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The Kentucky Kernel, April 8, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available - Tun Kentucky Kernel - vol. XL SENIOR LEAVE Semi-Week- ENGINEERS TO SUNDAY NIGHT LEXINGTON, KV., APRIL ly STROLLERS tITTLE THEATRE TO PRESENT EOUR S, 1921 WILDCAT BALLTOSSERS PLAYING J E ARE WIN LOOSE GAME EROM EASTERN KENTUCKY MORE No. 29 Tuesday-Frida- y CORRELATIVE SAYS ' FOR INSPECTION TRIP Forty Students to Go to Chi- cago on Annual Tour . PLAYS CITIES THIS SEASON ProLv Mikcsell Aiding THIS WEEK KENTUCKY DOCTOR WESLEYAN ALLEN EOSTER Special Pullman and Bag- Methodists Hit Slomer But Three Day Campaign Held gage Car to Transport Here by the Noted Fail to Put Across "Crichton" Evangelist Runs Or- ganizations With Their Productions i "i FOUR CHAPEL TALKS RETURN ON APRIL 18 SEASON CLOSES MAY 20 AT PINEVILLE TONIGHT RIDGEWAY HAND HURT Townspeople Plan Several Teas and Dances in Honor of Kentucky Makes Five Runs Touring Colleges of America Dean F. Paul Anderson Will as Theologian Cast and Band Performances in "Lucky Seventh" Conduct the Party Forty members of the senior class, Gollegc of Engineering, will entrain Sunday night, at G:35 o'clock for tholr inspection trip to Chiannual cago and vicinity. The party will bo conducted by Dean F. Paul Anderson and Professors D. V. Terrell, J. B. Dicker, E. A. Bureau and L. S. O'Ban-nosix-da- f The Little Theatre is with several organizations in helping them produce plays, and starting with "Tho Amazons," which is to be presented during the weok of April 17, some organization will present a play each week until tho closo of tho season. Townspeople as well as students are to give performances. The activities of the Strollers last week and this week necessitated the postponement of several plays. "The Amazons," the next production, play and will be presentis a three-ac- t ed by the Little Theatre 'through the Philosophlan Literary Society. It's outdoor scenery and Interesting play will undoubtedly please Little Theatre pa trons. Jack Derringer, John Marsh are tak- Land, and Fred Houston-Shaing the leading men's parts and Margaret. Harbison, Lucy Smith and Jen- nie Simmons are in the leading women's roles. All are doing excep-- 1 ti'onally good work. The exact date of the presentation will be announced next week. "The Laughing Cure," which portrays the effect or psychological treat ment on a woman for her ailments, will be presented by the Patterson Literary Society tho last week of April. The cast is composed of Sue Chenault, Mary Lyons, Mary Peterson, Estella Kelsell, L. iC. Fielder, J. L. Hayes, W". K. Berryman and John Casner. "The Man Who (Married a Dumb Wife" will be given the first week in May by town actprs. Mrs. S. A. Boles Will be the leading lady and Sam Walton will take the principal male role. A splendid performance will possibly have to be given for married men who are very desirous of seeing this portrayal of Eutopia. The- - last play of tho season is to be given on May 20 by the Woman's Club under the direction of the Little Theatre. Plans are under way to give a Percy MacKayo Night. Mrs. Sallie B. Cave and Mrs. Mat Walton will take tho principal parts. The Strollers are In Eastern Kentucky today helping to put tho University of Kentucky on the map. The cast of "The Admirable Crichton," tho 1921 Stroller production, accompanied by fifteen pieces of the Uni versity band, left Lexington last night on tho 0:35 o'clock train for Pinevllle,. Ky. A special pullman was provided for The Strollers and a special bagpage car carried Jnll ibagage and scenery to bo used in tho play. The Strollers arrived in Pinovllle at 6 o'clock thi3 morning. The band will give concerts in front of tho Continen-tal Hotel, at the Pinevllle High School', and at .several other places In the city, This afternoon Mrs. John L. Phillips of Pinevllle is entertaining The Strollers and the band at tea. At 8 o'clock tonight The Strollers present "The Admirable Crichton" at the Gaines Theatre in Phieville. Then, from 11 until 2 o'clock The Strollers will be guests of honor at a dance to be given by the Criterion Club of Pineville at the Continental Hotel. Saturday morning The Strollers and the band will be taken by automobile to Middlqsboro, where "The Admirable Crichton" will be presented Saturday night. The Strollers' special pullman and baggage car, which will await them at 'Middlesboro, will bring the company back to Lexington, arriving here at 4 p. m. Sunday. -' The students will arrive in Chicago early Monday morning. The first day will include trips to Armour & Comthe pany, the Union Stockyards, Blackstono Hotel power plant and the Chicago Board of Trade. In a letter to Dean Anderson W. L. Ware, trade commissioner of the Chicago Association of Commerce, informed "the dean that the association has s arranged to take the visiting oil an automobile tour of the city's park system