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Lafayette Studios photographs: 1950-2003 and undated, 1950

Part of Lafayette Studios photographs: 1950-2003 and undated

96pa101_1950_2003Guide to the Collection on Lafayette Studios: 1950-2003 and undated 96PA101Finding aid prepared by Processed by Richard Leigh, Jacob Broderick, Christian Trombetta and Jessica Powell under the supervision of Jason Flahardy; machine-readable finding aid created by Jason Flahardy and Digital Library Services staffUniversity of Kentucky Special CollectionsSpecial CollectionsMargaret I. King Building, NorthLexington, KY, 40506-0039(859) 257-8611SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU2005; rev. 2013Description is in English.Lafayette Studios photographs: 1950-2003 and undated96PA101University of Kentucky Special Collections1,305 items1950-2003 and undatedLafayette StudiosLong, Robert J.Conditions Governing Access noteThe collection is open for research use.Conditions Governing Use noteAll rights to the photographs, including but not restricted to legal title, copyrights and literary property rights, have been transferred to the University of Kentucky Archives. Photographs may be reproduced with permission from Audio-Visual Archives, University of Kentucky Libraries.Preferred Citation note96PA101: [identification of item], Collection on Lafayette Studios, University of Kentucky Archives.Biographical/Historical noteRobert J. "Bob" Long and his wife, Ida Nelson Long, opened Lafayette Studios in 1923, operating it out of the New Johns Building at 108 Walnut Street (now Martin Luther King Boulevard) in Lexington, Kentucky. Bob and Ida Long already had a few years experience in still and moving image photography and Bob Long worked as a projectionist at the newly opened Kentucky Theatre on East Main Street. In 1925, they expanded their business and moved the studio space to 311 West Main Street. By the early 1930s, the Longs bought out their main competitor, Starman Studios. Around this time, Bob Long left his job at the Kentucky Theatre and focused on building Lafayette Studios into Lexington's most successful photographic studio. In the late 1930s, the Longs moved again, this time to the Starman Studio space, at 301 West Main Street. By 1941, they moved again, settling into 141-143 North Limestone; it was to be the studio's home until 1984. In 1959, the Longs sold Lafayette Studios to Chester Wainscott and Goy Goforth and retired. After 1962, Wainscott became the sole owner and operator until the studio closed in 1985 at its final location of 111 South Limestone.Scope and Contents noteThis finding aid lists the images produced by Lafayette Studios from 1950 through 2003 as well as the undated images (1,305 items; dated 1950-2003 and undated). The Lafayette Studios photographs consists of 17,269 photographic negatives (52.0 cubic feet, 115 boxes) in the 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5 formats and both nitrate and acetate base materials are present. Scenes of commercial real estate in downtown Lexington predominate, but civil and social groups are represented, as well as photographic orders filled at the request of private individuals that cover a wide array of subject matter.Arrangement noteThe collection is arranged by Lafayette Studios-assigned invoice number, listed in the guide as the item number for each image. The numbers are in a rough chronological order. Multiple images in an invoice group are represented by the invoice number, followed by an alphabetical qualifier: a, b, c, etc. The numbers are not contiguous and the many gaps in the collection represent missing invoice/work orders. University of Kentucky Archives has no information on the content or fate of the missing invoice groups. Most invoice groups (represented as whole numbers) contain more than one image. Historic buildings--Kentucky--Lexington.Lexington (Ky.)Lexington (Ky.)--History--Pictorial works.Lexington (Ky.)--Social life and customs--Pictorial works.Related Materials noteSee also other guides to additional decades of Lafayette Studios photographs.19506263Elmendorf; columns of Haggin Mansion; front exterior1950-05-256330Wombwell Automotive Parts, 151 East Short; front exterior; window display1950-09-2919515959aHargett Construction Company; Bowman Hall [dorm (dormitory)]; exterior1951-05-025959bHargett Construction Company; Bowman Hall [dorm (dormitory)]; exterior1951-05-026438aSoutheastern Greyhound Bus Lines; station and bus (801 North Limestone)1951-05-126438bSoutheastern Greyhound Bus Lines; station and bus (801 North Limestone)1951-05-1219675850aS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; kitchen1967-07-255850bS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; dining area1967-07-255850cS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; escalator1967-07-255850dS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; lunch counter1967-07-255850eS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior1967-07-255850fS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior1967-07-255850gS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior1967-07-255850hS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior1967-07-255850iS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; lunch counter1967-07-255850jS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; people shopping1967-07-255850kS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior1967-07-255850lS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior; street scene1967-07-255850mS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); interior; people shopping1967-07-255850nS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior1967-07-255850oS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior1967-07-255850pS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior; roof1967-07-255850qS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior; roof1967-07-255850rS.S. Kresge & Company (156, 250 West Main); exterior1967-07-2519946143aJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); tobacco barn; interior; men stacking tobacco leaves1994-09-166143bJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; men loading tobacco on wagon (cart)1994-09-166143cJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; men loading tobacco on truck1994-09-166143dJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; men loading tobacco on truck1994-09-166143eJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; men loading tobacco on truck1994-09-166143fJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; tobacco field1994-09-166143gJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); tobacco barn; interior; men stacking tobacco leaves1994-09-166143hJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); tobacco barn; interior; men stacking tobacco leaves1994-09-166143iJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); tobacco barn; interior; men stacking tobacco leaves1994-09-166143jJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; tobacco stacked1994-09-166143kJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; tobacco field1994-09-166143lJ.L. Thomas Farm (Leestown Pike); exterior; tobacco field1994-09-1620031024McCormick Lumber