (;nns up Kenesaw Mountain, fromn The Mountain Camipaign in (;eorgia - (;eu- eral Sherman and Geeral Thom-a during the assault at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27th, 1864 (Theo. Rf. Duris) - Geueral John B. IHood, C. S. A., from Auderson-Cook photo. THE OPENING OF THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN ..... COLONEL W. C. P. BRECKINRIDGE . 277 ILLUSTRATION: I'art of the Confederate Intrenebmeuts at Resaa, fronl photo. by G. N. Bairuard (C. A. THE CONFEDERATE STRENGTH IN THE ATLANTA M,JOR E. C. D,4WES ..... .81 CAMPAIGN A................... ........ ILLUSTRATI,,N: Coufederate Defenses at the Bridge over the Etowab, froum photo. by G. N. Barnard (E. J. Meeker). THE OPPOSING FORCES IN THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN ......... ..... .......... 2s4 THE STRUGGLE FOR ATLANTA ...... . ......... GENERAL OLIVER 0. HOWrARD . 93 ILLUsTRATIONIS: Saving a tGun (11: Taber)-Map of the Region trom Chattanooga to t alhoun-M-ajor- General John M. Pt',her, frnnm axulimotype lent by hi son -Part of the Battle-field of Be,.nca, froi.. photo. by G. N. Barnard (E. J. eeker) - Extreme left (view looking South) of the Confederate Lines at Besena, from photo. by t;. N. Barn.ard ( WV. Tabor)-Mapof the Region from Resacato Vauwert-Brevet Brigadier- General Benjamin nHarri-on, from photo. lent by Mrs. Benjamin Harrison - Najor-General E. C. Wadthall, C. S. A., fro of the Region from Rome to Marietta, Ga.- Major-Geueral Jacob D. Cox, from photo.- Confederate lutrenemheuts near New Hope Church, from Brady photo. (P. J. Xeeker)-olion Eartih-work, in front of Big and Little Kenesaw, and Confederate Works on the Sotith Bank of the Chat- tahooebee, from photos. by (I. N. Barnard ((. A. laderhqof) - Map of the Siege of Atlanta - General Sbhermans Ilenfdquarn rs at the Htoward H.oue in front of Atlanta (Tlea. R. koris) - Sprague's Brijade Protecting the Wagon Trains of Sherman s Army at lDecatur, Ga., July 22d, 1864 (The It. D-.-ira) -S-enet of General MePher.on's Death, on the Battle-tield of July 22d, 18C4, from Brady photos. (E. J. Meeker) - Major-Geueral Ja..mes B. McPherson, from Brady photo.- Battle of Atlanta, July 22d, 1864-The Contest on Bald Hill, Fourth Division, Fifteenth Corps iD the PForeground, from the Patmoratna of Atlanta - Major-(;en.eral John A. Logan, trome Brady photo.- The Battle of Ezra Church, July 28th, 1864 (Thea. R. DVria) - MaJor-General Joln M. Curse, who" held the fort" at AllatoRna, fri photo.- Allatoona Pass, looking North, from photo. by G. N. Barnard (W. Tabr)-The Battle ofAllat-ooa, Octobersth, 1864 (frou - TIe Mouittain eCmpaigsu in Georgia )-Brevet Major-General Tru-an E. (l. ansom., fro.. photo. lent by Norman Williams. HOOD'S SECOND SORTIE AT ATLANTA ........... MAJOR W. H. CHAMBFRLIN...3.26 ILLtUSTRATION8: The Battle of Atlanta, July 22d, (James E. Taylor) -Recaplture fro.. the Confederates of De Gress's Battery (two ustl, from the Panorama of Atlanta. THE GEORGIA MILITIA ABOUT ATLANTA.....GENERAL GUSTTAVUS W. SMITH ...331 THE DEFENSE OF ATLANTA.....G ... ... ...E..GFNERAL JOHN B. HOOD ... , 336 ILLUsTHATIONS: View of the Battle of Peach Tree Creek from General Hooker's Position (The.. B. Dars) Alex. P. Stewart, C. S.A., fro. photo.-Ma.,or-General W. Et. T. Walker, (. S. A., from lihoto.- Effect of the Union Fire on the Potter House, Allauita, frnio photo. by G. N. Barnard; View of the ('outefrerate Line at the Potter Ilomtse, looking Eastward, uid View of Confeder- ate Defenses or Atlanta, loking North-east, from photos. (E. J. Meeker) -Union Defenses at Allatoona Pass, from photo. ly (I. N. Baroard (C. A. Vander-hof). FINAL OPERATIONS IN ARKANSAS AND MISSOURI. THE RED RIVER CAMPAIGN. . .............. COLONEL RICHARD B. IRWIN . 34r ILLUSTRATIONIS: A. J. Smith's and Porter's ExpeditIon Starting train Vickeburg for the Red Ei-er, from sketeh by Wear-Adomiral Walke (F H. Sehell and Thomas Hogan) -Map of the Red River, and Arkansas and Missouri Campaigns of 184 (Jatob Welt )-Major-General Nathaniel P. Banks, from photo.- Major-General A. J. Smaith, from Brady photo.-Major-General J. A. Mower, from Brady lphoto.-Alexanitria, on the Red River, from photo. lent by Linyall Farr.,gut (W. Taber) -Brevet Major- General Josetih Bailey, fr-m photo. lent by R. T. H Moleombe-Map ad Sections of the Red River Dams above Alexandria (Oregor Noetfzl)- Setion of the Bracket Damn, Crib of Stone mmmd Brick, Seetlon of the Tree Dam, from prints lent lir General J.a.e Grant Wilson (A msft Wilf) - The "Lexington" pasing over the Falls at the Daui,, from sketch by James M. Alden (A. 41. Turner) - United States Hospital Ship, 1' Red Rover," fro., lihoti.. lent by M.jor J. H. Benton (J. 0. Daridson). THE NAVY IN THE RED RIVER .................. CAPT7AIN THOS. 0. SELFRIDGE, Jr.. 362 ILLUSTRATION: The Fight at Blair's Plantation, from sketch by Rear-Admiral Walke (F. H. Sehelland Thomas Hogan). THE MISSISSIPPI FLOTILLA IN THE RED RIVER EXPEDITION .. 366 .LLrsTRATIOI: On the mNiegssippi River Hospital-boat" D. A. January" (Theo. B. Davis).