Friday. Tuesday the party will go to Gary, Ind., to see the American Bridge Company's plant and the plant of the Illinois Steel Company. Wednesday the Western Electric Company plant and the Chicago Telephone Company's main office and exchange will bo inspected. Thursday the Crane Company and the plant of Company. Friday will be the bilsiest day of all. There will be trips made to the Fourteenth street pumping station of the Chicago water supply system; the municipal pier; the City Hall, where a talk will be given by the city, enKENTUCKY TRACK MEN gineer of Chicago; the northwestern station of the Commonwealth-EdisoCompany and the Division street works NVADE VAHDY'S CAMP of the People's Gas, (Light and Coke Company . Saturday a trip out Into Lake "Michigan to inspect the water intakes is Buchheit's Men Are Expectplanned and at night a banquet will be ing to Bring Home the given by the Chicago Alumni Club. Laurels The students will leave Chicago Sunday night, April 17, at 8:55 o'clock and will be back in Lexington at 9:20 Coach Buchhelt leaves with his men o'clock Monday night. for Nashville this afternoon in order Students who will make the trip to be on hand for the meet with Vandy are: T. J. Asher, Jr., B. O. Bartee, E. tomorrow. It is the first college meet M". Baulch, H. F. Bell, G. SENIOR DAY WILL BE L. Baulch, W. of tho year and ho will get an Insight APRIL 29 THIS YEAR In the future from the way the men C. Buchhelt, E. T. Cross, It. E. Dealtry, Sr H. DeBrovy, J. It. Drummy, F. E. conduct themselves. Eastwood, G. A. Hillsman, B. I. Hines, Usually Held on Arbor Day; PostHayden, holder of the Kentucky reponed Due to Strollers' Absence , L. 0. Howard, V. F. Houston-hawcord for .the Javelin, Injured a knee in Johnson, J. M. Land, F. W. Luker, M. practice the other day and it is doubtSenior Day, usually celebrated on J. McWhorter, J. H. Marking, R. N. will make tho trip Arbor Day, this year has. been post- ful whether ho Continued on Page 2. poned to April 29 as a result of tho or not. Dorman has been sick and he not bo up to old form In the high Strollers presenting their play, "The will wook-enin Jump. All tho other men are coming Admirable Crichton' this art BLUE AND WHITE PLAY of tho State, and along nicely and most of them are the Eastern'-pnecessitating tho absence of a num working out in midseason form. Porter, Boyd, Wilholm, Syndor, Captain Clare, ber of Seniors and Juniors who willJ part in tho Senior Day pro- Davidson, Thornton, Whaley and Hayhavo gram. Tho usual schedule will be fol- den will probably make tho Journey, ' returning soiuetimo Sunday. lowed, including the planting of a tree, Michigan to Present Strong presentation of tho spade to tho Junior Little is nopn of tho Vamy outfit. Line-U- p Against Coach class, orations by members of both Last year tho Blue and White defeated easily and our boys are expectthe upper classes, pledging of new them Gill's Men men 'for Lamp and Cross, Senior ing fb repeat the performance. men's honorary fraternity, and the AG. 80CIETY The University of Michigan will women's pledging for Mortarboard, cross bats with the Wildcats tomor- tho national women's honorary fraterTho next ineetlng'of tho Ag. Socloty row afternoon at 2:30. The northern nity which succeedsj Staff and Crown, will be held in the Ag, Building Monon its southern trip and on a Senior local organization which has day, April 11, at 7, p. m. teamis Stoll field tomorrow against a team been in tho University for a number Tho program Is as follows: "Corn that Will has the defeat of last year of years. Root Rot Experiments' R. S. Davis; rankling in its mind. The Ann Arbor "County Agent Work ln Kentucky," squad defeated tho Cats by an A delightful tea was given nt the Chas. Taylor; "A Successful Dairy This was one of Kappa Delta Fraternity house Tues- Farm," R. R. Robbins; "Ag. Society in score lust season. tho two reverses received by tho Blue day nftornoon in honor of tholr Grand Alabama," J. D. Fostorj "Ag. Society and Whito team President, Miss Sarah Blue of Ala- In Mississippi," C.asoy Smith; "Read- Michigan comes to Lexington with bama. The house president from each ing," Miss Houho, All agricultural fraternity house was invited. students are urged to be present. Continued on Page 4. Lexing-tonian- n 1 j . s d ETI ' Dr. Allen K. Foster, formerly pastor The Wildcat balltossers put another victory down In the record book when of the Theodore Cuyler Church, Brooktho ninth inning of the game last lyn, "nnd holder of degrees from ColTuesday afternoon found them lead- umbia, Johns'Tlopkins and Yale conevangelistic caming tho Kentucky Wesleyan nino by ducted a .three-daa score. The game was not up to paign on tho campus Tuesday, Wednestho standard of tho first contest of day and Thursday, speaking under tho tho season, it being very loosely play- auspices of the Y. W. C. A. and the ed. Thrills and spectacular plays were Y. M. C. A. While