Company, East Third and Walton Avenue; exterior, yard2003-05-311106aIroquois Hunt Club; childrens polo teams (Woodland Park)2003-08-311106bIroquois Hunt Club; Childrens polo teams (Woodland Park)2003-08-311106cIroquois Hunt Club; childrens polo teams (Woodland Park)2003-08-311510aFuneral; Keller Johnson (corpse)2003-02-221510bFuneral; Keller Johnson (corpse)2003-02-22undated1079Lexington Fire Department (East Third, East Walnut); records undated1138aWilkerson, Mrs. (110 Irvin Road); copy of oil painting undated1138bWilkerson, Mrs. (110 Irvin Road); copy of oil painting undated1155aMentelle Park; entrance at Main Street undated1155bMentelle Park; entrance at Main Street undated1155cMentelle Park; entrance at Main Street undated1155dMentelle Park; entrance at Main Street undated1155eMentelle Park; entrance at Main Street undated1507aMadden, J.F.; plate on barn undated1507bMadden, J.F.; plate on barn undated1507cMadden, J.F.; horse barn undated1507dMadden, J.F.; horse barn undated1507eMadden, J.F.; plate on barn undated1692aUnderground Construction undated1692bUnderground Construction undated2034Country Club; kitchen equipment, staff undated2054Frigidaire Company; showroom display undated2059Football scoreboard (W.&L., University of Kentucky) undated2064Fire trucks; Firestone Tire Company; Lexington Fire Department undated2066Church of the Good Shepherd; exterior, street scene undated2067aGuthrie & Stiles sign (Seminole Golf Course) undated2067bGuthrie & Stiles sign (Jackson Highway) undated2067cGuthrie & Stiles sign (Jackson Highway) undated2068aGoodwin Brothers, 444-450 East Main; horse van undated2068bGoodwin Brothers, 444-450 East Main; horse van undated2068cGoodwin Brothers, 444-450 East Main; horse van undated2068dGoodwin Brothers, 444-450 East Main; horse van undated2068eGoodwin Brothers, 444-450 East Main; horse van undated2120aJoyland Park, scenes; Roller coaster undated2120bJoyland Park, scenes; May Pole Dance undated2120cJoyland Park, scenes; Chair Plane undated2120dJoyland Park, scenes; Chair Plane undated2120eJoyland Park, scenes; Roller coaster undated2178Transylvania College; exteriors undated2203aPicadome School marching band undated2203bPicadome School, Harrodsburg Pike; exterior, buses undated2203cPicadome School, Harrodsburg Pike; exterior, buses undated2276aFayette Co. Municipal Building (City Hall); Front exterior undated2276bFayette Co. Municipal Building (City Hall); Front exterior undated2841Men and women in uniform undated3374Lexington Roller Mills Company (133 South Broadway) (Cream Flour service truck) undated3426Southeastern Greyhound Lines; street scene; Walnut and East Short; partial view of Lexington Herald, southwest corner ; partial view of Central Christian Church, 103-134 Walnut undated3452jFootball game (University of Kentucky) undated3461aGood Samaritan Hospital, 310-330 South Limestone; nurses, graduates undated3461bGood Samaritan Hospital, 310-330 South Limestone; nurses, graduates undated3461cGood Samaritan Hospital, 310-330 South Limestone; nurses, graduates undated3461dGood Samaritan Hospital, 310-330 South Limestone; nurses, graduates undated3475aGroup portrait undated3475bLandscape, woman undated3475cLandscape, river undated3475dLandscape, river undated3475eLandscape, river undated3475fGroup portrait undated3475gLandscape, river undated3478aThree people looking at a poster and listening to a record player undated3478bThree people looking at a poster and listening to a record player undated3515aKingston Farm ; men sitting on fence undated3515bKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515cKingston Farm ; exterior of building undated3515dKingston Farm ; exterior of home undated3515eKingston Farm ; exterior of home undated3515fKingston Farm ; exterior of home undated3515gKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515hKingston Farm ; exterior of barn and silo undated3515iKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515jKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515kKingston Farm ; exterior of house undated3515lKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515lKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3515mKingston Farm ; exterior of house undated3515nKingston Farm ; exterior of building undated3515oKingston Farm ; exterior of house undated3515pKingston Farm ; exterior of barn undated3870aWrestlers & boxers, men wrestling on floor (1938 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated3870bWrestlers & boxers, men wrestling on floor (1938 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267aUnidentified girl holding a tennis racquet on her shoulder; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267bDorothy Beeler standing in front of an entranceway to an unidentified building; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267cDorothy Beeler standing in front of an entranceway to an unidentified building; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267dSara Biggs squatting in a field of flowers; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267eJane Elgin Dudley standing in front of an entranceway to an unidentified building; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267fJane Elgin Dudley standing in front of an entranceway to an unidentified building; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267gMary Margaret Gentry standing next to a car; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267hMary Margaret Gentry standing next to a car; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267iDorothy Hillenmeyer standing in front of trees; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267jJean Marie McConnell standing next to the steps of a building; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267kMattigene Pallmore holding a large hat in front of her; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267lKatherine Parch sitting on the lawn, unidentified man and women standing in the background; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267mKatherine Parch sitting on the lawn; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267nMargaretta Ratliff portrait; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267oMary Gore Rodes sitting on a bench; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267pMary Gore Rodes sitting on a bench; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267qPeg Tallman standing next to a tree; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267rGean Tye sitting on wall next to steps; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267sGean Tye sitting on wall next to steps; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267tPeggy Weakley sitting on a stone wall; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267uMary Louise Weisenberger sitting on the grass (lawn); (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated4267vDoradel Young standing next to an iron gate; (1940 Kentuckian) (University of Kentucky) undated616Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, 152 East Maxwell; Christmas tree undated7001Older woman w/ large dog undated7001Older woman w/ large dog undated7005Show dog undated7006Show dog undated7007Show dog undated7008Show dog undated7009Terrier on lawn undated7010Terrier