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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 28, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

5" THE KENTUCKY KERNEL "The Thirteenth Chair" DEATH OF MRS. CcVEY (Continued from pngo 1) vnnce report was received to the effect of sold. .y t y. The funeral services wore conducted by Dr. Bonpnmin J. Bush, assisted by the Nov. Charles McVoy of Holla, N. Dakota and the Rev. William McVoy of Carbondale, 111. The pallbearers were; Carol M. Sax, Dean Thomas P. Cooper, Fred C. Rec, tor, Richard Stoll, Professor C. A. Lampert, Thomns R. Bryant, George Graves ntyl R. C. Gordon. Memorial Services Held A memorial service for Mrs. McVey under the auspices of the faculty was morning. held in chapel Thursday Superintendent of Public Instruction George Colvin, Professor Farquhar and Mrs. Lafferty paid beautiful tributes to her memory. Resolutions of sympathy were passed by the faculty of the University, the Deans of Colleges of Liberal Arts of State Universities of the Middle West, National Academy of Visual Instruction, National University Extension Association, the Deans of Men of Universities of the Middle West and the Student Conference, all of which were in convention at the University during the week. Other resolutions were passed by the Fayette County League of Women Viters, the Central Kentucky Branch of the American Association of College Women, the University Woman's Club, the Woman's Club of Central Kentucky and the student body of the University. Resolutions by Student Body The resolutions passed by the students were as follows: "We, the student body of the University of Kentucky, have learned with profound regret that Mrs. Mabel Moore Sawyer McVey, wife of the President of the University passed to rest Wen- nesday evening. "We realize that, on account of her leadership in matters of education, her sympathetic interest in all activities of the student body, her uniform desire to promote the welfare of an institu tion that is dear to us all, we have lo3t a loyal friend and a wise counselor. "Be it recolved there fore, that we extend to President McVey and his family our sympathy, and further be it resolved tha't a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and to the press. "C. H. MAHONEY, "FANNIE HELLER, "MYRTLE CLAR, "JOHN W. CRENSHAW, "ED GREGG." Editorial Note: The Kernel regrets that lack of space prevents the publishing of the numerous resolutions drawn up in honor of Mrs. McVey. Mid-We- T LETTERS FROM KENTUCKY (Continued from page 1) is great. Remember too, that the "typhoid season" begins about this time, the number of cases being greater during the summer months, as a rule. W. N. Lipscomb, M. D. Resident Physician. DR LIPSCOMB ADVISES (Continued from page 1) is so well represented by outstanding students at the University will long be remembered. A dance was given in the afternoon for the cast, and attended by young society folks of Richmond. The same- hearty welcome with which the Strollers were received in Middlosboro when they produced "The Admirable Crlchton" last season, was extended them yesterday when they arrived in that city and presontod Velllor's gripping mystery drama. A large audience of Middlosboro theatrical critics who witnessed tho play very favorably, themselves and complimented John Burks, director very highly for bringing to their city a play that was far beyond tho bounds of amateur touch, and so nearly professional. The last performance on tour will bo given In Plnevllle tonight. An ad- - civllilntlon's need, Kentucky's that many tickets have already been young mnnhood nnd young "THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR" (Continued from page 1) "Jessie Dbdd, our sister in Thota Sigma Phi, is dead. Tho first break In our devoted circle has been made by the most unwelcomo of all intrudors. The news shocks nnd wounds us. Try as we may we can not see tho reason for her death; why a life so brilliant in promise, so helpful and ho true should be ended as the light of the noonday sun shone on It fullest. Wo can only seek comfort for ourselves and for all who loved her in prayer, the best way known to believers in the immortality of the soul, and the consulntion of a hope in a life eternal where no member will fail to answer at fraternal U. K. roll-cal- "Therefore, be it resolved that wo place this tribute to an honored journalist student on the records of Tlieta Sigma Phi; publish It as our expression in the next edition of the Kernel and send a copy, with our love and sympathy, to thq members of her family. "MARGARET A. SMITH, "DOROTHY MURPHY, "MARGUERITE McLAUGHLIN." "When assembled happily on Sunday morning, April 23, in the assembly rooms for the April meeting, the mem bers of the Catholic Club of the University of Kentucky did not know that death was hovering over one of Its mo3t valuable members and that Jessie Dodd, a senior in the University, was nearlng the entrance of that great life beyond the reach of shadow; that the sun of the spring day was setting for ever on a beautiful girl whose very years being had for nearly twenty-onbeen a joy and treasure in the home circle in which the Creator placed it. the blessing that forbids the knowledge of the happenings of the future was shed on the students assembled but the cruel realization came to them without mercy the following day. 