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7 > Image 7 of Annual report. 1915

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Mr Yi A S . et. J Q . E 135 ; Exeznimzprr S1ArioN STAFF. BOARD OF CONTROL. { _ RICHARD C. STOLL, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. 1 . , JOHNSON N. CAMDEN, Versailles, Ky. 1 . CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Lexington, Ky. g THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, ew ojlicio, ` z THE DIRECTOR, SECRETARY, ew cmiciv. { l ._.....7. s I . THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY. JOSEPH H. KASTLE, Dean and Director ' ` 1 _ R. M. ALLEN, Food and Drugs, Head. I O. KERCHER, Boys Pig Clubs. (In co- V W- S. ANDERSON. Horse Husbandry. operation with the U. s. Department S. D. AVERITT, Chemistry. Or Agriculture) P. E. BACON, Milk Records. F J KlNNEY` A mnom { P. L. BLUMENTHAL, Chemistry. * * g y' _ ; c. D. BoHANNAN, Agi-ieuiturai Econ- J- 0- LeBACH Feed and Drugs- 1 omics. J. \V. McFARLIN, Food and Drugs In- AS L.1 BRUECKNER, Diseases of Live spection. t0C{ J. S. MeHARGUE, Chemistry. 1 if { ]3rrQ_,rQ1. FXOOF1 and D$S . c. w. MATHEWS, Horticulture, Head. Q . . , gricultural Extension. , , . - 5 RUBY BUCI{l\L[AN 1.10mO EcOnOmiCS_ LRED IVIU'lCH.LER, Ag1ICultu!3.I EXCQII- l G. D. BUCKNER, Chemistry. sion. Superintendent. ; kU11IY1(A(I`1Ir`CI2Il2IY,I%rI0rticIulture. _ ID. S. MYER, Agronomy. { i, -ome conom1cs. ~ . .,_ 0. s. cR1sLER, Diseases or Live steer. En rl} Iri&%Ir(,I;J;SuRDWgfrlgujnorugy. mu r H. E. CURTIS, Commercial Fertilizers, ' i Head. ~ Botany- 1 R. C. DABNEY, Food and Drugs. J._\V. NUTTER. Dairyins. I H. DAVIES, Purchasing Agent. A. M. PETER, Chemistry, Head. 1 MARY L. DIDLAKE, Entomology and R. PFANSTIEL, Chemistry. Q Botany. _ {XV. R. PINNELL, Food and Drugs. 1 N. R. ELLIOTT, Horticulture. R. L. PONTIUS, Diseases of Live,Stock. { A- E- E\VAN. AE10n0InY. C. S. PORTER, Food and Drugs lnspec- ; H. VGARMAN, Entomology and Botany, tion. Head, GEORGE ROBERTS, Agronomy, Head. O. L. GINOCHIO, Secretary to the Di- \VM. RODES, Commercial Fertilizers. Feefef. \V. SCHEPPELMAN, Food and Drugs. E. S. GOOD, Animal Husbandry (Beef O. M. SHEDD, Chemistry. Cattle, Sheep and Swine), Head. \V. H. SIMMONS, Diseases of Live E. J. GOTT, Bacteriology. Stock. ROBERT GRAHAM, Diseases of Live M. J. SMITH, Animal Husbandry (Beef { Stock, Head. I Cattle, Sheep and Swine). 1 D- J- HEALY. Bacteriology. IV. V. SMITH, Animal Husbandry (Beet 1 L. _R. I-IIMMELBERGER, Diseases of Cattle, Sheep and Swine). Live Stock. D, D. SLADE, Poultry, Agricultural Ex- _. J. J._ HOOPER, Animal Husbandry tension. 4 (Dairy Cattle, Horses and Poultry), H. D. SPEARS, Commercial Feeding Head. Stuffs. M. O. HUGHES, Farmers Co-operative MARY E. S\VEENY, Home Economics, . ' Demonstration Work, \Vestern District Head. 1 Agent. XV. G. TERRELL, Food and Drugs In- ' ED HUSTON, Dairying. spection. . ELMER_INGRAM, Feed and Fertilizer J. D. TURNER, Commercial Feeding . inspection. Staffs, Head. { H. H. JEXVETT, Entomology and E. C. VAUGHN, Entomology and A Botany. Botany. R. \V._ JONES, Feed and Fertilizer In- R. H. \\-'ILKINS, Poultry. spcction. II-I. K. \VRlGl-IT, Diseases of Live Stock. I P. E. IXARRAKER, Agronomy. G. B. \VURTZ, Meteorology. i 1 1 l