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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 11, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY Society Calendar Saturday, May 12 iKappa Sigma fraternity dance, chapter house on Harrison Avenue. Delta Chi House Dance at chapter house on South Limestone. ??!!!???!! Son ?????? Anderson, J. W. McDonald, J. R. Hamilton, H. F. Ramsey, A. V. Vienna, Joseph Roberts, Marion Gorman. The members of the faculty who arc members of the fraternity arc: Dr. F. E. Tuttle, M. H. Bedford, Dr. Alfred Peter, Professor McHarguc, Prof. J. R. Mitchell, Prof. Bcbc, Mr. Lcland Snoddy, and Mrs. W. R. Hutchcrson. Dance in Honor of Delegates people are yellow, Others are Green, You'll be Blue When you tee THE YELLOW STREAK. Woman's Club of University. The Woman's Club of the University of Kentucky will meet Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Thomas P. Cooper. There will ibe a program of music and a business The hosts for the afternoon will be me'sdames Daniel J. Healy, Edward F. Farquhar, Dan Terrill, S. E. Perry, Ezra Gillis and Miss Frances Jewell, who are the officers of the club. The Kappa, Omega and Alumnus Rho entertained delightfully Saturday evening in 'honor of the delegates to the sixth district convention of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity held May 4 and 5 in Lexington. The affair was a dance from 8:30 to 12 o'clock in the ball room of the Phoenix Hotel. The hosts were assisted in entertaining by the chaperones: Dean Myrna Boycc, Dean Frances Jewell, Captain and Mrs. Marsh, Prof, and Mrs. Zembrod, Prof, and Mrs. Munroc, Mr. and Mrs. John U. Field, Mr. J. Pike Powers, Jr., district prin ceps. The guests of honor were the dele gates to the convention and included members of the following chapters: Zeta of University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Theta, Southwestern Prcs byterian University, Clarksville, Tenn.; Sigma Kappa of Transylvania; Omega of the University of Kentucky, among whom were Messrs. J. S. Reynolds and C. C. Smith, of Clarksville, Tenn.; Frank Davenport and E. M. Chenault, of Nashville; P. H. Gallaher and John Mitchell, of Knoxville; Lowell Truitt and Sidney Neal, of University of Kentucky; Bennett Roach and Gray-doB. T, .Bower, of Transylvania; Hobson, of Louisville; Kenneth H. William G. Tuggle, of Cincinnati; Clark Bailey Nash, of Georgetown; and George Shipman, of Louisville. Exhibition of Art. Lexington's first exhibition of the work of Lexington artists will be held for one week, beginning Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the art studio at the University, and Thursday afternoon a special receptio nfor members of the Women's club of Central Kentucky. ' Among those who will have their work exhibited are E. Sophinisba Sudduth Goff, Allan Hergesheimer, Swisher, Belle Bates, Anne Worthing-to- n Callahan, Eleanor Pryor, Lucille Bush, Florence Powers, Mattie Davis, Thomas Young, Mary Lyons, Wick-liff- e Moore, Carol M. Sax, Katherine Helm. The exhibition is preliminary to a Masons to Entertain movement to organize the artists of vicinity for a club Masons of the University will The Lexington and the entertain with a dinner and dance in to promote creative work. Dicker Hall, Saturday night from 7:30 to 12. There are a number of distinAlpha Chi Sigma Dance The members of the Alpha Chi guished Masons on the program for Sigma fraternity of the University of after dinner talks and every Mason Kentucky entertained Saturday night in the University, whether student or with a beautiful dance at the Lafay- faculty members is invited. For res ervations see Marshall Barnes, John ette hotel. was the pledge Bishop, M. A. Alperine or Ryan Rin The sixth dance at which time Dr. Charles go. K Barkenibus, professor of organic chemWatch for the yellow streak. istry, was pledged to the national fraK- ternity in chemistry with attractive ceremony. The electric shield furCAMPUS CHATTER nished the central illumination for the party. A meeting of the Lodge of Jilted The dhaperones were: President Brethren will be held Friday night at Frank L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. P. midnight and all of the brethren are r, P. Boyd, Dr. and Mrs. W. D. urged to attend. For the use of all Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, students of the University who may Miss Frances Jewell, Miss Marguerite be of the opinion that they are eligi- McLaughlin, Mr. Carol M. Sax, Dr. blcs, a box be placed beside the and Mrs. F. E. Tuttle, Dr. and Mrs. student mail box in the basement of Alfred Peter, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. the Administration building and aspir Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Maxon, ants sre to ban din their names, Lex Dr. and Mrs. M. H. Bedford. ington addresses and telephone mini The hosts were: Messrs. Haynes hers, written on yellow paper. It is Barr, F. B. Jones, W. L. Williams, important that the last phrase be com David Nance, Ridgley McDaniels, S. piled with. After the committee re S. Shouse, Ebert DeCoursey, Cornelius