on lawn undated7011Terrier on lawn undated7012Terrier on stoop undated7013Litter of puppies undated7014Litter of puppies undated7015Older woman w/ 2 dogs undated7016Older woman w/ large dog and a very small dog undated7018Cows grazing undated7019Man in uniform, on horse undated7020Horse undated7021Man on horse undated7022Man w/ horse by reins undated7023Man w/ horse undated7024Man on horse undated7025Horse undated7026Horse w/ handler undated7027Horse w/ handler undated7028Horse w/ handler undated7029Horse w/ handler undated7030Horse w/ handler undated7031Horse w/ handler undated7032Horse w/ handler undated7033Horse w/ handler undated7034Horse w/ handler undated7035Horse w/ handler undated7036Horse w/ handler undated7037Horse w/ handler undated7038Horse w/ handler undated7039Horse w/ handler undated7040Man on horse undated7041Man on horse undated7042Horse in harness, w/ jockey undated7045Horse in pasture undated7046Horse & groom undated7047Horse cemetery undated7048Horse in barn (DAMAGED) undated7049Horse undated7050Horse undated7051Horse undated7052Horse in front of barn undated7053Horse in front of barn undated7054Horse in front of barn undated7055Horse undated7056Horse undated7057Horse undated7058Horse undated7059Horse undated7060Horse undated7061Horse undated7062Horse undated7063Horses in front of barn undated7064Spotted horse undated7065Spotted horse undated7066Horse in field undated7067Horse and auto undated7068Horse and auto undated7069Horse and auto undated7070Horse w/ trainer undated7071Horse w/ trainer undated7072Horse w/ trainer undated7073Horse w/ trainer undated7074Horse w/ trainer undated7075Horse at vet's undated7076Horse at vet's undated7077Horse at vet's undated7078Horse at vet's undated7079Horse w/ handler undated7080Horse undated7081Horse undated7082Horse undated7083Horse and rider undated7084Horse w/ elaborate saddles undated7085Horse w/ elaborate saddles undated7086Horse w/ elaborate saddles undated7087Horse at track (Guy Axworthy) undated7088Horse at track (Guy Axworthy) undated7089Horse at track (Guy Axworthy) undated7090Horse at track (Guy Axworthy) undated7091Horse w/ trainer undated7092Horse w/ trainer undated7093Horse at track (Bunter) undated7094Horse at track undated7095House near pasture undated7096Small building undated7097Buildings undated7099Cinder block store undated7100Cinder block store undated7101Cinder block store undated7102House w/ broken fence undated7108School building, everyone sitting on steps and window-frames undated7109Church door undated7110House undated7111Brick house, coal & feed trucks undated7112Brick house, coal & feed trucks undated7113Large house (interior) undated7114Stands undated7115Hospital grounds undated7116Hospital grounds undated7117Cotton gin mill, construction undated7118St. Catherine's Academy undated7119House (exterior) undated7120House undated7121Stone building undated7122Stone building undated7123House undated7124House undated7125House undated7126House undated7127House undated7128House undated7130Lew Dockstruder's Minstrel Show theater undated7131House undated7132Building undated7133House, front door undated7134House, exterior undated7135House (Greco-Roman style) undated7136House (Greco-Roman style) undated7137House (Greco-Roman style) undated7138House (Greco-Roman style) undated7139House (Greco-Roman style) undated7140House undated7141Joyland Inn undated7142Shack undated7143House undated7144House (construction) undated7145House undated7146House undated71483 houses undated7149Sidewalk undated7150House undated7151Backyard of shack undated7152Large house, driveway undated7153Large house, driveway undated7154Houses undated7155House undated7156House undated7157House undated7158House undated7159Barn undated7161Brick barn undated7162Horse barn undated7163Horse barn undated7165Bridge undated7166Horse barn; sire place of several "Kentucky Derby" winners undated7167Horse barn; sire place of several "Kentucky Derby" winners undated7168Horse barn; sire place of several "Kentucky Derby" winners undated7169Horse barn; sire place of several "Kentucky Derby" winners undated7170Buildings downtown, Walton Insurance undated7171Building undated7172Henry Clay High School undated7173Taylor Ed entrance undated7174Buildings; rooftops undated7175Buildings; rooftops undated7176Buildings; rooftops undated7177Buildings; rooftops undated7178Buildings; rooftops undated7179Buildings; rooftops undated7180Buildings; rooftops undated7181Buildings; rooftops undated7182Greenhouses undated7183Greenhouses undated7184Barn undated7185Gothic tower undated7188Gunsmoke, 1931 undated7190Tire retread shop, garage undated7191Machine shop, auto garage undated7194Room w/ lots of flowers undated7195Room w/ flowers undated71962 dental chairs undated7197Waiting room in a medical clinic undated7198Apparatus for hydrotherapy undated7199Parlor/foyer undated7200Interior display (lumber company) undated7201Wheeler's display undated7202Interior display on stage (air conditioners, HVAC) undated7203Interior display on stage (Henry Clay) undated7204Interior display undated7205Friday the 13th party undated7206Friday the 13th party undated7213Blair & Franse Construction Co. undated7214Goodrich Products banquet undated7216Graves-Cox, "Evolution of the Collar" undated7217Graves-Cox, "Evolution of the Collar" undated7218Graves-Cox July Sale undated7219Goodwin Bros., 444-450 E. Main undated7220Goodwin Bros., 444-450 E. Main undated7221Men's shop undated7222Men's shop undated7223Refrigeration and radio display; Westinghouse undated7224Shoe repair shop undated7225Kelvinator display undated7226Women's department undated7227Hardware store (crowded) undated7228Edison Store (Edison Power Co.) undated7229Edison Store display undated7230A&P Meat Market undated7231Heater undated7232Metal tubs (LF Lloyd Sheet Metal) undated7239Rexall Drugs (Swift's Ice Cream) undated7240Rexall Drugs (Swift's Ice Cream) undated7241Inflatable clown balloon machine undated7242Water cooler, woman undated7243Water fountain undated7244Coca-Cola vending machine undated7245Coca-Cola vending machine undated7246Juke box innards undated7247Juke box undated7248Juke box innards undated7249Cabinet undated7250Cabinet undated7251Chesterfield ad (cigarettes) undated7252Crosley sign undated7253Oakland auto sign undated7254Lucky Strike ad undated7255Dress shop store front undated7256Dress shop store front undated7257Dress shop store front undated7258Japanese clothing undated7259Seated mannequin in window (dark, barely discernible) undated7260Gas range on display undated7261Bassett's window display undated7262Fayette County records undated7263Berk's Shoes ad, on a hat undated7264Roofing supplies warehouse (Lexo, Gredag, Asgum) undated7265Tobacco storage warehouse undated7267Home office interior undated7268Home office interior undated7269Office interior undated7270Small cafeteria, interior undated7271Large cafeteria undated7272Interior of cafeteria undated7273Butcher, class on cutting meat (lamb) undated7274Photo of building on an easel undated7275J.S. Poer Paint and Glass Co., 149 W. Short undated7276Construction; foundation (damaged) undated7277Construction; basement (damaged) undated7278Sandusky and Co. Planing Mill undated7279House, w/ "Office" sign undated7280House, w/ "Office" sign undated7283Glass store undated7284Crazy House at Joyland undated7285Construction; carpenters undated7286Construction; carpenters undated7287Construction; college campus undated7288Long brick building (narc farm?) undated7289Brick building (college campus?) undated7290Brick house, 3-story (college campus?) undated7291Construction; duplex #7 undated7292Construction; duplex #8 (scaffolding) undated7293Construction; house w/ portico, #7 undated7294Construction; house w/ portico, #7 undated7295Wing of large building (narc farm?) undated7296Construction; several buildings, only one story completed undated7297Construction; foundations for buildings undated7298Construction; large project (narc farm?) undated7299Construction; large projects (narc farm?) undated7300Water tower undated7301Construction; excavations (aerial view) undated7302Construction; foundation (warehouse?) undated7303Construction; foundation (warehouse?) undated7304Construction; foundation (warehouse?) undated7305Construction; foundation (warehouse?) undated7306Construction; second floor (flooring) undated7307Construction; second floor (flooring) undated7308Construction; second floor (roofing) undated7309Construction; second floor (roofing) undated7310Construction; basement undated7311Construction; basement undated7312Construction; workers on roof undated7313Construction; workers on roof undated7314Construction; surveying a field undated7315Construction; surveying a field undated7316Construction; surveying a field undated7317Construction; surveying a field undated7318Construction; steel grid for a wall undated7319Construction; steel grid for a wall undated7320Construction; steel grid for a wall undated7321Construction; steel grid for a wall undated7322Construction; excavation undated7323Construction; workers building foundation undated7324Construction; workers building foundation undated7325Construction; building site undated7326Construction; building site (aerial view) undated7327Construction; building site (aerial view) undated7328Construction; open field undated7329Construction; site, supplies undated7330Construction; excavation undated7331Construction; foundations undated7332Construction; foundation work, heavy equipment undated7333Construction; foundations (damaged) undated7334Construction; framing undated7335Construction; foundations undated7336Construction; foundations (aerial view) undated7337Construction; walls and roof undated7338Virgil & Siner minstrel show undated7339Luncheon (formal dress, flags) undated7340Luncheon (formal dress, flags) undated7341Meeting preparation undated7346Electric power substation undated7347Electric power substation undated7348Electric power substation undated7349Electric power substation undated7350Electric power substation undated7351Electric power substation undated7352Electric power substation undated7353Sketch of Slope #9, Ohio Valley Coal & Mining Co. undated7353Sketch of Slope #9, Ohio Valley Coal & Mining Co. undated7354Electrical junction box undated7355Electrical junction box undated7356Junk pile of parts undated7357Stitching machine undated7358Stitching machine undated7359Refrigeration equipment undated7360Refrigeration equipment undated7361Re-boring machine and operator in auto shop undated7362Buffing wheel and operator in auto shop undated7363Welder undated7364Mechanic adjusting bearings undated7365Mechanic at metal lathe undated7366Man at boring machine undated7367Man operating a drill press undated7368Man at linotype machine undated7369Man at linotype machine undated7370Man at cutting machine undated7371Man at a small metal lathe undated7372Electronic panel undated7373Electronic panel undated7374Man operating a printing press undated7375Men and women at printing press undated7376Large machine undated7377Large machine undated7378Large machine undated7379Building with smokestack, at loading dock undated7380Large grid undated7381Sandusky Co. Plant (planing mill, column factory) undated7382Woodworking shop undated7383Woodworking shop undated7384Large machine undated7385Large machine undated7386Storage area undated7387Refrigeration area undated7388Belts, pumps undated7389Large hopper w/ railroad car undated7390Central Rock. Co. building (Engineering Department & Testing Laboratory) undated7391Central Rock. Co. building (Engineering Department & Testing Laboratory) undated7392Title page of map of Ohio Valley Coal & Mining Co. undated7393Boiler room undated73944 machines undated73955 machines undated7396Circuit board undated7397Circuit board undated7398Circuit board undated7399Gasoline engine undated7400Large tool shop undated7401Mantel and grandfather clock undated7402Bedroom w/ 4-poster bed undated7403Two large electrical generators undated7404Large cabinet undated7405Large cabinet undated7406Fireplace frame undated7407Fireplace frame undated7408Fireplace frame undated7409Fireplace frame undated7410Fireplace frame undated7411Fireplace frame undated7412Fireplace frame undated7413Fireplace frame undated7414Large 3-story brick house undated7415Interior of large house undated7417Christmas tree undated7418Christmas tree undated7419Christmas tree undated7420Christmas tree undated7421Christmas tree undated7422Christmas tree undated7423Large rack undated7424Large rack undated7425Basement w/ shower undated7426Basement w/ shower undated7427Painted, mirrored display cabinet undated7428Painted, mirrored display cabinet undated7429Display of planets moving around the sun undated7429bDisplay of planets moving around the sun undated7430Painted, mirrored display cabinet undated7431Library room undated7432Library room undated7433Library room undated7434Small office (w/ 5 chairs) undated7435Small office (w/ 5 chairs) undated7436Side table undated7437Wall calendar (Frensley & Frensley Insurance of Decatur, Alabama) undated7438Theater stage set (Henry Clay) undated7439Victorian parlor interior undated7440Victorian parlor interior undated7441Victorian dining room undated7442Dining room undated7443Large dining hall undated7444Parlor (living room) undated7445Vase w/ flowers undated7446Furniture store display room undated7447Chairs and sofas undated7448Chairs and sofas undated7449Repairing toys undated7450Dolls dressed as brides undated7451Three floral chairs undated7452Small room w/ 40 folding chairs undated7453School science lab undated7454School science lab undated7455School kitchen undated7456Woman's bedroom undated7457Woman's bedroom undated7458Bedroom undated7459Theater stage set undated7460Display of silver tea set undated7461Display of silver tea set undated7462Dresser undated7463Dresser undated7464Dresser undated7465Parlor (entrance) undated7466Parlor, man sitting and reading undated7467Parlor, man sitting and reading undated7468Tables undated7469Furniture exhibition undated7470Breakfast tables and chairs undated7471Large wooden cabinet, outdoors undated7472Small office w/ 2 beds undated7473Run-down hotel room undated7474Run-down hotel room (but w/ clean floors) undated7475Room w/ 5 beds undated7476Parlor (damaged) undated7477Large cabinet w/ candles undated7478Entrance hall undated7479Living room undated7480Living room undated7481Parlor (w/ wicker sofa) undated7482Interior of a small church; no one present undated7483Medium-sized church