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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Simpson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- 5 - = Franklin PsrontTeechor Associstion(Continued) 4 T' . . . _ _ _ _ _ z Membership: 210. Qualifications, teachers, parent end other individuals 1n terested in schools and child welfare. Cmnmittees: Telfere, Mrs. Smith Viughun; Ueys and leans, Mrs. /. . Q. Powe; i Leclth, mrs. J. U. James, ell of Prenklin. Purpose: To promote the welfare of children end create e better understand- ~ ing betw en parent and teachers. , I { Normslmgiviectiyities: Conducting c free clinic for ill children attending jj city schools. Ceoperctes with Franklin Lions and Rotary Clubs. ,x Dcfense_;ctiyities: Engaged in Scving end Preparation of Surgical Dressings, i Pod Cross lssistunce, Discussion Leaders. Interested in Child Gere, Collect- g ing Books, Teuehing Literacy Classes for Aliens und Others. _ `Z Local Publications: Your Book. l FRQNKLIH ROTQRY CLUB (Rotary International), c/o Glenn Helene, College Street, L `7 .. , - A . .- ~ . X ... g brenklin. Founded 1922. President, J. M. shugart, nmeisen Street, Franklin. { Telephone 317. Secretary, Glenn Helene. Terms expired July, 1942. Q Membeishipz 55. Open to business executive or professional men of Sinpson Count} . V - _, .. . . { Committees: Community Service, Felix Sanders; Club Service, J. P. Qrnold; ? Vocctsonul Service, J. K, Robey; International Service, J. Lee Moore, all Q of Franklin. ; Purpose; To promote e better understanding mnong the business and profess- { ionnl mon of Simnson County. 1 Normal Civic nctivities: nssisting crippled children to obtain proper med- _ ` ical attention. l Defenre Lctivities: Interested in Luxilinry Felice, lir Reid Yhrden Service, Q Civilidn Aircraft Ihrning Service, nuxilicry Fire Protection,`;mbulLncc Ser~ 1. vice, Hospital end Clinicwl nssistcnce, Fublir Spcuhing, Interviewing, Con- Q; sumcr Protection Activities. { Local Publications; None. f FRANKLIN-SIMPSON COUNTY CH;NBjR OF COMMFHCF, c/c C. R. Payne, South Miin - Street, Franklin. Founded 1956. President, J. Lee Moore, Frcnklin. lcleph~ E one 190. Secretary, G. R. Feyne, Telephone 144. Terms expire 1945. E MOmbcrship: 100. Qualifications, good citizenship, representative of bonefide gi business end the professions.