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[9] > Image [9] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2008-06-17.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

6 The total research expenditures growth is behind schedule. Space is a great barrier for the university to grow research. The university did not get any new academic or research buildings in the last General Assembly. Research Highlights There were record-high research expenditures in 2007. Unfortunately, awards are down by 8 percent. That is a reflection of the federal environment among other things. There are several large, very important, and competitive grants: $5.4 million from the Gates Foundation to the College of Agriculture, $4.5 million to medicine from KCHFS, $3.1 million to the Center on Aging from NIH, $10.2 million to agriculture from NIH Superfund Grant, $5 million from the state legislature to the Kentucky Geological Survey, and $2 million to the Center for Applied Energy Research for the research on energy and for infrastructure development. Engagement/Highlights This is an important goal for the university because everything from teaching to research is to serve the Commonwealth. There are no well documented measures that everybody follows with engagement. In year one, a process was set up to have as a baseline. The university now has a six-point assessment strategy that has been established and can move towards documenting the outcomes. Another measure of progress was to undertake and evaluate at least three major engagement projects designed to have significant economic impact. Six projects have been identified, and the university is beginning to follow and track that progress. The engagement measurement has begun. The Carnegie Outreach and Partnerships Classification was obtained. Thirteen new Commonwealth Collaboratives were launched. These are engagement projects funded by the university in small seed grants. The Kentucky Engagement Conference that UK has been sponsoring is getting a dialogue across the Commonwealth. Regional development has taken place, and Kentucky is being seen as a model nationally in terms of engagement activities. Staff Development/Highlights There were two specific items in terms of measurement for staff development. One was to complete a compensation analysis and implement an enhancement plan based on the compensation study. That has been completed. The Board approved salary increments associated with the staff salary enhancement pool. The other item was to monitor and develop UK's diversity in executive, administrative, and managerial positions. The goal for African Americans in those ranks is 5 percent, and currently, UK is 4.6 percent. These are very small numbers. All it takes is one individual to leave, and the number can shift significantly. For all minorities, UK does better. UK exceeds the EEOC target by 6 percent for African Americans. The shared leave pool and the family education program have been established. The program enhancements for career advancement and professional development as well as supervisor effectiveness training have also been launched.