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The Kentucky Kernel, April 14, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

j Best Copy Available TUESDAY EDITION KERNEL SEMI-WEEKL- Y THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, VOLUME XXI WJS.G.A. OFFICERS FOR YEAR ARE '31-'- 32 ANNOUNCED Elizabeth Ewinjj, Lofs Ncnl Are President and FORMAL INTRODUCTION TO RE MADE APRIL 21 . Are Placed in Administration Building Ballot Boxes and Boyd Hall Women students, balloting yesterday In the annual election of officers of the Women's Association, selected Elizabeth Ann Ewing, Louisville, Alpha Gamma Delta, and a Junior in tho College of Education, president-elec- t. Officers-elewill assume their duties at the beginning of next semester. Other officers elected yesterday arc: Lois E. Neal, Chicago, Zcta Tau Alpha, and a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, Carolyn Ray, Louisville, Chi Omega, and a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, secretary; Mary Galloway Griffith, Cynthlana, Kappa Delta,, junior in the College of Education, treasurer; Christine Johnson, Delta Delta Delta, junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, town representative. According to Miss Georgetta Walker, president of the Woman's Administrative Council, official introduction of the new officers will be made at the annual spring banquet of the council, Tuesday night, April 21, in the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel, with formal installation Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock in Patterson hall. Arrangements for the banquet are virtually complete. Other features of the banquet program will be the pledging exercises of Phi Upsllon Omlcron, honorary home economics sorority, and the awarding of the Alpha Gamma Delta cup to the outstanding freshman co-e- d. At this time there will also be announced the Y. W. C. A. next year, the election officers for of which will be held sometime beaccording to fore the banquet, Eleanor Swearingen, this year's president of the association: Nominees for trie Y". W. C. A. officers are: president, Eleanor Smith, Alpha Delta Theta, and Dorothy Root, Alpha XI Delta; Eleanor Dawson, Chi Omega, and Alice May Durling, Theta Sigma Tau; secretary, .Winston Byron, Chi Omega, and Martha Carlton, Zeta Tau Alpha; treasurer, Mary Allison Threlkeld, and Eudenia Handy. Mae Bryant and Mary Virginia Halley are on the committee which is in charge of the arrangements for the banquet. EVANS RECEIVES COPY OF REPORTS Original Edition of First Volume of Kentucky Law Records Given to Dean by R. B. Waddle PLANS ARE MADE FOR ENGINEERS' Nominations Must Be Given to Dean Nominations for Queen of the May must be turned in to the omce of the Dean of Men not later than 12 o'clock noon Thursday afternoon. Vernon Chandler, president of SuKy announced that the nominations would be turned in at The Kernel office but since It is necessary to check the scholastic standings of the nominees the nominations will be turned in to the dean. The nnnual May Day at the university will be held Friday, May 1, when the Queen .of the May and her attendants will lead the parade of fraternity floats and when coronation ceremonies for the Queen will be held. The nominating petitions must be signed by 20 men students of the university. Kentuckian Plays Works of Masters at Vespers Sunday Eminent Pianist Renders Selections by Chopin, Bach, Debussy, Liszt Herbert L. Newman, eminent pianist and a teacher of music at the Cincinnati College or music, presented a piano recital Sunday in Memorial hall at the first regular vesper service hour following the Easter holidays. A large audience attended Mr. Newman s recital. Mr. Newman presented a program composed of the great masters' works. The concert was piviaea among compositions by Bach, Chop-I- n, Debussy and Liszt. Papillons, Opus 2, by Schumann, was one of the best received numbers by an appreciative audience. It was given an artistic treatment by the pian ist. This piece was the only Schumann composition to be played. The interpretation given to the Debussy numbers by the artist was one of delightful playfullness.. The applause given was an indication or the pleased listeners. "La Campan-ella- ," Liszt, was the last number on the program. Dr. Newman played it with a finesse that made it a Aitnougn beautiful performance. taking many bows, Mr. Newman did not play any encores. The program follows: dir 1st Preude, Choral Prelude-I- n Bach'-BuaoAdagio from the Or-i-an Toccata" In'b. Gigue from the French Suite in G, Bach. PaDillons. Opus 2. Schumann. Ballade in G minor. Nocturne in F sharp, Chopin; Etude in F. The Engulfed Cathedral, Serenade of the Doll, Gold Fish, Debus- Guignol Player Juniors