here Doctor Foster spoke in conspicuous by 'their absence. The Cats wero led to believe that chapel Tuesday morning and evening, aggregation would and Wednesday and Thursday morntho Winchester start a righthander in the box but ing. Wednesday evening he visited M'ulholland, a portsider, did the heavy a number of tho centrally located frawork. He was rather erratic at times ternity and sorority houses and Thurs- and Andy Gill's swatters pounced on day evening ho made a talk to the him in the second frame and put four women of the University at Patterson aacross the plate. Again in the seventh, Doctor Foster ls visiting the colleges hits were bunched and helped by an error, the local team put across five of Amerlca, endeavoring to fix in the runs. In this inning the Wildcats student's mind the relationship tweon science and religion, especially all the way 'round. 'Bud' Slomer started In the box'to tll0SG who raay havo formed tho , for Kentucky and at times got rest- - opinion tl,at tl,e two are dlstlnct en" less and gave the Methodist team a tlties- He sald in hls talk ln chaPel Tues" few hits and incidently a few runs.1 They tallied once in the fifth inning, day: "l am liere to talk with you and again in the sixth. The stellar students about things which probably youUllless you know how work of Al Muth in pulling down confusc to'adJllst your knowledge to certain fast ones in centerfield saved Slomer facts you aro eolns to be ln con" many times Ri'dgeway was robbed of a sure two-- fuio" and only Partially educated., bagger when Ray, leftfielder of theLThbre are three th,n&5 tliat lio at the Wesleyan nine," speared a hard drive ba3is of rellSIo aad at all times ply to every department of knowledge the third inning. Incidently, the -,nystery' theory and fact- Winchester club nulled the only double "Alvatorir Hots lioMnrl nil llfo flic play of the game. Gregg and Beam to Van Winkle to natural forces, which are at the basis were retired, Little of all our reactional side, and as regCecil In the eighth. 'Speedy' Propps as clockwork, are mysteries made up for this, however, when he ular God alone knows. Doctrines atresorted to that ancient trick of hid- which tempt to explain these mysteries. 3Ien ing the ball, catching McCourt ten waiting for absolute certainty will feet off the second sack in the seventh McKlnney replaced Slomer in the never Prove anything. Theory, which everywnere, is uio oesi menial seventh and held the visitors score- is to explain. We first study facts, in the riext two iinnings and less then form our theories. 'Theory is tho 'Mac's,v l striking out three men. thing which has made science advance. was working to perfection and thn Wpslovnn nlavfirs nnuldn't find Science,. by the use of immagination flualIty- has mado wonder his offering. One of his snitters took and Poot,P put Ridgoway out'. Reveries. Then there is fact, a wrong twist and ' th groat,es e ln he world of tho game with a split finger. BaughJ Thls facts, facts that aro spiritual. No received his slants for the rest of tho for man knows the orgin of religion. From game. beginning on crowning Score by innings: RHE tho Christ's holy (through the there has message of Ky.'Wesl'n 83 .0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 been a growing interest in dealing 0 x 98 Kentucky with spiritual things. As John FIske said: 'There is in universal mankind ENTHUSIASM IS GREAT from the beginniug to this hour, a tenworship and if there is FOR BLUE RIDGE MEET dency to there mustGod, the object.' The. the real be historicity of Christ lies In the human Moving Pictures Shown at Patt Hall mind, even if man had never conceived v of it." . Joint Meeting j - 1 ap-i- n ' rt spit-bal- - 4000050 02 G Tho enthusiasm for Bluo Ridge and for tho Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. Conferences which aro hold there every June, always high at this time of tho year, is now greater than ever following tho peppy Joint meeting at Patterson Hall' last Sunday night. Moving pictures taken at tho Y. W. C. A. and tho Y. M. C. A. Conferences there ln 1919 wero shown and Interesting talks describing all phases of tho wonderful llfo at Blue Ridge wero given by Nellie Stone, George Gregory and C. V. Watson. Bart Peuk gave tho list of speakers who are to be at tho Conference in Juno. Edna Snnpp, recently elected president of tho Y. W. C. A., was the leader of tho meeting. ; Kf-E-P 0FF THE GRASS STROLLERS 10 PLAY 15 "Admirable Crichton" to be Presented Under Auspices of Kiwanis Club The Strollers this week closed a contract to present "Tho Admirable Crichton" fix Winchester, April 15, under the auspices of tho Kiwanis Club of that city. As yet no permission has boon obtained from tho "University Council, to present the play in Winchester, but the Strollers expect to ask the council for this permission at tho meeting of that body today and feel sure that it will bo granted. 4 t -