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iv INTRODUCTION. design of this little volume, is to present to the public the evidence introduced into Court in the trial. The evidence was taken down from the mouths of the witnesses, and read and signed by the Court. As this is the first suit of the kind that has occurred in our country, and as the testimony ill throw some light upon the true character of Nunneries, the author has, at the solicitation of a number of friends, presented the evidence to an inquiring public. In addition to this, the reader will find some remarks, in the first part of this work, on the subject of Cel'bacy, Nunneries, &c, designed to show the immoral tendency of such establishments, and the impropriety of educating young females in them. That the motives of the author will be impugned by Papists and their tools, is what he is induced by the past to anticipate. For that, however, he is not particularly concerned. He has for a length of time been convinced, that the public were deceived in relation to the true character of Nunneries; and he feels it to be his duty to submit "his views, formed after considerable examination, to a candid public, that they may judge of their correctness and act accordingly. The advantages in favor of Protestantism, resulting from the controversy thus far, reconcile him to the abuse which has been heaped upon him by the clergy and some of their misguided votaries.