and Seniors in College of Engineering to Go on Trips of Inspection LAST CALL! Dean Evans, the faculty and 12 students of the Law College, attended the meeting of the Kentucky State Bar Association, held April 9 and 10 at Somerset. An original copy of the first volume of law reports ever made in Kentucky has been presented to the law school by R. B. Waddle. This book is of especial interest to residents of Lexington because it was published here in 1803 at the Dress of John Bradford. Thomas Todd and James Hughes; undertook the publication of thei early decisions in Kentucky, which until that time were required to be filed but not published. It was necessary for them to reimburse themselves entirely from the sale A. A. DAUGIIERTY of the reports. The first volume was published by Mr. Hughes alone That it is a great life at the Unia loss of several hundred dollars, versity of Kentucky is the concenat Colonel Todd having withdrawn sus of opinion of the boys and girls who durinc the nast several days from the enterprise, Mr. Hughes was an eminent land have been guests of the university lawyer at Lexington and the first in the annual celebration of High volume deals only with land cases. School week. The first part of it contains deImpressions are various as to cisions of the old Supreme Court what one thing makes the univerof the district of Kentucky, the first sity so delightful, but the abuncase being of the date of 1785. The dance of pretty girls, strong, silent volume contains cases decided be- men, the air of hospitality, and the tween the years 1785 and 1801. athletic plant seem to rank high as There were no syllabi to the cases factors creating a favorable prosand the index was very meager, pectus. but the publication of tho volume One husky youngster thought aroused a great deal of popular at- that the food served in the Com- tention, and later on provision was i mons was enough to Justify a per- made for the printing of the Ken son's liking the place. Several tucky reports at the expense in ihnr Himmh ihnt. t. the state. would give one more composure if the cashier didn't go to so much KOPPIUS TO ADDRESS trouble over a single trayful. Almost all of the visitors wonDr. Otto Kopplus of the physics dered how anyone could find his department will address the mem- way about when his classes were bers of Pi Mu Epsllon, honorary scattered all over the campus. fraternity, at their mathematics woods full of crazy meeting at 4 "o'clock Wednesday "Like a observed one perplexed afternoon in room 109, McVey hall. agrarian. Some prep school football His subject will be "The Course of stars openly voiced surprise when Deep Bore Holes." All persons who Floppy Forquer walked by unatare Interested In this subject are tended by a flock of girls. A few invited to hear this talk which will admitted that they had expected precede the regular business ses- to find freshmen shining upper- sion of the fraternity. classmen's shoes, leading cats by strings, and otherwise abjectly em MISS GAY TO SPEAK ployed. The members of a male quartet Miss Elizabeth Gay, Instructor of expressed disappointment regarding English, will speak at 8 o'clock to- the speed of the college flappers, night at the Lexington Y. W. O. A., while a group of representatives on "The Outstanding American from a convent boarding school Miss Gay's confessed that they were overAuthors of Fiction." talk will be the last of a series on whelmed by the speed of the boys. "Current Events and Book Undisguised incredulity was ev ident when a band of debaters from Brethren! Sister n! On 'Holiday New Guignol Offering Alumni Clubs in Various Cities to Entertain Kentucky Students Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, Liszt; La Campanella, Liszt. Mr. Newman, the son of Dr. Herbert Newman of Versailles, began his musical studies at the age of 16, under Frederick J. Hoffman, (Continued on Page Four) Wildcats Lose First Baseball Game of Season to Badgers Of Wisconsin by 9 to 2 Score Rehearsals Begin FACULTY MEMBERS TO CONDUCT PARTIES Completion of plans for tho three annual inspection trips of the junior and senior classes of the College of Engineering was announced yester day. Dates for the tours are, thir annual northern Juniors inspection trip, April 27 to May 2; thirty-secon- d annual senior inspection trip, May 13 to May 23; and twelfth annual junior inspection trip through the south, April 26 to May 3. The southern trip for Juniors will be conducted by Prof. C. S. Crouse and Prof. P. C. Emrath of the College of Engineering, and Prof. L. C. Robinson of the department of geology. Professors R. D. Hawkins, E. A. Bureau, B. Barnett, and Gordon O. Thurman of the College of Engineering will be In charge of the northern Junior trip. The