w/ congregation undated7484Small room (dorm room?) undated7485Hospital room w/ baby cribs undated7486Brick fireplace undated7487Entrance hall, 2 rooms visible undated7488Banquet hall undated7489School corridor (damaged) undated7490Tea room undated7491Railroad crossing at "Johnson's" undated74924 horse barns undated7493Farm undated7494Herd of cattle in a pasture undated7495Farm house (aerial view) undated7496Cow grazing on a hillside undated7497Man at farmhouse (w/ net device) undated7498Farm buildings w/ large water hoses (DAMAGED) undated7499Garden undated7505House destroyed by storm undated7506House destroyed by storm undated7507House destroyed by storm undated7508House destroyed by storm undated7509Graveyard w/ damaged trees undated7510Small farmhouse w/ storm damage undated7511Badly damaged home (collapsed wall) undated7512Damaged rock fence, road undated7513Damaged rock fence, road undated7514Damaged rock fence, road undated7515Damaged rock fence, road undated7516Road being built to a power plant undated7517Road being built to a power plant undated7518Excavation (for a landfill?) undated7519Open field w/ concrete border around one part undated7520Small rural community undated7521Large building, water tower undated7522Large building, water tower undated7523Fenced-in pasture, brick home undated7524Fenced-in pasture, brick home undated7525Entrance to a farm undated7526Orchard, puppies undated7527Fenced-in field, house undated7528Warehouse undated7529Graveyard (tombstone decorated w/ flowers) undated7530Graveyard (tombstone decorated w/ flowers) undated7531Graveyard ("Burton") undated7532Graveyard ("Burton") undated7533Graveyard ("Armistead") undated7534Flower bed undated7535Paved road ("King Edward Cigar" sign) undated7536Paved road, farm on right undated7537Paved road, farm on right undated7538Paved road, driveway undated7539Garden w/ arbor undated7540Garden undated7541Garden undated7542Garden undated7543Nursery building undated7544Pasture divided by road undated7545River scene (DAMAGED) undated7546Residential community (aerial view) undated7547Residential community (aerial view) undated7548Road tunnel undated7549Road tunnel (DAMAGED) undated7550Public park w/ swings, maypole (DAMAGED) undated7551Garden patio undated7552Garden patio undated7553Small island in middle of lake undated7554Small island in middle of lake undated7555Small island in middle of lake undated7556Lake, road undated7557Lake, trees undated7558Garden w/ arbor undated7559Tree-lined street undated7560Buildings, car undated7561Horse barn (under construction) undated7562Field w/ farm buildings undated7563Wood fence, junk, tires undated7564Country undated7565Garden w/ circular flower beds undated7566House w/ lawn undated7567Victorian living room undated7568Victorian living room (w/ fireplace) undated7569Chair (2 views) undated7570Table undated7571Broken machine part undated7572War poster display undated7574War poster display undated7575Manhole cover undated7576Cake pans (DAMAGED) undated7577Cake pans (DAMAGED) undated7578Jar of pears on a stand undated7579Foliage, man on ladder undated7580Foliage, man on ladder undated7581Foliage, man on ladder undated7582Road, trees, wires undated7585Stone plaque undated7586Golden Krust Bread ad undated7588Graves Cox undated7589Christmas tree (Local 526) undated7590Christmas tree (Local 526) undated7591Electrical fuse box(Damaged) undated7592Electrical fuse box(Damaged) undated7595excavation undated7596excavation undated7597excavation undated7598Designs on canvas undated7599Designs on canvas undated7600Table undated7601Model undated7602Model undated7603Crowd at a county fair (DAMAGED) undated7604Couples in formal clothes dancing undated7605Dining hall, w/ dais undated7606Dining hall, w/ dais undated7607Dining hall, w/ dais undated7609Dancers, in large hall undated7610People outdoors (one w/ umbrella) undated7611Dance (square? folk?) held on football field undated7612Dance (square? folk?) held on football field undated7613Conga line on grass field undated7614Crowd watching softball game (DAMAGED) undated7615Large crowd at a picnic undated7616Large crowd at a picnic (DAMAGED) undated7617Picnic in a park undated7618Men at putting green undated7619Westinghouse theater/exhibition hall undated7620Auction (persian rugs up for bid) undated7621Crowd greeting Santa ("Denton's Toy Town" balloon) (DAMAGED) undated7622Crowd shot undated7623Crowd shot undated7624Speaker at podium undated7625Speaker at podium undated7626Speaker at podium undated7627Speaker at podium undated7628Speaker at podium undated7629Speaker at podium undated7630Family photo undated7650Painting of Daniel Boone undated7651Painting of Daniel Boone undated7652Painting of Daniel Boone undated7656Woman w/ swollen neck undated7657Woman w/ swollen neck undated7658Woman w/ swollen neck undated7659Woman w/ swollen neck undated7662Church choirs, minister undated7663Men standing in yard undated7664Well-dressed woman in yard undated7665Well-dressed woman in yard undated7666Man giving speech, presentation undated7667Man giving speech, presentation undated76682 men in grocery store undated76692 men in grocery store undated7670Woman standing on capitol steps undated7670bWoman standing on capitol steps undated7671Woman standing on capitol steps undated7672Man in front of brick wall undated7673Older man, standing by fence undated7674Two men seated at desks in wood-paneled room undated7675Young woman undated7676Young woman undated7677Young woman undated7678Young girl in stuffed chair (DAMAGED) undated7679Young girl w/ swim cap (head shot) undated76802 men in booth at a table undated7681Man in overalls, holding large metal tub undated7682Man in overalls, holding large metal tub undated7683Man standing by car, woman inside car undated7684Man in tuxedo, bow tie undated7685Man in tuxedo, bow tie undated7686Young woman in evening gown, seated in chair undated7687Young woman in evening gown, seated in chair undated7688Young woman in photo booth undated7689Young woman in evening gown, seated in chair undated7690Young woman in evening gown, seated in chair undated7691Young woman in photo booth undated7692Young woman in photo booth undated7693Young woman in photo booth undated7694Young woman in photo booth undated7695Young woman standing on stairway undated7696Young woman standing on stairway undated7697Girl seated at piano; man nearby undated7698Girl seated at piano; man nearby undated7699Old man w/ bottles on bed (Kentucky tavern, Canada Dry, etc.) undated7700Man posing for photos in chair undated7701Man posing for photos in chair undated7702Man posing for photos in chair undated7703Man posing for photos in chair undated7704Man standing in middle of road undated7706Men in suits on porch steps undated7707Young woman in swimsuit, standing on rocks above water undated7708Woman in clown mask undated7709Girl in long dress undated7710Girl in long dress undated7711Young boy sitting on porch steps undated7712Young boy sitting on porch steps undated7713Young boy, standing on sidewalk undated7714Two men holding string of fish undated7715Man giving a speech undated7716Girls kneeling in an outdoor ceremony undated7717Two swimmers on the beach, standing undated7718Two swimmers doing tricks undated7719Swimmers doing