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r w. 1 Best Codv Available . , tern ms THE KENTUCKY PAGE FOUR man! Why don't ypu get a horse and a mask?" And incidentally a brand new Itcna was seen with the gentleman Sunday afternoon. A Kappa I Sneers Us During vacation we decided that wc were wasting our time and our talent in spading up the dirt for the tiers ctat twice a week and so we decided to write a short story. Wc began without any 'plot whatand ever, wrote one paragraph spent the remainder of the evening reading Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. You simply must read the paragraph: Forirlvc Snickers Scandal By WILLIAM ARDERY The Greeks Dance If all two of our public nrc in a forbearing mood this morning if you must know wc arc giving dear old Fiddlcdcthcta a play. There were at least 300 persons with whom wc did not get to dance, we were angered by the mug who stood In front of brother Randall's band and panned the entertainer, wc really went for the smooth presentation of Sweet Sue and the enlivening Bessie Couldn't Help It A of the toast to the best week-en- d semester. The visitors enjoyed the drive through the Bluegrass. We Sneer Without Amusement Now that it is warm again wc get sick from laughing at the mugs who fall for the mugettes. In an observatory stroll Sunday afternoon we found every sorority porch crowded to overflowing. It must be that "Spirit of Youth" that we have been hearing so much about. that "Spirit of Youth" that we have been hearing so much about. Rena, Hone, Mask Line of the week to Thomas L. Riley, who when the laundry man asked, "Well overcharged him The University of Kentucky track team opened the 1931 season in Louisville Saturday afternoon by i defeating the University of Louis ville trackstcrs by 77 to 40. Kentucky won ten of the fifteen events and in four of them took both scoring places. Five points were given for first place and three for second bright' The moon was a place in each vent. ness penetrating the dark blueness ol dash, Kentucky won the an April night. A tingle itar ttared mile run, discus throw, rom the Wett and the world at the rag- run, cool wind carried the tedatlvc high hurdles, shotput, rant odours o fresh gran. Occasiontwo-mirun, broad Jump, Javelin ally a tllrer road emerged rom black throw and the mile relay. Louisnothingness beneath the brilliantly d dash, polo ville won the while lights ol a car and disappeared again as an erubescent gobule topped vault, high Jump, dash and the farther hill. low hurdles. You would probably have enjoyed Taylor, of Louisville, was the outit if you' had known that in the standing individual In the meet. He end the hero is likely to dash his made a total of eighteen points, brains out with an elephant hook taking first place in the and the heroine has to peddle dash, the dash and the dash dash, the apples on the street to buy morlow hurdles, and and the phine for the kid sister. second in the broad Jump. Spring: Flower Picking-CampuO'Bryant won the most points for gossip said they would. Kentucky. He won the mile run Then it said they would not. Then, and was second in the when it had ceased to say anything run. Molclom Foster took two secat all, they did. Mr. and Mrs. onds was the first runner on the Wilson are now traveling in the relay team for seven and a quarter East and on their return will be points. domiciled at the Lord only knows. The S. I. A. A. high Jump record which Brady holds is 6 feet 1 inch THE GIRL WITH A ROSE and the Kentucky record is 6 feet inches. What could be more appropriate Seventeen men helped in making than to present our weekly rose to a un Kentucky's seventeefci points. bride. W?e are always happy to Louisville had six men to place see the Greekettes marry, particueither first or second. larly when they are not Kappas. Taylor entered in every pprint JANE GARY the programme but was Jane Gary has been nominated event on in the dash and unplaced and elected Rose Girl this week high hurdles. He took his because, although she is not exact- - first event in t he dash. He was timed in 23.6 seconds. He dash in 53.8 secwon the low hurdles in onds and 27.9 seconds. Fred McLane jumped to capture the 20 feet 4 inches broadjump from Taylor. Bud Cavana made one throw of the Javelin and flipped the arrow 168 feet 9 inches and did not better it on his other tries. He won the event with that one heave. This is the firs tyear that Cavana has ever thrown the discus. Previous to his victory in the Louisville meet, Bud threw it but four times and htS efforts