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14 > Image 14 of Annual report. 1915

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

nz . I Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. 5 1 pi NEw BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT. During the past year, two ** new buildings have been erected on the Experiment Station farm; _ Q l a sheep shed and a barn for the study of animal diseases. 1 The sheep shed, a cut of which is shown in Figure 1, is 63 I _ . feet long by 22 feet wide and is provided with a feed room, { shearing floor, shepherds room, a lambing apartment for use i during the winter months and an open shed which may be sub- l divided into three compartments. E .- The barn for the study of investigation of obscure diseases l '. of live stock, a photograph of which is shown in the frontispiece, has been erected in close proximity to the hog cholera serum ` - _ laboratory, on the Experiment Station farm. This building is 1 Q, of brick, 40 by 108 feet, and contains eleven box stalls, three ., single stalls, office and pharmacy, small and large operating *, rooms and small animal room. j In the way of equipment we have added to the small beef I- cattle barn on the Experiment Station farm a hollow tiled silo, having a capacity of 90 tons of ensilage. (Fig. 2.) t I PUBLICATIONS. V Owing to the reorganization of the extension 1 r work as a division of the College of Agriculture, it has been found necessary, in order to provide for the publication of cer- Q t tain material, to resume the circular series of the Experiment Station which was allowed to lapse with the publication of Cir- i _ :- cular 3 in April, 1890. i l The followingis a list of publications issued by the Experi- ment Station during the year 1915: ` 1 Bulletins. No. L 190. Value of Distillers Dried Grains in Swine Feeding Opera- l J, tions. The Value of Wheat as a Feed for Swine. E. S. _ 1 , Good and Wallace V. Smith. January, 1915. Q i 191. The Teachings of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment > , Station Relative to Soil Fertility. George Roberts. In- i 7 troduction by Joseph H. Kastle. June, 1915. I d 192. Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages, Sanitary Condition Q _ and Composition. R. M. Allen, J. O. LaBach, W. R. Pin- i nell, L. A. Brown. June, 1915. v I