tricks undated7720Swimmers on the pier undated7721Swimmer on a rock undated7722Man in dress undated7723Chinese acrobat undated7724Man in costume undated7725Two men wearing dresses undated7726Young men in black suits (DAMAGED) undated7727Group of young men in front of a house undated7728Young women in evening gowns, carrying bouquets (on stage) undated77296 people on steps of house (one carrying a violin case) undated7730Men in dark suits, ties undated7731Men posed in front of building undated7732Young women (sorority?) undated7733Young men seated around a table undated7734Young men in front of house undated7735Men standing and sitting around u-shaped table undated7736Men standing and sitting undated773712 young women, seated at a dining table undated77386 people on stage, in front of a dance band undated77398 young men, child in front of a wall undated7740Group of women in costumes, men in front of building (DAMAGED) undated7741Men and women onstage at Henry Clay High School undated7742Group of men around u-shaped table undated7743Group of men around u-shaped table undated7744Group outdoors undated7745Group standing on porch (DAMAGED) undated7746Group standing on porch (DAMAGED) undated7747Women sitting at table, men standing undated7748Women sitting at table, men standing undated7749An unidentified high school undated7750An unidentified high school undated7751An unidentified high school undated7752Students standing behind a desk undated7753Students standing behind a desk undated775424 students standing in group undated775524 students standing in group undated775617 students in 2 rows undated7757Young people, standing in front of dance band undated7758Young people, standing in front of dance band undated7759Man in tuxedo, in front of mic stand undated7760Marching band and field undated7761Young women in long dresses, carrying bouquets undated7762Eight boys lined up undated776317 young men sitting around a sofa undated7764Young women sitting in bleachers, wearing white gym clothes and neckerchiefs undated7765Young women sitting in bleachers, wearing white gym clothes and neckerchiefs undated7766Young women in caps and gowns, holding diplomas undated7767Young women in caps and gowns, holding diplomas undated7768Young women in caps and gowns, holding diplomas undated7769Young women in caps and gowns, holding diplomas undated7770Young women in caps and gowns, holding diplomas undated77714 men and a woman in a sitting room undated7772People sitting in a decorated booth ("A Hearty Welcome to All") undated777316 young women, all holding diplomas undated7774Homecoming queen, court undated7775Homecoming queen, court undated7776Homecoming queen, court undated777736 boys seated on stairs undated777825 high school students undated777925 high school students undated7780Girls on steps (some holding Alpha Delta Theta banner) undated7781College students standing around desk undated778212 people in costume (DAMAGED) undated778312 people in costume (DAMAGED) undated778412-piece dance band, w/leader (stands marked "PC") undated7785Students and faculty around a table undated7786Troupe of girls dancing on Henry Clay stage undated7787Troupe of girls dancing on Henry Clay stage undated778860-piece band set up on gym floor undated7789Carpentry class undated779013 young people in nice class, outside undated7791Students, teachers outdoors undated77926 girls in sweaters (DAMAGED) undated779350 young adults on steps undated7794Henry Clay stage, filled w/ dancing girls in evening dresses undated7795Maxwell School Christmas Pageant undated7796Groups of children of various ages undated7797Groups of children of various ages undated77987 men sitting near lectern (DAMAGED) undated77997 men sitting near lectern (DAMAGED) undated7800Photo of high school orchestra on-stage undated7801Photo of high school orchestra on-stage undated780213 students, teacher posed outdoors undated780313 students, teacher posed outdoors undated78043 men, woman all dressed in party clothes undated78058 people under an umbrella undated7806Men seated around a u-shaped table undated7807Men seated around a u-shaped table undated7808Parade led by youngsters on bicycles undated78095 actors on a stage undated78105 actors on a stage undated7811A large choir in sanctuary, pipe organ undated78128 women, 4 men undated781315 women, 4 men in formal wear undated781415 women, 4 men in formal wear (DAMAGED) undated781515 women, 4 men in formal wear undated781615 women, 4 men in formal wear undated781715 women, 4 men in formal wear undated781815 nurses undated781915 nurses undated782025 men and a nun undated782125 men and a nun undated7822group photo of 5 men and one woman undated78237 kids dressed as soldiers, posed on a school stage undated78248 young men standing in line undated7825Young women in robes, holding diplomas undated7826Young women in robes, holding diplomas undated7827High school band in uniforms, seated on stage undated7828Board of Commerce, 2 boys in scout uniforms undated7829Men sitting in chairs, posed in ballroom undated7830Men sitting in chairs, posed in ballroom undated7831Women, holding diplomas undated7832Nurses in robes undated7833Nurses in robes undated7834Cast in Oriental costumes on Henry Clay stage, w/ orchestra in pit undated7835Meeting in hotel undated7836Homecoming queen, on field w/ jesters undated7837Businessmen, all sitting at tables undated7838Businessmen at banquet undated7839Family portrait undated7840Family portrait undated7841Men w/ hats, canes undated7842Family photo undated7843Man and woman undated7844Men in suits, "Campbell County" hats undated7845Men shaking hands undated7846Man in hat ("Campbell County") undated7847Two men in suits undated7848Woman in dress, hat undated7849Woman in hat undated7853Business presentation undated7855Boys in suits at banquet undated7856Boys in suits at banquet undated7857Businessmen undated7858Businessmen undated7859Buffet table undated7860Dinner party undated7861Dinner party undated7863Banquet undated7864Banquet undated7864Banquet undated7865Large banquet, w/ sponsor banners undated786614 women, 4 men undated7867High school band in uniforms, on gym floor undated7868parade float undated7869Elementary school band, in front of school undated7870Group of 30 men in tuxedos undated7871Large group of students on steps undated7872Men in tuxedos looking at a table with rings and watches. One man holds a knife undated7873Men in tuxedos looking at a knife stuck in the table undated7874Family photo undated787514 nurses, holding diplomas undated7877High school band, in front of building undated7878Group of 30 women undated7879Crowd in front of building undated7880Women on steps undated7881Women on steps undated7882Young women on steps of school undated7883Boys on steps of school building undated7884Young men in suits outside of school building undated7885Young women standing in front of school undated7886Young men in front of school undated78878 young women, child in costumes (beauty pageant?) undated78888 young women, child in costumes (beauty pageant?) undated7889Women at beauty pageant undated78905 men, one woman on steps undated7891Older people, boys w/ golf clubs (country club?) undated7892Young men outdoors undated7893Young men posed on steps