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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 8, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL mil THK niS.ST MOVINO riCTIIItRS I'lCTUUKS WITH TUP, SCItKKN'S STRAND THEATRE Ol'KN IAtr.V AM) SUNDAY 1 TO 11 P. M. ADULTS 27c 1'IXS 3r WAIt TAX, TOTAI, AND 30e 8TAIt9j AND OKKATKST CHII.DKKN 18c IT.US pany,. Akron, O. James W. Waller Is Senior Civil Engineer for tho Interstate Commerce Dues to tho Alumni Association, $2 a year, Include subscription Commission; Washington, D. C. to Tlip Kornel nntl the Alumni Directory. Address Herbert Gralmin, Ernest T. Douglas is with tho Otis Sec'yTreas., University of Kentucky, Lexington Elevator Compnny, Louisville, Ky. Tho following nrtlclo appeared reC. A. Ivuebler Is nnd Class of 77 cently In the Bulletin published by Franklin Floeto Is president of tho General Sales Mnnagor of tho Duro tho Janif's MilUlkin University, Do- Flopte Lumber Company, nnd of tho Pump and Manufacturing Company, catur, 111.: Citizens National Bank, at Spencer, Dayton, O. Associate Professor Jesse R. Chris-'tie- , Iowa. M. S. (Illinois), was selected In Ben H. Logan is Mechanical EnClass of '82 gineer for tho Imperial Electric Com- - the early summer to fill tho newly Louis K. do Roodo .Is nn advertising A i I - ngent and proprietor of tho Louis K. do Roodo Company, 5 Beekman street, Now York City. Class of '97 George C; Downing Is with tho U. S. Treasury Department and living at 1110 Thirteenth street, N. W.. Washington, D. C. Berkley AV. Duck Is engaged In real estate and Insurance with The Spann . Company, Indianapolis, Ind. J. H. Hendron Is a physician and Ml i iiwuvuiu, 7r.- ivy. aurjjuun UL ti i Graham Kemper is the American Consul at Sofia, Bulgaria. Class of '98 Henry Clay Wilson is principal of the Union City (Tenn.), High School. Class of '99 T. W. Scholtz is assistant engineer in charge of heating and ventilating Co., Niagara for the Carborundum Falls, N. Y. Class of '00 James H. Graham is a consulting engineer with offices in the National City Building, 42nd street, New York City. Class of '01 Henry Bewlay is chief engineer for Roth Brothers & Co., Chicago. Phil L. Kaufman is a contracting for the Strauss Bascule encineer Bridge Co., Chicago. Perry West is excutive secretary of Engineering Cor the poration, New York City. Class of '03 Mrs. Thomas C. Abbott, formerly Miss Mina Garrard Miller is head of the Science Department. Blythevllle (Ark.), High School. Class of '04 Harry R. Coleman is an engineer with the Illinois" Steel Co., Chicago. Styles T. Howard is with the TJ. S. Bureau of Entomology at Talulah, La. Class of '05 Harry G. Edwards, secretary of the class of '05 ,1s agricultural engineer and manager of the Valley Oity Land Syndicate, Naples, 111. of C. B. Owens is secretary-manage- r the Canadian Powers Regulation Co., And vice president of the United Electric Company of Canada, at Toronto. Miss Rachel Tyo is principal of the Hazard OKy.), Baptist Institute. Her home is in Jellico, Tenn. Class of '06 George C. Montgomery is with tHo Long-BeLumber Company, Chicago. J. C. Newman is an engineer for the Virginia Railway and Powor Co., at Norfolk. (Maxwell Waldo Smith is with tljo 'Duriron Co., Dayton, O. Class of '07 is farming near David C. Estill Frankfort, Ky. Joseph Hermann Is mayor of tho City of Newport, Ky., and a consulting engineer. Miss Viola Lewis is an Instructor In the Highland Park, 111., High School. Class of '08 Arthur L. Poyntor is In tho electrical department of tho Gulf Roflnlng Co., Port Arthur, Tex. Proctor K. Smiley is tho proprietor of auto filling stations and a dealer in real estate at St. Petersburg, Fla. Class of MO Tarlton C. Carroll is county attorney of Bullitt county and temporary chairman if the alumni club at 11KST OUCIIKHTHA MUSIC, "VISIT" BEN ALI THEATRE ' Alumni Notes THE 2c TAX, WAR TOTAL AMUSEMENT LEXINGTON'S 20c created professorship of Biology. Ho Is a graduate of tho University of Kentucky, class of '14. His master's degree was received at tho University of Illinois. His studies wore Interrupted by his services as 800011(1 Lieutenant during the war. Ho hns taught In tho Maryland Ag- - CENTERS rlculturo College and In Fairmont lege, Wichita, Kansas. Col- His work will he largoly in zoology, his specialty being, Parasitic Nematodes. Ho has already won tho esteem of his students, nnd Jiaa set a very high standard for scholarship In his department. JUSTRIGHT TAILORING APPEALS TO COLLEGE MEN , There's snap and pep to the styles of our Tailored to Measure Suits and Overcoats at Justright Tailoring Co. "WE FIT YOU" Al.tAuAT'tA'riffT' y HEAR YE! HEAR Better Prices Good Service YE! Best Food CAN YOU BEAT THAT COMBINATION SODAS hi University Lunch Room TO Ml DEUCIOUS Our oervice One trial of our Ice Creams and Sodas will convince you they are delicious and you will come again. WILL ENABLE YOU TO DRESS WELL AT AT A SMALL COST The pure fruit juices used for flavoring our Sodas and Sundaes make them wholesome and healthful.',. n Make our Soda Fountain your Soda Fountain. Miss Holladays Candy Lexington Laundry Co. Dry Cleaning Lexington Drug Co. . HUGHES' School of Dancing University ' University and High School Class Friday, 8 p. m. to 11 p. m. Edward Brown Is with Co., Lima, Peru, South tho Dyer America. William Alpha Hubbard Is a lawyer and farmer at Prospect, Ky. His hogs. specialty is Duroc-Jorso- Rep- - Buy a Memory booh University and High School Dance Saturday, 8:30 p. m. to 12 p. m. HHWHHHsHM SMITH'S ORCHESTRA And put in all your Dance Programmes, Etc., You Are Saving. PENNANTS, BANNERS, FRAT PAPER - Ky. v Phoenix Hotel ll iLawronco PHONE 62 139 E. Main ROBT. MITCHELL CALLOWAY'S HMsHsHMHsVMi University Book Store BASEBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS DEVELOPING AND PRINTING BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING 46 West Main Street Lexington, Kentucky BENCKART & FOTSCH, Proprietors. Eagle Barber Shop PERSONAL SERVICE It Is always the endeavor of our officers and employees to see that you receive ' personal attention .to your Individual requirements whether the business being transacted Is of large or small volume. Our facilities are always at the disposal of your friends and quaintances. THEFAYETTE NATIONAL BANK LEXINGTON, KY. 107 SOUTH First-Clas- s LIMESTONE STREET Work Guaranteed Opposite the Phoenix Hotel. Lexington, Kentucky ac- UNCLE CHARLIE IS BACK AT A NEW PLACE He Has no Successor. 529 SOUTH LIMESTONE Come and See Him y I .a