were good for 173 feet, which is a good distance form. for mid-seasThree of the Wildcats, Scale, Saunders, and Burress, who won first places, were sophomores. Fos- - Ml msszk-- m Have Luncheon at our modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health rip that ii guaranteed to work. Light foods are healthful and prevent that afternoon drowsiness that comes from over eating. For luncheon today, or any other time stop at our modern fountain and try a sandwich, salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. Consolidated Drug Stores Incorporated PHOENIX STORE 100 E. Main St. VARSITY THINLIES SCORE 77-4- 0 VICTORY CURRY'S CORNER 101 W. Main St. KERNEL, Tuesday, April SEMI-WEEKL- Y Annual Contests For High School Week Finished lie final contests of the 11th annual High School week were conducted Saturday. In the band con tests the followlnc schools were Judged to be first in their divisions. Class A, Louisville Male High; Class B. Highlands. Ft. Thomas: Class C, Shawnee High School, Louisville; Class D, Danville. In the orchestra contests Class A Henry Clay High school was best; Class B. Highlands Hlgn school; Class C, Cynthiana; Class D, Louis ville Junior High school. Stanford had the best chorus in Class D, of the boys' division while In Class B, Paris was the winner. In the girls section, Shawnee won the Class A division. In Class B Bcrca Academy was best and in Class C, Augusta was Judged the winner. In the mixed chorus di vision Berea won Class B. Bethel was best in Class C. More than 2,000 Kentucky high school students attended the con tests, which lasted the entire week. They were under the direction of Professor Louis Clifton. Dr. W. A. Sutton, superintendent of schools In Atlanta, Ga,, and president of the National Educational association, will speak to the students at this houn His subject has not been announced. LEXINGTON ALUMNI MEET The Lexington Alumni club of the University of Kentucky met at 6:30 p. m. last night at the Phoenix hotel. Judge King Swopc was the principal speaker of the evening. Miss Margaret Lewis, secretary of the university Y. W. C. A., sang a solo. Miss Margaret McLaughlin, president of the club, presided. Kentuckian Plays at Sunday Vesper Hour (Continued from Page One) Cincinnati, and after further studies at the College of Music was graduated with great distinction. Immediately following his graduation he was placed on the junior faculty and the following year, 1926, received the degree of Bachelor of Music. He continued his studies in Europe, returning to Cincinnati in 1929. ter, Tuttle and Parrent, who are members of the team, are also sophomores. The summaries: dash John Heber (K), Foster (K). Time, 10.3 seconds. Mile run O'Bryant (K), Blunk (L). Time, 4 minutes, 42.5 seconds. dash Taylor (L), Foster (K). Time 23.6 seconds. Discus throw Andrews (K), Tuttle (K). Distance, 11.6 feet 2 inches. Pole vault Brady (L), Hubbell (K). Height, 11 feet. High Hurdles Emmerich (K), Shipley (K). Time, 17 seconds. Shot Put Seale (K), Davis (L). inches. Distance, 38 feet 5 Run Saunders (K), O'Bryant (K), Time 2 minutes 8 Plans Are Released For Engineers' Tour (Continued from Page One) Inspection trip north will Include the Cincinnati and Dayton districts. The headquarters of the party will be the Hotel Gibson, Cincinnati, and the Hotel Gibbons, Dayton. Places which will be visited arc the Manufacturing A 1 1 a 1 s - Chalmers Company, National Cash Register Company, Frlgidalre Corporation, Wright Field, and the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, Dayton; Andrews Steel Company, Newport Rolling Mill Company, The Globe Iron Roofing and Corrugating Company, Newport Culvert Company, American Tool Works Company, Company, Proctor Lunkcnhclmcr and Gamble Company, Columbia Power Company, and the Cincinnati Zoological Garden, Cincinnati. The University of Kentucky Alumni of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky will entertain the party with a dinner dance Friday, May 1. Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and New York will be visited by 14, 1931 the senior engineers on their thirty-secon- d Inspection tour. annual Leaving here May 13, the party will arrive in Detroit, where they will visit, on May 14, 15, and 16, four plants of the Ford Motor company, the General Motors Truck Corporation, General Motors Corporation proving grounds, the Parke-Dav- is Drug company, and the Fisher building. The Niagara Falls company, the model of NiPower agara Falls, the U. 8. Battery Corporation and the U. S. Alumlum company will be Inspected at Niagara Falls. At Buffalo, N. Y the engineers will Inspect the Worthlngton Pump company, the Machine Switching Telephone office, Trlco Products company, U. S. Alumlum company, American Radiator company, American Brass company, Buffalo Consistory, American Lithographing company, Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo Historical Society building, and Buffalo Forge company. Features of this trip will be a banquet given by the Detroit Alumni club, a dinner with the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, a steamer trip around Manhattan Island, and a dinner dance to be given by the New York Alumni club. Ashland Clothes High Jump Brady (L), Roberts (K). Height, 5 feet, 8 inches. Dash Taylor (L), Mil-lik(K). Time, 53.8 seconds. -- Mile Burres (K), Run Two Blunk (L). Time, 10 minutes 37.2 Broad Jump McLane (K), Taylor (L). Distance, 20 feet, 4 inches. Low Hurdles Taylor Time, 27 J (L), Weiman (K). seconds. Jvelin Throw Cavana (K), Kin- cald (K). Distance, 168 (feet, 9 inches. (Foster, Mile Relay Kentucky Saunders, Mllikea). Time 3 min utes, 39.8 seconds. ly beautiful, she is, one of our. very fw trulv ehie Greekettes: because we have never heard; her epeak loudly; because she is not stupid; because she knew what she wanted and married him; because she is CONVOCATION SPEAKER not interested in activities; because -not she does....... .have me typical aear . . 1 -. The general, convocation for April .sister atutuae wwuu aor mmwiiot, because she has never run for May will be held at 9 o'clock Wednesday Queen, Prom Queen, or Beauty morning, April 22 in Memorial halL because she is the sort who I Queen; (will grow old gracefully; because she married a Sigma Chi. .. 42 out of 54 Smiling the Boys Fell Dead Just when we and Riley were nrpnarin? to .demand that our stuff be set in 10 point type our fair i editor received a letter irom. a lfrtrmer columnist of this HlUStriOUS rag saying that we used entirely .too much space in tne puDncation ana that our columns should be set in six point type. Looking into this gentleman's past we find that he I was a student at the university for nine iyears before he .found the Ktrpntrth ta emersre into the cruel .world. This, understand us, does not, in itself, merit condemnation, but it seems that in nine years one should know No matter, whether he likes us or not, Riley and Ardery do. This is a phonograph record. I colleges choose this FAVORITE pipe tobacco - .. OF COURSE ! There's Price to Consider Marriage Bureau Replaced The situation at the Kappa ser-9iiis no loncer humorous. With Aloha Gams and Trlddledeltas snaring husbands with little or no JOHN'S CORNER ofTnrt. is upms trulv terrible that THE lodge cannot, even with its 201 E. Main St. highly developed macninery, entrap a single male. We sneer without amusement. We've considered and Yale agrees UP at the windows of to find out what the Yale man smokes. In the springtime you'll see him sitting in his window seat with a pipeful of Edgeworth between his teeth. IOOK After Your Favorite Recreation m U ' On Chapel Street . . . out at the Bowl . . . everywhere the Yale man - it very seriously. vve sought the best and selected the choicest and the most alluring, but determined that the price must exactly suit you too. Not only have SUGGESTION FOR GRAY SUIT ENSEMBLE goes, his pipe and Edgeworth go with him. And at 42 out of 54 of the leading colleges and universities Edgeworth is the favorite tobacco. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink or one of our many specialties at A tobacco must be good to win the vote of so many discriminating smokers. And Edgeworth is good. Toconvinceyourselftry Edgeworth. You can get it wherever tobacco is sold . . . 1 5 a tin. Or, for a generous free sample, write to Larus 6C Bro. Co., 10; S. 22d St., Richmond, Virginia. EDGEWORTH The Tavern 'Home of the College Folks We Deliver Phone: Ash. 9191 - 2386 SMOKING TOBACCO Is a blend ol tlno old burlvya, with I ta natural aavor tnkanrt'd by Edict worth' eleven Ii dlattnctlve procen. iuy Kdiitworth any- litre In two forma "Keady.ltubbed" fad "I1uk Slice." All lliea, lit pocket package to pound humidor tin. SUIT Platinum Gray tweed or worsted HAT Pearl Gray curl snapbrim SHIRT Pastel solid blue broadcloth TIE Turquoise Blue four in hand SHOE White Sport black saddle plain toe ENTIRE OUTFIT . . $22.50 $ 5.00 $ 1.95 $ 1.00 $ 6.00 $36.45 YOU MUST AGREE THAT BEING CORRECTLY ATTIRED AT THIS FIGURE IS REAL ECONOMY FOURTH FLOOR DEPARTMENT IKuufmcins Style Corner lirawione ut Short. J,