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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2008-06-17.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

FCR 1 FCR 2 FCR 3 FCR 4 FCR 5 FCR 6 FCR 7 FCR 8 FCR 9 FCR 10 FCR 11 FCR 12 Finance Committee Report Elizabeth DuMez Gift and Replacement of Unfilled Pledge to Research Challenge Trust Fund (Consent) Richard Kloepfer Gift and Pledge (Consent) Makenna Foundation Gift and Pledge (Consent) Dr. M. S. and Sowmya Viji Gift and Pledge (Consent) Department of Behavioral Science Internal Transfer for Vaughan Professorship in Behavioral Science Quasi-Endowment Establishment of Quasi-Endowment for the Endowed Opera Studies Chair Support Fund Name Change Reguest for the University Professorship in Dentistry --WITHDRAWN 2008-2009 Operating and Capital Budget Expand and Upgrade Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center (LDDC) Lease/Purchase of Eguipment and Information Technology Items Disposal of Personal Property Capital Construction Report Investment Committee Report Student Affairs Committee Report University Health Care Committee Report UHCCR 1 University of Kentucky Center on Aging Foundation, Inc. ("Corporation") Appointment of New Board Members Executive Committee Report Other Business Athletic Association Board Report - Dermontti Dawson Business Partnership Foundation Board Report - Sandy Patterson The Fund for Advancement of Education and Research in the University of Kentucky Medical Center Report - Mira Ball The University of Kentucky Research Foundation Report - Phillip Patton University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation Report - Ernie Yanarella Resolutions Resolution Honoring Jeff Dembo