'Therefore, be it resolved, that a copy of this expression be placed on the record of the club, sent to her family and published in The Kentucky Kernel. "KATHERINE CONROY, "AL MUTH. "PAUL CAIN, "KATHERINE DUNN." e JESSE DODD DIES (Continued from page 1) be made hapier by this symbol of a State's appreciation and by the plan to keep tho life of the youth always teeming with partotism. Can we afford to do less? Superintendent's Letter to Comrades "Some three years ago the plan was conceived of erecting on the campus at the University of Kentucky a State Memorial Building in honor of Kentucky's sons and daughters who served and sacrificed in the World War. It was planned to ralso funds for this purpose through voluntary public subscriptions. The jamount of money sought was $300,000. Those who have the matter In charge have thought it proper that the school children of Kentucky should participate in raising tho funds for this laudable purpose. Tlte week of April 24 has been designated by Governor Morrow as MEMORIAL WEEK, and the school children of Kentucky, in accordanco with plans thnt will bo furnished you, will be privileged to share lu raising tho fund necessary for tho erection of tho Momorlal Building. "I hesponk for those who havo the matter in chnrgo your hearty It soems to mo altogether fitting that Kontucky should have such a Momorlal Building, and that it should lio located upon tho campus of our State University. . We wish that our young men and our young women should know the price that was paid for tho preservation of our institutions and of our liberties. Wo wish coming generations to know that in the hour woman- hood, true to tho host traditions of our Commonwealth, gladly paid tho price that all that men hold denr might bo preserved. No university, no institution, can teach a moro Important truth than this of unselfish devotion to our country's rights nnd our country's ideals. 3 "To raise tho necessary fund will mean sacrifice; but in this slight sacri flee our children will bo entering Into the great sacrifice mnde by those whoso services this structure will commemorate. We should glvo as they gave; wo should servo as thny served. Other states havo done m much; Kentucky can afford to do no less. Watch For Date and Place, in Near Future ADA MEADE THEATRE Superior Photoplays Properly Presented Home of First National Attractions Continuous From 1 to 11 P. M. Correct Musical Settings on the New $10,000 Roberts Morton Organ j The Better Desert HUGHES' TRACK TEAM MEETS TENN. AT KNOXVILLE SAT. ICE CREAM Eight Letter Men to Make the Trip; Opposition said To Be Strong The annual track meet between the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee will be held at Knoxvllle Saturday April 29. The squad will leave for Knoxvllle Friday morning in charge of Coach George Buchheit who will be assisted by manager Albert "Red" Hukle. About twelve men will make the trip. The following letter men will make the trip: Clare, Porter, Wllhelm, Boyd, Davidson, Nantz, Hollowell and Snider. The rest of the team will be picked from the following: Wolfe, Nicholson, Wilson, Sturges, Butler, Erown, Dean, Ogden, Brewer, Dewhurst. The men have been working hard under the capable guidance of Coach Buchheit and expect to be in excellent shape for the coming meet. Snider whe has been off the team because o? ineligibility of studies has returned to the fold and will help run up points in the relay and the jumps. Captain Clare the Wildcat Ace will be entered in the hurdles and the sprints. The relay team will be composed of Wilhelm, Nantz, Boyd and Snider. Last year Kentucky was able to defeat Tennessee by a fair score and is determined to again duplicate that victory. Tennessee, however, has a much better balanced team this year than last and with several letter men back on the squad, Coach Banks expects to give the Wildcats some stiff opposition. Tennessee has just built a new cinder track, a thing that Kontucky badly needs. And the Tennessee men will have the advantage of working out under conditions similar to those under which the meet will be held. For any Occasion Have You Tried Eskimo Pie? HUGHES & CO. High and Woodland Ave. Phone 148 NEW ARRIVALS IN SPRING CAPS Come In And See Them COLLEGE BOTS ALWAYS WELCOME OPEN EVENINGS GEORGE GREGORY 109 NORTH LIMESTONE CONFERENCES AT U. K. COMPLETE MEETINGS Final Addresses of Educational Sessions Held on Campus Given Saturday Final addresses and business sessions Saturday marked the closo of the series of six educational conferences that havo been in session hero during latter half of the past week. Tho soventh annual conferenco of tho National University Extension Association, tho Student Conferenco of Colleges and Unlvorsltles and tho Homo Reading Conference wore tho three national educational organizations to end their meetings Saturday. Tho conference of Deans of Men of State Universities and that of Doans of Colleges of Arts and Scloncos in Collegos nnd Unlvorsltles in tho same district wore ended Friday, while the third annuul conferenco of tho Nation-n- l Academy of Instruction completed its meeting Thursday night In order that Us members might attond tho other educational meetings iu Mid-We- Co-operat- Drug ive Company Incorporated Main and Limestone Streets Drugs, Patent Medicines and Toilet Article! Articles at Lowest Cut Prices BLOCK'S, PAGE'S AND SHAW'S AND MULLANE'S CANDIES