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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-3- Recommendation: 1. That the Office of Executive Vice President shall be desig- nated as the overall academic office of the University. The Executive Vice President shall be responsible to the President for establishing, implemnenting, and reviewing the general academic policies of the institution. The deans of the various colleges, except those in the Medical Center, shall be responsible to the Office of the Executive Vice President as they direct the affairs of their colleges. The Office of Executive Vice President shall provide general guidance and coordination of the work of all other general academic officials of the University. 2. That there be created a position to be called the Dean of the Graduate School and Vice President for Research. This position shall unite two existing offices now vacant, the Dean of the Graduate School and the Assistant Vice President for Research. The new office shall, under the broad direction of the President and the Executive Vice President, provide general planning, guidance, and review for all of the University's endeavors in graduate instruction and research. This office shall serve as chairman of the Graduate Faculty Council. The University's total research activity shall be responsible to this office, including the activities of the University of Kentucky Research Foundation. By unifying the University's general concern for graduate study and for research, the creation of this position emphasizes the crucial relationship that must prevail between the kindred areas of research and graduate education, both so vital to the University's mission. 3. That there be created a position to be called Dean of Undergraduate Studies. This position shall enlarge upon certain of the concerns recently met by the office of the Provost. The latter designation shall no longer be used after this position is filled. The Dean for Undergraduate Studies shall strive, under the purview of the Executive Vice President, to integrate and strengthen the total undergraduate program of the University. The Undergraduate Council of the University Senate shall function with the Dean for Undergraduate Studies as chairman. The University's increasing activity in improved use of instructional resources and in instructional research, including the development of a residential college system, shall be directed by the Dean for Undergraduate Studies. He shall also be responsible generally for the Honors Program. The creation of this office signifies the University's keen ap- preciation of the importance of providing every support and encouragement for excellent undergraduate study. The latter deserves consideration no less than that given graduate study and research. The Board has already approved the establishment of a University-wide office for coordination of total University extension and service programs. This office under the guidance of the President and the Executive Vice President, shall implement the University's broadened concept of professional service throughout the Common- wealth. He shall make certain that this capacity for service is never far from the University's best talents in the academic fields involved. A sound academic basis is the only sure foundation for the extension and service programs of the University. 5. That the Vice President of the Medical Center shall continue his responsibilities