seniors will be accompanied on the tour by Dean F. Paul Anderson, Dean W. E. Freeman, and several other fac ulty members of the College of Engineering. The itinerary of the southern trip will include Lookout mountain; the nitrate plants and the dam at stop at Muscle Shoals; a two-da- y Birmingham,. Ala., where an underground iron mine, the Fairfield Steel pint, a coal mine, and the Ensley Steel plant will be Inspected; Stone mountain and other points of interest at Atlanta; a copper smelter, and the sulphuric acid plant of the Tennessee Copper Company at Copper Hills, Tenn.; and copper mines at Ducktown, Tennessee. While in Birmingham the party will be guests of the Birmingham Alumni Club, who will also entertain for theni with the annual banquet The party will arrive in Lex ington Sunday morning, May 3. The thirty-sixt- h annual junior (Continued on Page Four) NEW SERIES NUMBER 53 TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1931 ANNUAL TOURS sy. Final castings for all parts in the forthcoming Stroller Revue will take place In the Women's gymnasium tonight beginning at 7:30. This call includes all specialty, novelty or musical, people; actors; chorus people; and dancers. This is last call as the show goes into rehearsals this week. THOMAS L. RILEY, Production Manager. KENTUCKY, Charles J. Turck president of Centre College, is a member of Sigma Nu. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Eva M. Seism secretary to the president of Cornell, Is a member of Kappa Delta. George Cuttcn president of the University of Minnesota is a member of Phi Oamma Delta. Eben J. Carey dean of men at Marquette is a Lambda Chi Alpha. Edger C. Jones director of athletics at the University of Florida, is a member of Kappa Alpha. well Wilson Rev. Joseph known minister and father of Woodrow Wilson, was a member of Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Arnold B. Hall Theta, Is President of the University of Oregon. Frank Murphy mayor of Detroit, Michigan, is a member of Sigma Chi. Lillian Decker author of the 1931 Jordan Revue, at Indiana University is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Billy Arthur "The Mighty Mite," midget cheer leader at the University of North Carolina is a member of Theta Kappa Nu. Billy's height is three feet and one inch. George Akerson private secretary to President Hoover is a member of Phi Kappa Psi. Walter Meanwell authority on basketball Is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Cast Headed by Mrs. F. Pet-ti- t, Donald Pratt, in Leading Roles ERRORS ACCOUNT FOR FAILURE OF KENTUCKY TEAM Pitching by Paul McBrayer Is Good, but Support Is Lacking Rehearsals have started on "Holiday," by Phillip Barry, the fifth BIG BLUE TO MEET production of the Guignol theater SAME TEAM TODAY this season, under the direction of Frank Fowler. The play will open Michigan' and St. Xavier to May 4 for a week's run at the Katherlne Davis, who has befcn campus playhouse. Play 'Cats Thursday chosen for the part of Julia Scion stellar names A cast studded with and Saturday in "Holiday," fifth Guignol pro- will be presented in "Holiday." The duction, was graduated from the lead, Linda Seton, has been given The University of Wisconsin baseuniversity in the class of '30. F. Pettlt, formball team defeated the University Miss Davis, who appeared in "The to Dunster Duncan the little theof Kentucky 9 to 2 yesterday afRoyal Family" this season, is a erly identified with known as the It was ternoon in the opening game of the member of Alpha XI Delta ater when Mrs. Pettlt appeared In Romany. season on Stoll field. Poor fielding sorority. on the part of the Big Blue played the title roles of "Sister Beatrice" Visiting Lady" under the large part in the defeat. and "The Romany banner. Wisconsin will play again tomor row on Stoll field and Thursday Katherine Davis, well established Gulgnollte and Stroller, will be seen the Wildcats will meet the University of Michigan here. They will as Julia Seton In "Holiday." Miss Journey to Cincinnati Saturday tfavls was in "The Royal Family" where they will meet St. Xavier. this season. In the first two innings of yes Famous Sextet of Colored The male lead, Johnny Case, will terday's game neither team scored. Choristers Will Appear in be enacted by Donald Pratt, whose In the third inning Kentucky got run, this Central Kentucky for First performances part, toyear have roles. two hits, one when Hogue singled character for the most Time, April 20 down the third base line, and the Andrew Hoover and Christine Johnother when Ellis Johnson singled cast as Nick and Susan through the pitcher's box. The Flsk Jubilee Singers, inter- son are parts of "Holiday." Starting in the fourth inning the nationally famous sextet of colored