undated789423 young women, teacher on steps undated789523 young women, teacher on steps undated7896Group of young women in doorway undated7897Young women on building steps undated7898Young women on building steps undated7899Boys, young men on building steps undated7900Young women on steps undated7901Young men w/ frat banner (Delta Chi) undated7902Young men w/ frat banner (Delta Chi) undated7903Young men in tuxedos undated7904Family outside (one man w/ violin case) undated7905Group on couch in the living room undated7906Young men on steps undated7907Middle-aged men outside building (DAMAGED) undated7908Women in matching dresses (one w/ angel wings) (DAMAGED) undated79098 men, in a room undated7910Crowd in folding chairs undated7911Men standing, women seated ("A Hearty Welcome to All") undated7912Older women on building steps undated7913People standing under a tree, trolley car undated7914Crowd of older men in front of a building undated7915People on building steps undated7916Young men on building steps undated7917Young women on steps of building undated7918Young women on steps of building undated7919Young men seated, standing beside building undated7920Young men seated, standing beside building undated7921Young men seated, standing beside building ((DAMAGED) undated7922Young women, holding sorority banner (Alpha Delta Omega) undated792349 standing in front of a building, holding frat banner (Phi Sigma Kappa) undated7924People outdoors undated7925Men seated and standing on building steps undated7926Young men, women standing in front of building undated7927Young men, women standing in a room undated792819 young men on steps undated7929Young men standing on steps undated7930Young men standing on steps undated7931Young women on steps (one on crutches) undated7932Young people in costumes undated7933Young people posing in living room undated7934Young men standing in line undated7935Boys seated on steps (athletes?) undated793612 men in doorway undated7937Young men in front of a building undated7939Girlie review (stage, costumes) undated7940Girlie review (stage, costumes) undated79413 clowns undated7942Dancers undated7943Men in costumes undated7944A group of people in costumes undated7945Children on teeter-totter undated7946Elementary class, in costumes undated7947Basketball team, 9 players and coach ("C") undated79483 women w/ children in matching outfits undated79493 women w/ children in matching outfits undated7950Elementary school class, teacher outdoors undated7951Elementary school class, teacher outdoors undated7952Kids at 3 tables undated7953Children in playroom undated7954Children in playroom undated7955Grade school orchestra undated7956Grade school orchestra undated7957Children sitting on floor (DAMAGED) undated7958Extended family undated7959Middle school class undated7960Middle school class undated7961Children eating in school cafeteria undated7962Children eating in school cafeteria undated796324 young women undated7964Young girls around tables (home economics?) undated7965Children on playground undated7966Children on playground undated7967People at table undated7968People at table undated7969Men drinking at bar undated7970Beauty queen, court on football field undated7971Students in costumes, holding candles undated7972Men at dinner table undated7973Beauty queen w/ escorts undated7975Young women on steps of building undated7976Crowd gathered in yard undated797830 kids on merry-go-round undated7979Young boys, girls in wading pool undated7980Young boys, girls in wading pool undated7981Students, faculty on building steps undated7982Students on steps (most young) undated7985Nurses holding diplomas, bouquets undated7986Students, faculty on building steps undated7987Young man in knickers, golfing undated7988Young man in knickers, golfing undated7989Football game undated7990Football game, kickoff undated7992Football game, pre-snap undated7993Spectators at sporting events undated7994Boys in gym clothes undated7995Basketball team ("Central-'31"), players and coach undated7996Basketball team ("1931 Champions"), players and coach undated7997Boys basketball team ("Intermediate Champions-'31") undated7998Basketball player (Lexington, #13) undated7999Basketball player (Lexington, #18) undated8000Basketball player (Lexington, #19) undated8001Basketball player (Lexington, #16) undated8002Basketball player (Lexington, #14) undated8003Basketball player (#58) undated8004Basketball player (#52) undated8005Basketball player (#61) undated8006Basketball player (#50) undated8007Basketball player (#60) undated8008Basketball player (chest pass) undated8009Young woman w/ bow and arrow undated8010Women w/ bows undated8011Women w/ bows undated8012Women w/ bows undated8013Women w/ bows undated8014Young women holding up a blanket undated8015Women's gymnastics undated8016Women's gymnastics undated8017Basketball team, coach ("Lexington") undated8018Basketball team, coach ("Lexington") undated8019Football locker room undated8020Football team in formation (damaged) undated8021Football player, #45 undated8022Football player, #48 undated8023Young man in "Reds" uniform undated8024Football team in formation undated8025Football team in formation undated8026Football team, posed undated8027Football player, #22 undated8028Football player, #33 undated8029Football player, #47 undated8030Football player, #53 undated8031Football player, #6 undated8032Football player, #6 undated8033Football player, #26 undated8034Football player, #4 undated8035Football player, #28 undated8036Football player, #21 undated8037Football player, wearing letter sweater undated8038Football teams undated8039Football team practice undated8040Football team practice undated8041Boys playing soccer undated8042Football team practice undated8043Football team during kick off undated8044Football players, #25 and #61 undated8045Football game undated8046Football; wide receiver catching a pass undated8047Football; wide receiver (#38) catching a pass undated8048Football; wide receiver (#38) catching a pass undated8049Football; wide receiver (#38) catching a pass undated8050Football; wide receiver (#38) catching a pass undated8051Football; wide receiver (#34) catching a pass undated8052Football player, #32 undated8053Football scrimmage undated80543 young men in letter sweaters undated8055Miniature golf course undated8056Baseball players, men in suits undated8057Baseball players, men in suits undated8058Old UK football stadium (Stoll Field?) undated8059Old UK football stadium (Stoll Field?) undated8060Old UK football stadium (Stoll Field?) undated8061Girls with bows undated8062Girls gymnastics team undated8063Girls gymnastics team undated8064Girls gymnastics team undated8065Men and women swimming in lake undated8066Men and women swimming in lake undated8067Polo scoreboard undated8068Baseball players; catcher tagging sliding base-runner undated8069Baseball player, w/ ball and glove undated8070Coach of some type; knickers and whistle undated8071Coach of some type; knickers and whistle undated8072Man holding reins of horse undated8073Football game; scrimmage undated8074Football game; scrimmage undated8075Football game; punter undated8076Football game; punter undated8077Football game; punter undated80788 archers w/ coaches