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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 8, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

rights of others and linvo sucli n care loss souse of ownership as to be guilty Tlie nfllclnl nttiilont putillrntlon pf tho of such n thing. t'nlvcMlty of Kentucky We do not hope that this editorial guilty of such pracI'iiMIhIiciI rvory Tucsdny nml FrnHy Uurlntr will dlsuatle those tices, but wo call attention to the fact rnlUglnlo yrtr. that every stinlont should feel himself in rmponnllilfl The lor tin1 a custodian of library books, assumedltortnl policy of Hie paper; tlio MannRlng ing the responsibility of returning to ilflor for Uie now policy. wlielr rightful Htation books found lying Entered an second class matter at the, 'about the buildings for which no one pnMofflre, t.cxlnnton, Kontuoky. suQins to he responsible. 5 cents n Copy $l!6fl n Yciir Someone In giving a reason for the prevalence of, the habit that Is reOlTICr. .lOfltNAI.lSAI mil,l)INl sponsible for jthe oss of valuable volumes snld "It soems to bo the opinion that anything that belongs to J. DONALD DINNING, '21 riinnrx .1000 mid l!)ir-The tho State belongs to anyone." fact should be borne In mind that the SI ANA (UN (5 KDITOK books that have been collected and FRED K. AUGSBURG, '21 placed In tho libraries arc for the I'lxuir 11)37 nml SI17-tonmen t and pleasure of all the students who may nttend the University NBWH KMTOK for the next decades. It is indeed the Dun Itiiwmiir, lr.( 'U acme of selfish thoughtlessness to deprive others of the benefit that might SPOUTING i:iitok accrue to them from the opportunity to Arthur Cnuicriin, '21 use the volumes unlawfully taken from ASSOCIATE i:i)IT()l!S tho libraries. THE KENJjUCKr .KERNEL 111'1 f v KI)lTOH-IN-('llIi- Prof. Mi Resell Makes Plans For Tournament JUST JARGON By "Jessie" James O O According to the latest classifications, "In the spring n young man'q fancy lightly turns to thoughts of " (Senior) (Cultivation of misplaced oyobrows, not to mention sideburns, etc. (Junior) Borrowing dress suit for prom. (Soph) Cutting drill. (Frosh) Puppy love. i t Flshworms First Robins are extremely sensible; while wo are writing poems to them they are filling up on flshworms. St. Louis Professor Mikesoll la working on a plan to divide tho student body Into seven groups to correspond to tho seven debating districts of tho Stnto. Each group is to have an executive committee whoso duty it will bo to look after the high school students when they como to tho University for tho scholastic tournament on May and 7. This tournament will Include, tho annual track moot and contests hi debating and essny writing. More detailed Information of the plans will bo given in next week's Kernel. (5 PAY JUNIOR DUES NOW h ! Margaret Smith, '22 lleriulon Kvans, '21 Katliorlno' MpbIUIioii, 'il ItErOIlTEKS. Kallierino AVeakley, '21 Adallno Maun. '22 Amanda Forkner, '22litit1iorlno Herring, '21 Arthur Hodges, '23 Zack "Wheat, '22 Klhle Hnrhe. '23 II. S. Hoyden, '21 HUSINESS MANAGER H. B. LLOYD, '21 ADVERTISING STA1T I. Iturlon I'rctrltt, '22 Harold Walt. '22 FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1921 APPRECIATION OF LIBRARIES Students often fail to appreciate the value of books and the importance of the various libraries on the University campus. Despite the fact that norary regulations are quite lenieni and that any student has access to any volume contained in the catalogue of the University's libraries, numbers of books are taken yearly in an irregular way and often are not return- o K o The Kernel rejoices in the notable dramatic triumph which the Stroller cast achieved in their production of "The Admirable Crleliton. " Their 1921 production was so eminently successful that we are quite glad that it is to be presented in. various towns of the State because the young playfolk in the perfection of their art will re flect quite favorably on the University of Kentucky and give the Institution much favorable and valuable publicity. Interest in tho University will be stimulated and the ties beprincipal educatween Kentucky's tional institution and the people of tho State will be cemented as a result, o K "I wish you Uncomplimentary would tell me," said the agent, who had been a long time on Mr. Snagg's trail, "what is your objection to having your life insured?" "Well, I don't mind telling you," replied Snaggs. 