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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 1, Spring 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

TM Effective In Reducing High Blood Pressure People with high blood pressure may Hnd relief from Transcen- changes in blood pressure with the Transcendental Meditation tech- dental Meditation (TM), according to a deHnitive new meta- nique are at least as great as the changes found with major changes analysis of 107 published studies on stress reduction programs and in diet or exercise that doctors often recommend. Yet the Transcen- high blood pressure. dental Meditation technique does not require changes in lifestyle. The TM technique produces a statistically signihcant reduction in Thus many patients with mild hypertension or prehypertension may high blood pressure that is not found with other forms of relax- be able to avoid the need to take blood pressure medications all ation, meditation, biofeedback or stress management. Blood pres- of which have adverse side effects. Individuals with more severe sure changes for the TM technique included average reductions of forms of hypertension may be able to reduce the number or dosages 5.0 points on systolic blood pressure and 2.8 on diastolic blood of their BP medications under the guidance of their doctor. pressure, which were statistically signihcant, according to the review Anderson added that long-term changes in blood pressure of The new meta-analysis was conducted by researchers at the this magnitude are associated with at least a 15 percent reduction NIII-funded Institute of Natural Medicine and Prevention at Ma- in rates of heart attack and stroke. This is important to everyone harishi University of Management and the University of Kentucky because cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in College of Medicine. the US. and worldwide, Anderson said. According to Dr. ]ames Anderson, professor of medicine at UK The new information appeared in the December 2007 issue of and co-author ofthe new meta-analysis, The magnitude ofthe Current PQ/pertension Reports. NIH Awards Professor New Commonwealth $3.96 Million Grant Collaboratives Unveiled A drug therapy to protect the US. population from the conse- UK President Lee T. Todd ]r. has announced 13 projects de- quences of nuclear terrorism is being pioneered by scientists at the signed for directly impacting the quality of life in Kentucky. These UK College of Pharmacy. The National Institutes of IIealth new Commonwealth Collaboratives aim to improve health, edu- (NIII) awarded Michael]ay, professor of pharmaceutical sciences cation, economic development, the environment and exposure to in the UK College of Pharmacy, $3.96 million over the next two cultural events. The projects will receive $10,000 from Todds dis- years to develop an orally administered treatment to be used in ra- cretionary funds in addition to other funding they already may diation emergencies such as after exposure to radiological disper- have from other sources. sion devices (RDDs) or dirty bombs. The projects cover many disciplines and include, for example, the: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined Clean Indoor Air Initiative (Nursing) to reduce exposure to that a drug called diethylenetriaminepentaacetate (DTPA) is safe secondhand tobacco smoke and radon by encouraging more and effective for the treatment of internal contamination. Cur- communities to adopt smoke-free policies. rently, DPTA is not absorbed very well when administered orally, ]ohnson Elementary School Project (Medicine), to encourag- thus, it must be administered intravenously The ultimate goal of ing physical activity, healthy snacks, behavioral changes and ]ays study is to develop a highly bioavailable form of DTPA that also increase diagnosis and treatment of asthma. can be administered orally, can be stored in the Strategic National Kentucky Marketmaker (Agriculture), with state partners and Stockpile, is stable and has a long shelf-life, can be distributed to using a Web-based tool, to link Kentucky food producers with the at-risk population in a short period of time, can be self-admin- processors and/ or marketers to increase sales and markets. istered with little risk of toxicity, and can effectively remove ra- Kentucky Repertory Theatre Horse Cave Concert Series (Fine dioactivity from a contaminated individual. Arts), to bring live performances by UK students and faculty This grant comes in response to the encouraging results from musicians to a fairly low-income area. ]ays initial study in 2005 for which the NIII awarded him $1.2 Land Use Planning (Agriculture), to help local communities by million. ]ay and his colleagues, Robert Yokel, professor and associ- assigning landscape architecture students to help develop land- ate dean for research and graduate education, Patrick McNamara, use plans to manage future growth. professor and chairman ofthe Department of Pharmaceutical Sci- ences and Russ Mumper, professor and director ofthe Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery at the University of North Compiled from news reports Carolina, began synthesizing a series of compounds and quickly about r e S ear eh at UK. focused in on one that they will continue to study in the current _ _ _ Product development Phase, For more information about research taking place at UK, visit www.research.uky.edu >) 6 Spring 2008