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191 > Page 191 of Account of the law-suit instituted by Rev. G. A. M. Elder ... against Rev. N. L. Rice ... for a pretended libel on the character of Rev. David Duparque, a Roman priest. Together with some remarks on celibacy and nunneries.

APPENDIX. 191 does not think as he directs. "He that is first in his cause, seemeth just; but his neighbor com-eth and searcheth him." Prov. 18: 17. In addition to the evidence already given, the admitted fact that James Noland was removed from St. Mary's by Mrs. Minnis, as 60on as Bhe learned that he had been baptized, and placed in South Hanover, a Presbyterian College, where he has ever since remained, proves decidedly that Mrs. Minis was unwilling to have him raised a Papist. But Mr. Elder asserts, as "conclusive evidence" in his favor, "that James Noland has already been ordered to St. Joseph's College." Already! That is, according to the statement of Legouais, nearly tzco years after leaving St. Mary's! Why was he not ordered to St. Joseph's College immediately after leaving St. Mary's! Was he sent to South Hanover to be raised a Catholic? Was he committed to the instruction of that "trained band of ruthless revilers," as Mr. Elder in his characteristic good humor, calls Presbyterians, to learn to be a Papist? Already! Does he mean, that James Noland has been ordered to St. Joseph's so 6oon after Mrs. Minis' death? He was not ordered to St. Joseph's during her life! But she has scarcely been a month in her grave, when President Elder boasts that her son is "already ordered to St. Joseph's College!" Disgraceful boast! We now cheerfully leave this whole matter to the decision of a candid public. We shall not prescribe to them what opinion they shall form, or threaten to pronounce them "milig-nant" if they do not decide in this or that particular way. We have no fears on the subject.