Potter, comedy of these players has Wisconsin Badgers opened up and in The reputation by several appearsingers, will make their debut made four runs. They were maae central Kentucky, at 8:15 o'clock, been enhanced collegiate theatricals. on one hit. coupled with three er Monday night, April 20, when they ances In Neal Cain has the role of Ned, rors. Hits by Poser ana cusiner in will give a program at the Woodbrother of Linda. Mr. cam nas the seventh brought in two more land auditorium, under the auspices appeared in all but one Guignol runs for the Badgers. Kentucky remanager. Miss Anna of the concert season. Virginia McVey taliated with two runs in their half Chandler Goff, director of the Lex play this of the seventh when Kelly and and Hugh Mcuuire laxe cuu ington College of Music, wnne Barnes clouted two clean hits. Seton cram For 60 years, these singers being Laura and Ragged fielding by players at Woodson Knight will be seen in the third generation, havfe keen shortstop and third base and inaSeton, the char carrying the message of the negro the role of Edward piece, iienora bility to hit behind the beautiful of the acter lead spirituals to the world. The pro- Alice Howes Is cast as Delia tne Singers Will Perform at Din pitching of Paul McBrayer accountgram of the late classics will be as maid. Wildcats' defeat. ner Given by University edIn-t-for thefourth inning--, Smilgoff follows: he "Holiday" will be staged in tnree in Honor of Delegates to reached first base on an error by I acts, with two staee settings, a living Live a Humble Nobody Knows de Hogue. Poser and Cusiner each Convention a nursery. The Guignol's Trouble I See, Every Time I Feel room and hit safely filling the bags. Schnle-de- r stage crew, under the direction of the Spirit, My Soul Is a Witness, William Morgan, stage manager, is reached first base on an error uniThe rMen's Glee club pf the VL Smilgoff scoring. Spirituals. by Urbaniak, "h::,i r already at work on tne construe versity will go to "Louisville "O Holy Father, Palestrlna; RusGriswald, the next man up hit a to perform at a dinner given tlon of the sets. Two scoring Poser. sian Carol, qaul; The Old Refrain, by the University of Kentucky to on an error by Song, Orelg. men came the K. E. A. delegates. At a later Urbaniak. home run,s one hit, Services Are Held In Club Krelsler; Solvjg'sIll Four a concert tlm6 the club will give House at 6:30 o'CIock three errors. Sewanee River. Stephen Foster; Gym at the auditorium. Wiener, of Wisconsin, got on" base Friday Night Lullaby, Arranged; Carry Me Back This trip by the glee club has through an error by Urbaniak. The to Ole Vlrglny, Arranged; Kentucky been a custom since the university inning featured Poser striking out Stephen Foster. Seven new members were formal- Home, practice of enterTumbling, Wrestling, Fencing first began the E. A. delegates at Hogue. Barnes, and McBrayer. ly Initiated Into the Campus Club at IV taining the K. In the sixth bracket, Lusby hit 6:30 o'clock Friday night in the club and Boxing Events John the Revelator. I Want Two All 45 members will through shortstop a banquet. for a single. house, 557 South Limestone street. Wings, Golden Slippers. Great Included make the trip. Fries got to first on an error by After the initiation services, re- Camp Meeting, Spirituals. a high standard Hogue who fumbled an easy one. As a reward for freshments were served. The Fisk Singers are: Anna A colorful gymnastic exhibition of work the Girl's Glee club of 55 Wiener was walked, filling the bases. The Campus Club is a fraternity Goodwin. C. Barbour, Luther King, Saturday night. April members will also be taken to the Schendel was put out by Johnson. initiating men from all lines of .Tommo wreht. David Collins. Mrs. will be 8held according to Prof. Carl o'clock, under the super18, at Mt, one error. For siuay onerea Dy me university. James Myers, director; Manage vision of William Hansen, instructor convention who directs both organ- No runs, oneUrbaniak was the only Lampert, the Wildcats, Scholastic grades above the average ment: Jean Wisweu nu..oinr.l oAnnaUnn rtpnnrt- - izations. The two groups will peri. one to get a hit. are required for admission, and only , Tickets at noDUlar prices, are onl ha aiHPrt hv Potter. form separately and in chorus. In Smilgoff reached first on an error students with sophomore standings sale at the Lexington College of Hackensmlth Jones, Applebaum. chorus they will present outstand- by Urbaniak. Poser hit safely and or above are admitted. Music. The down town sale will Mrs Robert Lee Stout, and Miss ing examples of choral literature. Smflgoff went to third. Cuisner got Active members are: E. Duval, begin Friday April 17 at 9 a. m. in Rebecca Avern. The event Is This