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PAGE 3 THE CATS' PAUSE, DECEMBER 31, 1977 Cats9 Pause Publisher WILDCATS Kentucky, Notre Dame Clash On Television It's showdown time in collegiate basketball although it's the first national television game of the season this Saturday as Kentucky and Notre Dame square off before almost 17,000 fans at Louisville's Freedom Hall and a nationally televised audience of millions over the NBC network. Kentucky will carry the nation's number one ranking into the game and Notre Dame will arrive with thoughts of knocking the Wildcats from the ranks of the unbeaten. The Fighting Irish would have entered the game as the nation's number two club had it not been for a one-point upset loss at Indiana last week, the same Hoosier team which fell to Kentucky 78-64 earlier this month in Lexington. Tip-off will be just a few minutes past 4 p.m., Easter time. ing the Adolph Rupp Trophy Room at the Lexington Civic Center. Worcf is the group is now ready to begin work on a memorial to the great UK coach. Coach Rupp's personal belongings were removed from his Memorial Coliseum office the week after his funeral. His son, Herky, and some close family members loaded up all the trophies, plaques, pictures and etc. There's been no decision on what Rupp's office will be used for in the future. . . . The UKIT has to be one of the richest tourneys in the land, grossing some $200,000 each year when it is sold out. To date, each visiting team in the tourney gets a flat $10,000 to play in the event, and the school has to pay for its own expenses from that fee. There are about 10,000 seats in the lower arena and those tickets go for $10 for the tourney, while some 13,000 seats in upper level sell at $4 per ticket for the event (both sessions). UK assistant athletics di- rector Larry Ivy says there are about 350 total complimentary tickets issued to visiting teams and other officials. . . . The first Fan Poll results out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has Kentucky (of all schools) in first place, writes W.C. Forrester of High Point, North Carolina, an avid Kentucky fan. The Wildcats received 102 first place votes out of 242 ballots. North Carolina was second with 83 first place votes and Notre Dame was third and Marquette fourth. . . . After Tennessee defeated Georgia State 84-62 recently, State coach Roger Couch, a former Vanderbilt assistant, said Vol fans had better get used to hard times in the SEC this season. "This is the most inexperienced Tennessee team I have seen in 10 years, and the most beatable in Knoxville that I can ever remember," said the Georgia State mentor. Couch said he was making his remarks for the benefit of potential critics of Cliff Wettig, who is directing HITS AND MISSES .... Former UK aide Jim Long, now with University of Las Vegas, says Vegas is going to be one of the real tough teams in the country, but we're "getting by with some good ole fashioned luck" at the present time. Jim, a part-time assistant and recruiter last season at Kentucky, moved to Vegas a couple of months ago. . . . Look for some positive developments soon concern- THE KENTUCKY WILDCATS On November 11 the Russians came To try Kentucky's favorite game. Up and down the court they would sizzle But very soon they began to fizzle. No match for the Cats would they be For these Wildcats are the best in history. At the final buzzer it is now known All Ivan could generate was a loud groan. Let this be a lesson for all to see The best in the world is Kentucky. Some teams are taller, some shorter. There are no teams in basketball smarter. So onto the rest of the season schedule To convince the world of the Cats' muscle It begins with the boys from SMU And concludes with No. 5 in old St. Lou. now in full color!! In Honor of the Winningest College Team Of All Time "THE WILDCATS - LONG LIVE THE KING" 00 $5 Add $1 for Mailing and Handling; If Outside of U.S., Add $2 POSEIDON ART CO. P.O. Box 12193 Lexington, Ky. 40581 the Tennessee team for ailing Ray Mears. But reader Ted Landrum of Nashville, says, "look for the Vols to be most competitive and to finish fourth in the SEC." . . . For readers who have asked, record albums of Kentucky basketball and the one of Adolph Rupp offered by the Committee of 101 a few years ago are still available according to Bob Crowley, president. The 33 rpm, long-playing album of "Great Moments of Kentucky Basketball" is narrated by Adolph Rupp. Crowley also said a 45 rpm record of the "Ballad of Adolph" will be included free with each order while they last. You should send a check or money order for $5.50 (postage is included) to: Committee of 101, Department TCP, P.O. Box 22, Lexington, Kentucky, 40501 . . . Don't be too surprised if Kentucky football's offensive line pens itslef a nickname like "Hollywood Hots" or something like that before next season. Dan Fowler, the ever-likeable offensive lineman says his crew wants recognition so they'll get to play in some bowl games next season after the regular bowls. "Hey, we like publicity as well as those defensive cats and the running stars,'' joked Fowler. Well, he wasn't really joking, but he did laugh and carry a big smile. ... If you see an "Apartment Wanted" classified advertisement in the Dayton, Ohio, Journal with a Lexington phone number, there's a good chance the listing would be that of Joe B. Hall or Leonard Hamilton. The Kentucky staff is spending so much time in Dayton, UK could save money by renting an apartment. It's all because they're unloading all guns in an effort to win Dwight Anderson to Big Blue Country. The premier star guard in the nation scored 53 points in a game a couple of weeks ago and UK coaches admitted they would be making the trip up 1-75 several more times this season before the big signing date. Look for Dayton and Cincinnati to be in the thick of the chase for the 6-3 sharpshooter. . . . More than 100 local sports fans around IBM just returned from Hawaii, but they didn't get to see the heros they really wanted to. It seems the ten-day vacation was built around a proposed UK basketball game with Hawaii, but the proposal fell through, so the club decided to take the trip anyway. Committee of 101 president Bob Crowley said the group listened to part of the UKIT by a telephone patch-up and then they called the HeraldLeader for the final statistics and posted them on a hotel bulletin board. Those Hawaiians must have thought the Kentuckians had too much egg nog . with such carryings-on. .....