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192 > Page 192 of Account of the law-suit instituted by Rev. G. A. M. Elder ... against Rev. N. L. Rice ... for a pretended libel on the character of Rev. David Duparque, a Roman priest. Together with some remarks on celibacy and nunneries.

192 ArrEKBix. I have published these two examples of proselyting in Iloman schools, not because they are singular, but because they were denied and then proved. Such violations of their pledges more frequently occur, if I mistake not, in their female schools. And were I to seek for them, I could state and prove many similar facts. Let those parents who desire to preserve pure the moral and religious principles of their children, never place them in Roman schools, male or female. Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the ' year 1837, By Rev. N. L. Rice, In the Clerk's office, for the District Court of Kentucky.