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190 > Page 190 of Account of the law-suit instituted by Rev. G. A. M. Elder ... against Rev. N. L. Rice ... for a pretended libel on the character of Rev. David Duparque, a Roman priest. Together with some remarks on celibacy and nunneries.

190 APPENDIX. that they were Romanists; it is not yet known whether he was, or was not, baptized. How could Mr. Lowry have told him that he was not baptized? The Jesuit, therefore, testifies that Mr. Lowry told him what he did not know, and what, it is confessed, is not yet known! Does Mr. Elder expect sensible men to believe such a certificate? 5. Mr. Elder asserted as positively that Mrs. Minnis told him that James' mother was a Catholic, and that her dying request was that he should be raised a Catholic, as Mr. Legouais asserts that Mr. Lowry told him. Mr. Elder now confesses that this assertion was utterly unfounded and untrue. What evidence have we, that this Jesuit has a better memory, or better morals, than Mr. Elder? Mr. Elder manifestly saw the difficulty in which he and his friend are involved, and feared they would not be believed; for in his Appendix he says, 'He (the candid reader) will, then, in the case of the Rev. Mr. Legouais, Mr. Lowry, and myself, conclude that what each of us has stated, is the candid declaration of what we remember.'' Mr. Elder certainly did not remember what he stated; for he admits, that neither Mrs. Minnis, nor any one else, ever made the state- rn^rvf +o Kim. li. wuiivuo 111v.11 to 1 clliember what never happened! Mr. Legouais is in the same predicament. But TMr. Elder is determined to frighten us into a belief at least of his integrity. He says, "I do not hesitate to say, that whoever doubts the integrity of any of us, is a malignant man." The public cannot be trusted to form their own opinion. Mr. Elder publishes beforehand his condemnation of the man wha