Is the first time that the Girls' a hit through short stop bringing president; A. Bruce, secretary; lobby. The entire balcony sored b the physlcai education de-- is Glee club has ever appeared in a in two runs. Two runs, two hits, George Snyder, treasurer; A. Eyer, onp error. reserved for colored people, tick- - nnrtment and wln include all of public concert. sergeant-at-am- s; R. Aldridge, C. ets for whom are on sale at tne exercises Members of a quartet which was. For Kentucky. Kelly hit through Adams, J. M. Dillon, H. Dunn, J. R. Marble Pharmacy, 118 North Broad- - tne gymnastic department. that very well known at the university j second Hoeue was waiicea. Barnes taucht ln the Foster. N. Hill. J. A. Hatcher, K. way, Lexington. hits to left field bringing in Hogue A band under tne airecuon in in 1994 wni hold a reunion m lxnus Howe, Bryant Jones, J. W. Kincaid, The members of and Ohr. Ohr goes to center field Elmer G. Sulzer, composed of mem- - vjjje Thursday. W. M. Morrison, W. O. McCammon, will for Trott. Two runs, two hits, no Robert Clem, Will Be ibers of the gymnasium classes, pur- -. 'this group are Baughman. ana Earl errors. J. Prather. George Stone, Ray Li Heavrln, John play during the events. ine Troutman, W. L. Rast, C. Fury, and Fries started the eight Inning summer ui of the program is to allow bert Decourcy. by poSe in ine C. Waldron. hit through Kelly and got . . the people 01 me cuy w wiwjcm edu-- 1924 they appeared in Glacier Na- with a safely. Wiener reached first The new members are: S. M. spent a successful to first physical i tional Park and Fitts, H. L. Smith. H. E. Talt, Jr., New Building of Department work the university on fielder's choice. Fries is out at 'ration department is doing. Each season. A. D. Eangford, R. L. Rudolph, Wil..- was safe at third. Ol Astronomy iudc muu- nerformers win be pro The Glee club will tour Kentucky second.' Wienerleft field for a triple. liam Ferrell, and H. D. Varlle, Jr. Smilgoff hit to, em in Every Detail perly drilled for the event, for ex during music week in May. and Fries scoring. Bach is Wiener tensive worK is oeing aone m ine substituted for Kentucky. Smilgoff The observatory for the astronoparation for the exhibition. scores on Poser's sacrifice. Carney my department, which is being conThe list of events includes march . singled for the 'Cats only hit. Neithstructed on the experiment station ing tactics, a callsthentic march, Science er side scored In the last inning. farm at the sound end of Wood- an Indian club, drill, tumbling. The lineup and summary: completed dancing (women), fencing, wrest land avenue, is almost To Be Wisconsin Wiener, center field: occupancy the lln boxng ancj a clown dance Smilgoff, a west Kentucky town was told in- and will be ready for shortstop: Schendel, September if not the dignantly that as an ordinary thing first of next semester, according to PI Siema Alpha, national honor rntnhpr: Poser. Ditcher: CuaineV, of this no one comes to class while drunk. last announcement. ary political science fraternity, is i sec0nd base; Schneider, first base: . t TT. an . A questioner wanted to know if anLusby. left field: Griswald, third ueing reurguuizcu unu iiik The building which Is of con- - niSlUry UUUnCiUS swers given in class were always in base; Fries, right field. will be announced ln the near fucrete will be modern in every detail. the form of wisecracks, as in ColKentucky Johnson, second base: ture, according to an announcement The basement consists of a work lege Humor. given to The Kernel yesterday by Kruger. first base: Urbaniak; third room, a dark room Wonder was sounded that any one room, a class pictures, and a store K. Walp, of the political base; Worthlngton. left field: Kelly, An address by Otto A. Rothert Prof. Paul Hogue. so nice and gracious as Dean for developing materials for the science department. PI Sigma Al- right field; Trott, center: Blandlng should be anything but room. A gas furnace, located in on sources aofhistory of any Ken- pha was organized about eight years shortstop; Barnes, catcher; Mcthe basement, heats the building. writing of well-likeThe paucity of humorago at the university, under the Brayer. pitcher. principal feacounty was floor contains an ofllce y ously painted skeeter Fords also The first combination library and tucky of the Aprilthe Substitutions Wisconsin: Blank-emeeting of the guidance of Dr. J. Catron Jones, a evoked disillusionment of a sort, as room, room, a dome room for the ture for Cusiner; Kentucky: Ohr for was held head of the political sclene departHistory club, which death of loud sweaters and class Kruger: Bach for did the Trott; Toth for telescope, and a small transit room. Thursday afternoon In the old Edu- ment. Worthstriped