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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1906-04-dec12.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.12, 1906 Page 122 Moved that Grover Cleveland Hodges be selected to receive from the Federal Government the mail coming to the College, and distribute same daily on the college grounds, under such regulations as the President may direct, and that he receive for this service the sun of $8.00 per month during the present Collegiate year, Said motion was seconded by Mr. McChord, and upon being put on its passage, the roll-call stood as follows:- Ayes: Messrs. Hopkins, McChord, Nicholas, Frazee, Kinkead, Lafferty, Metcalfe, Terrell, Patterson and Carpenter - 10 Noes - None The resolution was unanimously carried. Professor Matthews, Dean of Department of Agriculture appear- ed before the Board on invitation, and made statement on behalf of his department,, and laid before the Board sketches and draw- ings showing a proposed building for the Agricultural Department, and asking an appropriation of $15,000.00 to erect a wing of said proposed building, and equip same for the use of his depart- ment. After Prof. Mathews withdrew there arose an informal dis- cussion as to whether any of the funds accruing to the Experiment Station, growing out of State Legislation, could be used for the purpose of supporting the Department of Agriculture; and after said discussion was over, Mr. Metcalfe offered the follow- ing resolution. Resolved that a Oonmittee composed of Mr. McOhord, Judge Lafferty, Judge Terrell and Mr. Hopkins be appointed to investi- gate the legal status of the funds accruing to the Experiment Station, in connection with this college and report t9 the next meeting of this Board a p-lan by which any portion of those funds can be used in other channels, for the benefit of the Agricul- tural Department of the College, than those in which they are now used. Said motion was seconded by President Patterson on condition that Mr. ietcalfe1s name be added to the committee.