'iTho Idea of being more valuable dead than alive is distasteful to me." SENIOR ENGINEERS ON INSPECTION TRIP Continued From Page 1. do you any good unless the men in the store know how to fit you. Florsheim pro- vides the right shoes FINISHING STORE, MAIN BLDG. IN BOOK ENLARGING Matthew A. Mangione right style, right n price, right' value and we provide the fitting. We know shoes and how to fit them. Progressive Shoe Shop 140 S. LIMESTONE Lexington, Kentucky. MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP (Jnited Qotfiing GEO. 40 20 Sores INCORPORATED Next to Union Depot Lexington, Ky. o than half of the college women's clothing is made in her own home by herself or her mother, according' to answers received to a questionnaire sent to mothers by a faculty member of the University of "Wisconsin. And the other "half isn't made. More o K Who Was Moseley? o ALTERATIONS Phone 1550Y DRY CLEANING 152 South Lime tone VouAre welcome at Phoenix Fruit Store FOR- T AND 4k DELICATESSEN For The College Woman ,MISS AMERIQA MIDDY SUITS AND MIDDY' BLOUSES ABOVE ALL CHARM VALUE IN BEAUTY J. D. PURCELL Incorporated CO. X-ra- electro-chemic- '" ., SPORTING GOODS Nothing aids the natural ability of a team more than outfits of unquestoned quality. We carry a complete line of A. J. Reach & Son's sporting goods. HAY HARDWARE CO. (Incorporated) KENTUCKY E was a. young Oxford man, only twenty-seve- n when he was killed at Gallipoli. Up to his time, man had never seen the inside of an atom. He turned the on matter not figuratively but literally and made them disclose the skeleton of an atom just as certainly as a surgeon makes them reveal the positions of the bones of the body. Moseley proved that all atoms are built up of the same kind of matter. He saw, too, just why an atom of copper is different from an atom of gold. Atoms are built up of electrons. Each atom consists of a nucleus, a kind of sun, with a certain number of electrons grouped about it, like planets. Moseley actually counted the number of electrons of all the metals from aluminum to gold. When you discover what gold is made of or a new fact about electricity, you open up new possibilities for the use of gold or electricity. For that reason the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company are as much concerned with the "how" of things atoms and electrons, for instance as they are" with mere applications of the electric current. Plence Moseley's work has been continued in the Research Laboratories, with the result that more has been learned about matter. How does waterfreeze? What is lead? Why are lead, iron, gold and tungsten malleable? Such questions can be answered more definitely now than ten years ago. And because they can be answered it is possible to make more rapid progress in illumination, in y photography, in wireless telegraphy, and in electrical engineering as a whole. industry without the There would have been no coal-ta- r vast amount of research conducted in organic chemistry, industry without such work as Sir and no Humphrey Davey's purely scientific study of an electric current's effect on caustic potash and caustic soda. Sooner or later research in pure science always enriches the world vith discoveries that can be practically applied. For these reasons the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company devote so much time to the study of purely scientific problems. X-ra- ys P. B. ROBARDS COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR LEXINGTON KODAK of fine shoes doesn't FILMS FOR O'Hara, H. B. Orr, P. M. Perkinson, O. T. E. Richardson, W. E. Rowe, E. O. B. Siegel, A. C. Smith, C. Shultz, J. Sthulbarg, W. D. Thompson, H. L. Haircut Thompson, W. B. Thornton, E. D. Wal- Shave lace, F. D. Weatherholt, I. G. Wilson, Basement 139 E. Main Street E. N. Winkler, J. F. Wilson, G. E. Lexington, Ky. , Zerfoss and E. Zuckerman. There is some satisfaction to be About one hundred volumes are lost found in the fact that the University's 14,000 clocks have abandoned their from the main library yearly as a result of this deplorable practice. It playful variant mood and are content is difficult to understand how a stu- to remain consistently five minutes dent can so flagrantly disregard the fast! FANCY YOUR Tit-Bit- ed. FRUi LEAVE A Store Full ? : "' '(' f A H al GenemlllElectric Com &Siy General Office Schencctady.N.Y. .