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Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL CHI OMEGAS GIVE BANQUET AT PHOENIX Day Celebration Two Chapters Founders by Held Latnbdn Alpha and Clil Chapters of Chi Omega hold their annual founders day banquet Tuesday evening in tho Phoenix iHotol ball room. It was tho twenty-sixtanniversary of the fraternity and many alumni came to assist the active chapters and pledges in tho celebration. The tables "with cardinal and straw OFFICIAL NOTICES! tulips, tho fraternity colors. After a sumptuous banquet Mrs. Mc Clarty Harbison, a graduato of tho Friday, April 8 Council Meeting, President's ofUniversity, presided as toastmistress. fice, 3:45 p. m. m" The title of her toast was yanlty Meeting of Patterson Literary K Fair. Lucie Smith in an old fashioned Society, Gym Building, 7 p. m. dress, carried a cardinal If The Strollers present "The Adfeather fan and aStig "An Old mirable Crichton" at Pineville Fashioned Garden" as a prelude. Tho ' in the evening. toasts were then given as follows: Saturday, April 9 Hats, Lucy Kavanaugh; Spats, MarBaseball, Kentucky vs. Michigan, garet Harbison ; Wrist Watches, Anno Stoll Field, 2:30 p. m. Settlemeyer; The Drooping Veil, Cadet, hop, Armory, 3:30 to 5:30 ?(In which telegrams and messages p. m. werq, read) from absent members; The Strollers present "Th)3 AdMatsy Grimes; Hoops, Nancy Innes, mirable Crichton,, at Middles and Powder Puffs, Claribel Kay and boro in the evening. Hilda Threlkeld (In which Lambda Sunday, April 10 Alpha presented the silver cup to the Meeting of Y. m: and Yi W. C. A., best all round new initiate, Lucy Kavanaugh; and Chi presented theirs Patterson Hall, 6:0 p. m. to Anne Settlemeyer). As a surprise came the final powder puff in which the Lambda Alpha chap- EXCUSES GIVEN BY ter basket ball team, which won the DR. A. G. IRELAND championship this spring, was .pre- sented with a bovine cun of straw The Kernel is requested to publish colored candy bearing the cardinal the following notice: inscription "Champions, 1921." I wish to invite the attention of all t students to tho University rule which states that in order to .be excused for MARRIAGE OF MISS ADAMS AND MR. WARTH ANNOUNCED absences incurred during illness, this Department must be notified immed- The marriage of Miss Virginia Intolv nn tlio firt ilnv nf nhsfinnp. Kv. Adams and Mr. Robert D. Warth, cuses will be given them by this De-- I partment upon return to classes. which took place January 8 at ' A. G. IRELAND, M. D. Resident Phy-- ! Tndv Ihas just been ansician for Men, Department of Hygiene nounced. - Mrs. Warth is the daughter of Mr. , and Public Health. h I and Mrs. J. W. Adams, of Bcllairo avenue, and a member of this year's graduating class of Transylvania College. Mr. Warth is at present engaged in graduate work at tho University. Ho is president of tho Patterson Literary Society, "captain in tho cadet corps and member of tlio track squad. Mr. and Mrs. Warth w'ill continue their studies and for tho present will bo nt homo to their friends at 120 Bassett court, straw-colore- d fc , Jf, GIVE YOUR PRINTING TO THE PUBLISHER OF-- We Make College MA THE KERNEL CLUB 'THE CADEN DRUG COMPANY Club was addressed Tho Monday night, April 4, in Science HaTl by Doctor Shulf on the subject of respiration in plants. In presenting this subject Doctor Shull described tho chemical reactions of tho vital processes and discussed theltvaluo and importance in tho study of plants. Dr. Pryor made rt Bhort address to tho society on the requirements of various medical schools for entrance. There will be one more meeting of the society this year and plans are being made for giving a special program and refreshments at that time. REMEMBERED DISCRIMINATING TASTE THE STUDENT IN CARRYING THE. COLLEMJ OF WHITMAN'S. - Campus Togs ) CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN also SHOES, HATS, FURNISHINGS Company Graddy-Rya- n HARD GAMES ON SCHEDULE Kentucky will have to show some real class to bp ablo to clean up with tliis year's schedule. While the Wildcats were defeating Georgetown Saturday afternoon, Georgia, which plays here April 29 and 30, was giving Yale the short end of the score. At the same time, Vanderbilt, which plays-herin May, was defeating Indiana V, (Incorporated') johns Drug. co. Corner Main and Walnut BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY 2 to 0. GAME"! TOMORROvV HARD Continued From Page 1." a team that is composed of nearly all veterans. Their main loss this spring He played has ben their pitcher. professional ball Jn the Pacjflc Coast League last summer. Reports, however, state that the northern squad has several good men to take hls'place. It is said" that their infield and outfield are almost intact. Coach Andy Gfll has decided ito start 'Bud' Slomer in the box on account of his showing against Michigan last .year. If 'Bud' is in fine mettle much he will cause thd vistors Ridgeway who injured a trouble. finger iir Tuesday's game will receive Slomer's slants. If his finger does fliot hold out Baugh will don the mask and big mitt. The rest of the lineup of the Wildcats will be the same as in Tuesday's game. Gregg, Propps, Williams and Captain Brown will hold the infield down. Maddox, Beam and Muth will take care of the outer gardens. In the last game Muth demonstrated tiat he is a better player than ever and he jan be relied upon to hold the outfield together with his presence in centerfield. The Same College Store 1 he Same College Clothes 7 he Same Old Welcome ' 1 i i to College but now Men it 's R. S. THORPE SONS Incorporated . Successors to THORPE-LE- CO. E SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Mam and Milt ts. 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