ceives the above information, appli Funk-house- STRAW HATS 12 Distinctive Models in Knox and Hopkins Straws Bands in school and Fraternity Colors if desired. PRICES $350 TO $750 The Walsh Co. J. J. WALSH, Representative Phone 4234 Pan Thrm t cation blanks will 'be send to appli cants within a week's time. t CORNELL UNIVERSITY BEFORE YOU :: There will be a picnic Friday after: noon, May 11, given by the Ag. Society on the Experiment Station Farm. :: All of the Ag. students will assemble at the Ag. building at end of the eighth hour and proceed to the place selected. :: The Dean got all pepped up over the affair and took some of his good time : : and wrote every member of the College a letter urging a one 'hundred per cent attendance. The social committee of the Ag. Solely is "not puttin' out a thing" but 'cm cold" is preparing to "knock Fellow, make a with the program. date and come on out. K buy announces a YOUR SPRING CLOTHES see RED WOOLF, HK WORKS FOR Summer Session in LAW for 1923 IT ENABLES a beginner to commence he study of law in June, August, September, or February, and to graduate and prepare for the bar examinations in two and a quarter years; a law student to make up work or obtain credits; others to take law courses for business training. COURSES in Contracts, Real Property, Criminal Law, Legal Liability, Public Service, Conflict of Laws, Taxation, Sales and New York Practice. FACULTY of nine members. Law library of 56,000 volumes. LOCATION in the Finger Lakes Country which provides an attractive environment for summer study. For catalogue address ORADDY-RYA- NOTICE! Students to whom commission is due for selling season tickets for the Little Theatre Will please call at Professor FIcischman's office at the seventh hour Tuesday, May IS, and receive payment. K NOTICE! Students of the University have a chance to attend the Civilian Military Training Camp at Camp Knox this summer. Boys and men between the ages of 17 and 24 are eligible. The dates are July 27 to August 25. The Government pays transportation and provides uniform, food, shelter, medi Read the many bargains cat attendance and education. It is a found in Kernel ads. real opportunity to get training, education and fun. It is a chance to spend a vacation wisely and profit ably. Apply to General Roger Wil Hams, Lexington, Ky., or to Pfesi dent's office, University of Kentucky. K FALCONE" NEXT LITTLE THEATRE PLAY "MATEO Dramatization of Merimee's "Ma teo Falcone," by William H. Hicker- so'n, will ibe presented under the di rection of Troy Perkins at the net matinee performance ia the Lit Theatre, May 17. The cast includes Troy Perkins, Ruth Todd, Austin Moore, Lucilc Cook, O. C. Drake, H. A. Harper, J. N. Snyder and George Wolfe. At the same time "King's Bow," a poetic fantasy iby Gcraldine Willis, teacher of English, Hamilton College will be presented under the direction of Edna Lewis Wells. The cast in cludes Edna Gordon, O. C. Drake, J, R. Snyder, C. Forgey and George Wolfe. K Watch for the Yellow Streak. K NOTICE! Ithaca, New York ALL PAY NO WORK Some political theorists' idea of "a stable government" seems to be one to be where there will always be plenty of oats whether anyone works or not. Becker "Cleaners That Satisfy" PHONE 621-- Corner LIME and HIGH Y MM The Right Step Begin now! Eat good ice cream at least once every day. You will enjoy better digestion and more vigorous health you will keenly enjoy your meals. A wholesome, refreshing ice cream tones you up. You feel happier and stronger, energized by stimulating flavor, the tempting deliciousness of Miss Gladys Lowe and Dr. J. E Miner will report some tests of college students at the May meeting of the William James Club. The meeting will be held Tuesday, May 15, 3:30 p. m., in room 206 Neville Hall. K SMART KID. g man entered the A home of a gentleman in a Western city, and, seeing no one around but a small boy named Willie, said to him, "If ycu don't tell me where your father keeps his money, I'll knock your block off, and then cat yer." "Please don't" said Willie. "You'll find all the money we've got is in an old coat if the kitchen." Two minutes later a bruised and battered wreck was pitched through the front door of Willie's home and sat in the gutter and blinked. "That kid's too smart," said the man. He never said a word about the old mr.n bein' inside of the coat." Cornell Law School ICE CREAM "A Delicious and Well - Balanced Food." rough-lookin- ONE COMFORT, ANYWAY A until who was continually losing his collar button while dressing complained to his wife about it. With an ingenuity born of the use of hairpins, she to'd him to hold his col'ar button in his mouth. The next morning she wi'f settled by an unusual commotion. "What's the matter," she aslced anx iously. 'I've swallowed the collar button," said the nun. "Well," responded his wife, "there's omo comfort; for once in your lift you know where it is." MM HHnfH STUDEBAKER The Car for the summer tour with its - quick pick up and easy riding qualities. Makes touring a pleasure. MAMMOTH GARAGE J. S. B. DICK WEBB, Owner