trousers. Reoulrements for admission into McBrayer, and Carney for The eight -- inch telescope which cation building. William Trott, Some visiting young ladles cast fraternity are a high standlpg lngton. president of the club, presided. the envious and dubious looks at mem the university has owned for sev- y wcorujci, . Struckout; j,i tho depar ;uneiu ana a mauueM- Mr Kotnerc, is secre ary u bers of their sex who were enjoying era! years, has been repaired and is tVps on balls: Off McBrayer, their fags with impunity. Youthful in excellent condition to be piaceu f ' ?""""": . . . , science, imicers 01 wic in eowii building. Other equip cuiiaumi mm iii.ov . musicians, from a boys' boarding in th. new relating to the Chapter at the university are: pres- school were loud in their praise of ment will be bought from time to ments and relics ..... npnr. rt 11 w nuns iiuuiuiiu. iuuuitj wwm . a dormitory with wide open privtime, among which are a transit He is the . ndvlser( Dr, Esther Cole, and secre-- 1 Stlldy lOUT a slvereal clock, a quarters at Louisville. ileges and a telephone for every u maiuij , mum. Margaret nuinur u...w..b cronograph, and possibly a picture county ui four rooms. and of other historical , rvinnUv of the orcaniza- Not many of the guests inter machine. In addition to his discus- - Hon nr. Dr. J. C. Jones. GaVle Mo f f ii, hiiHin.r works. viewed had seen The Kernel, but sources of materials for , the slxty have registered in con- those who had, thought it a pretty ine equipment, will be approximate-- 1 l sion of Mr. Rothert gave personal heny Dn Amry vandenbosch. Dean histories. tour. which will be Sarah B,nndlng, Dr. Esther Cole, travel-stud- y good school paper, some comparing lv $30 000 advice to members of the History nnd professor Wo'lp. by Transylvania College this ducted It favorably with their own high club who are plann ng to write ttnihtnnBW n,mhrs have been . summer, according to an announce- school publication. hlstories of t heir native counties. , initiated with- -' ment Issued recently. The plan was The models In Mechanical hall He nnoncedMllmt,icnM Professor Wa!p Bald, announced five weeks ago. ranked high among the things desire Those who havu registered of the fraternity worthy of interest on the campus. secure I b writi B to him at upon nfter several cUlde students and school teachers Much anxiety was manifested In There will be a meeting of the th,1SZfCVJfti of the History , members of the local chapter at- - from practically all sections of regard to the severity of hardships from stall of The Kernel at 11:50 o'and imposed on a freshman, xnaj o. ' ' WPSt Virclnia. Tennessee. Virginia. Pllw1nn,- re- whether freshmen were allowed to clock today ln the news room. club will bo hem inursaay. iininuii; iiowi in chapters - 01 1110 Indiana, Cm.tV. All members of the present staff umo, iumui, u i attend dances. The terrors of milare 25 centlv There STUDENT WRITES ARTICLE training also loomed as a forthose who expect to become and itary i,,,ic),niit thn United Dakota. bidding contingency. members are requested to attend. James R. Miner, sophomore ln States. The new editors of the publicaThe fact that students of the unimile tour ln motor busses and will the Arts and Sciences college, Is versity are goaded unmercifully by tion will be inducted into office study at various points of interest DEBATERS TO MEET the author of a story published reg professors seemingly with the publication of the next cently in The Thoroughbred Recalong the way. The itinerary of the southdid not daunt those contestants Issue, and the staff will be anThe university debating team and tour includes the eastern and States, ord. The story deals with the old hearing of It. The Impression pernounced at that time. The meetin debate work for eastern parts of the United great place, and purpose type of trainer who race horses for all Interested sists that it's a ing today will be for the room and southern Canada. Courses in the sheer love of the game. Lexing- the coming year will meet ln they're coming here themselves if of reorganizing the staff. history, literature and; ton and the surrounding Blue Grass 231, McVey hall at 7:30 ofclock, American will be conducted,. they get a chance. education article. Thursday evening. play prominent parts in the Wise boys, you can't fool them. JUBILEE SINGERS TO MAKE DEBUT MEN'S GLEE CLUB TO ATTEND OA University Campus Club Initiates Seven Exhibition Is Slated for Saturday Observatory Keady beptemDer Visiting High School Students Consider University Life Great ( BASEBALL GAME WISCONSIN VS. KENTUCKY THIS AFTERNOON Honorary Political Fraternity Reorganized mu TT, ij Address by Rothert 3 .' Travel Announces Courses Staff to Meet gXtlon ..,h, ,''..i ;.'.. I .1