undated8079Football game undated8080Stoll Field, ready for commencement/graduation undated8081Gym class at UK undated8082Gym class at UK; tennis undated8083Gym class at UK; badminton undated8084Gym class at UK; running relays undated8085Gym class at UK; running relays undated8086Downtown street w/ laundry, auto glass shop (J.S. Poer) undated8087Sidewalk, Old Gold cigarette pack undated8088Parade in residential area, led by Texaco truck (Kalmia & Rose) undated8089Residential street undated8090Large brick building in residential neighborhood undated8091Majestic radio caravan undated8092Large 5-story brick building w/ circular drive undated8093Downtown street (Sherwin-Willians, 337 E. Main; OE Lyon's, 343 E. Main; Kittrell Motor Co., 363 E. Main) undated8096Trolley car w/ passengers (M.STRR & TR. CO.) undated80971928 Chevrolet 2-door sedan undated80981928 Chevrolet 2-door sedan undated81011930 Dodge coupe (w/ safety voucher sign) undated81021930s vintage Chevrolet 2-door sedan undated8103Large sedan stalled in street (Chatter Box) undated8104Convertible w/ 1936 KY license undated81054-door Chevy sedan w/ 1930 KY license undated81064-door Chevy sedan w/ 1930 KY license undated8107Flatbed truck w/ trap-covered load (Lexington Wagon Works) undated8108Flatbed truck w/ trap-covered load (Lexington Wagon Works) undated8109Kerr Bros. Hearse undated8110Kerr Bros. Hearse undated8111Kerr Bros. Hearse undated8112Kerr Bros. Hearse, 1933 license undated8113Kerr Bros. Hearse, 1933 license undated8114Kerr Bros. Hearse, 1933 license undated8115Truck resembling steam engine, attached to railroad car (ad for Majestic Radio, 1933 World's Fair) undated8116Majestic "train" (Walnut St., Municipal Building; Central Christian Church; Lafayette Hotel) undated8117Majestic "train" (Walnut St., Municipal Building; Central Christian Church; Lafayette Hotel) undated8118Flatbed truck, carrying a crane (1931) undated8119Lexington-Carrollton bus undated8120Ford pickup truck in shop (1930 license) undated8121Large cargo truck undated8122Truck sideswipes car undated8123Truck sideswipes car undated8124Car wreck undated8125Car wreck undated8126Car, smashed grille undated8127Car, smashed grille undated8128Car, sideswiped by A&P truck undated8129Road studio; horse, photo truck undated8130Road studio; horse, photo truck undated8131Gulf Refining Co. gas truck undated8132Gulf Refining Co. gas truck undated8133Wrecked car undated8135Corbin car w/ bumper off undated8136Consolidated Lines Buses undated8137Bus from behind undated8138Greyhound bus undated8139Lexington bus (Consolidated Lines) undated8140Interior of bus undated8141Truck (rear view) undated8142Car (side view) undated8143Wrecked car undated8144Wrecked car (Kwik-Way) undated8145Wrecked car (Kwik-Way) undated8146Car undated8147Car undated8148Car on jacks (front view) undated8149Rear-ended car undated8150Wrecked frame of car undated8151Wrecked car in alley undated8152Car; rear-ended undated8153Wrecked car undated8154Convertible car undated8155Convertible car undated8156Car sideswiped by truck undated8157Car, grille undated8158Car, grille undated8159Car (corroded, frame bent) undated8160Car, smashed hood undated8161Car, smashed hood undated8162Crashed car, on blocks undated8163Crumpled car, flat tires undated8164Therston Motor Co. Buick Service; bus undated8165Therston Motor Co. Buick Service; bus undated8166Therston Motor Co. Buick Service; bus undated8167Two demolished cars undated8168Junked car undated8169Low-level of car undated8170People around crashed AAA car undated8171Bus, from underneath undated8172Corbin bus, grille undated8173Corbin bus, grille undated8174Corbin bus, grille undated8175Corbin bus, grille undated8176Corbin bus, grille undated8177Truck, car crash (Kentucky Transport) undated8178Dilapidated building at track side ("Chambers") undated8179Dilapidated building at track side ("Chambers") undated8180Coal yard undated8181Coal yard undated8182Dilapidated building by railroad tracks undated8183Dilapidated building by railroad tracks undated8184Railroad tracks under a roadway overpass undated8185Railroad tracks under a roadway overpass undated8186Railroad tracks under a roadway overpass undated8187C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car undated8188C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car at water tower undated8189C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car at water tower undated8190C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car at water tower undated8191C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car at water tower undated8192C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) freight car at water tower undated8193C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio), rear end of freight car undated8194Rear end of freight car undated8195People awaiting arriving passenger train at Lexington station undated8196Dilapidated station at railroad crossing undated8197Dilapidated buildings by railroad tracks undated8198Dilapidated buildings by railroad tracks undated8199Multiple tracks running under an overpass undated8200Railroad trestle undated8201Railroad trestle undated8202Railroad trestle undated8203Railroad tracks under a roadway overpass undated8204Railroad tracks, brick factory building undated8205Single railroad track through wooded area undated8206Single railroad track through wooded area undated8207Railroad track at crossing undated8208Milwaukee Road Box Car undated8209Milwaukee Road Box Car undated8210Majestic Electric Train undated8211Wrecked Dodge in street (safety demo) undated82124-door sedan in shop (damaged rear bumper) undated8213Tow truck w/ crane undated82144-door sedan on street w/ damaged side, roof undated82154-door sedan on street w/ damaged side, roof undated8216Henry Clay High School marching band undated8217Downtown street scene (aerial view) undated8218Horse undated8219Interior of a church undated8223Cars parked in field undated8224Residential street undated8225Road studio; horse, photo truck undated8226Vehicle inspection undated8228Farmland undated8229Clothing store undated8231Horse barn undated8234Office undated8235Office undated8236Tea room undated8237Electric generators (GE?) undated8249Group portrait undated8250Group portrait undated8259Crowd in front of a temple undated8261Crowd in front of a temple undated8263Church choir and minister undated8264Man standing on edge of a chimney undated8265View of a house in the woods undated8266View of field and stream undated8267View of field and stream undated8277Retaining wall undated8278Renovation project undated8279Retaining wall undated8280Retaining wall undated8281Construction, renovation of a house undated8282Construction, renovation of a house undated8283Construction, in open field undated8284Construction of a building undated8285Construction of a building undated8286Construction of a building undated8289House undated8290Log cabin undated8291Cane Ridge Meeting House, in Bourbon County (erected 1791) undated8292Cane Ridge Meeting House, in Bourbon County (erected 1791) undated8294Inside of a paint store (Devoe, Rayco products) undated8298High school concert band undated8299J.S. Poer Paint & Glass Co.; 149 W. Short undatedLafayette Studios photographs: 1950-2003 and undated