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10 > Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 18, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TEN e old sage despairs hibition and Miss Nell Pullian and Miss Josephine Frazier sang in an Italian stunt. Miss Emily Bennett was leader of the ktchen band while (Continued From Page One) (Continued From Page One) Miss Louise Broaddus director of the style show, was assisted by Margaret You speak rightly, my son, but it Well, versity of Kentucky athletic author the The Educational Problems of Rus the game 6 to 0. Martha Maurine Collins university Hign scnooi (Continued From Page One) not because of them that I am sad. Howard,George Approximately Sixty Officials next year we got us some sia,' in the Monday proposal made by ities today on Reed, Ann Flower, Sarah afternoon at 3 auditorium, ure me scticu ul uic &uua v Walker and Sarah Dorsty Harris. Alley real football suits and a regular coach to Be Guests of University afternoon. If one haDDened to pass the Kentucky Association that the whom we must bow. There have been We went o'clok. November 21. nankd Jack Thompson. Block and Bridle pledges announced for Two Day Program Doctor Clarke is a Kentuckian, hav- close to the practice field any after- - kame scheduled for Thanksgiving Day lately added to them two more mysDanville and started the game, over to included James Shropshire, Penrose Beginning Monday spectators crowded on the ing been born and reared in Jessa- noon this week the shrill cry of afternoon be moved up to Thanksgiv-"Be- teries as baffling and as terrible as Ecton, B. T. Inman, Joe Hurt, Wilbut all the they. Already men have begun to look liam field and we had to stop playing. The mine county. He received his A. B. Utterback, Howard Byars, Louis Centre" was about all that one 'mS morning. trustingly to us for an answer to NOTED SPEAKERS HERE referee gave the decision to Centre degree from Kentucky Wesleyan and ine Proposal was maae wun ine them, some excuse for their existence, Daugherty, J. R. Oneal, Kenneth Braelevens went about his doctorate from Columbia Univer- could hear as the again. 0 ' "ea n mmc that both the races and some explanation for their variable bant, C. S. Bohanon, W. R. Brooks, In '94 the Colonels came over to sity. During the past year, Doctor their work. The annual meeting of the associaHughes Evans, J. L. Miller and Troll Kentucky's lineup may receive ajthe football game would draw much ness, some reason for their occur- Young. Alpha Zeta pledges were W. tion of Kentucky Deans of Women the university grounds and here the Clarke studied in London, and travAnd again judge paused a long eled extensively in Russia. will be held here next Monday and big complete shift with a new backf ield larger crowds if they' were not held rence as they do occur. R. Brooks, N. J. Howard, Joe Hunt, we must look into their eyes and tell Tuesday, Novemb-- r 21 and 22, with moment, then added with awe Ithey C. O. Bondurant and J. L. Sullivan. on the field. The starting.lir.eup wil? at the same time them we do not know. Against these approximately 60 deans in attend- beat us 67 to 0! We had the satis S. A. Boles, athletic director at the stockmen admitted to mysteries our logic avails us nothing. Doctor J. S. Chambers, prominent not be known until game time. ance. The principal speaker will be faction, however, of beating Central w the Block and Bridle Club were C. ; Hunrfvpds of students and Ken- - university, saiu mat u. me Kuhiu anj OB fnnla Mrs. Agnes E. Wells, dean of women College that year. You see there used Lexington physician, who enrolled in O. Graves, of Georgetown, and S. D. moved up to Thanksgiving morning it j make at the University of Indiana, who to be a Central College at Richmond the university in 1908, declares, how- tucky fcotball fans will game. xhe trip would be practically impossible to let hel ,ess as chiIdren. It is because of Mitchell, Lexington. I am sad.' has be-- n president of the National as well as a Centre College at Dan ever, that the "greatest game I ever to Danville to see the George Insko, president of Block everyone wno purcnasea ucKeis Know these that O Master, what are these Tell me, Asso:iation of Deans of Women for ville. They finally united, but this saw played between Kentucky arid and Bridle Club, acted as ringmaster of the change in time. He said tick . new mysteries which baffle you ? We Centre was in 1909. Kentucky won that. game happened before two years. of the evening's ceremonies. ets to the game had been sold to fans STUDENTS STUDY RUSSIA I have not heard of them." Officers of the Kentucky association licked them that year 44 to 0! At the 15 to 6. The famed Seelbach brothers ALL DURING NOVEMBER throughout the state and in "One is college professors." first half, when the score were playing their third year on Dan are: Miss Sarah Blanding, president; end of the PROFESSOR SCHICK TO "And the other?" was 10 to 6 in our favor, the Ken- ville's side and it seemed as if all Miss Olivia Orr, of Kentucky Wesley-aBefore the game could be changed (Continued From Page One) LECTURE ON FRENCH LIFE "Football scores." Miss Sarah tucky boys had a snake dance out on Louisville had come down to witness vice presidnt; and to Thanksgiving morning permission Boy! n Ed Note What about the weather boys battle. their Holmes, of Sayre College, secretary- - the field. Old Joe CastK a chemis would have to be given by Coach Har--1 an(j Q election ? Professor Schick, of the romance try instructor at the university, led That was a wonderful game! There of Russianiusic. All music classes ry Gamage and the University Ath-- . Ireasursr. languame department will give an ilthe parade, shouting at the top of his were about six thousand spectators will be instructed on Russian music letic Council. The University of Ten- j program is as follows: by Professors Lam-peThe PLEDGING IS FEATURE OF lustrated talk to the Cercle Francais voice, 'Tn to six! Ten to six! Cen- on hand and that was a big crowd for during the month and Sulzer. tun licoocc iinunioc nuuiu uavc iu a Kentucky game. Monday, November 21 LITTLE INTERNATIONAL in thj lecture room of the C. and P. tral's in a helluva fix!'" , The social science classes devoted suited. building Tuesday afternoon. Mr. "Do you remember anything else?" "Dick Barbee was playing half at Patterson Luncheon 14 and 15 to the dsicussion view of the misunderstandings In Schick will use a reflectoscope to show (Continued From Page One) In the November I prompted as Judge Stoll ceased back on the Wildcat eleven. hall. of Russian problems. may result if the game is played that speaking. scenes' of French life. This talk will first half, Dick got a blow on the head Dr. Jennings will speak before the Thanksgiving morning, Mr. Boles in Exposition in Chicago, was shown by be of general interest for Professor Registration at Patterson hall. 2 "You uake me go back too far, which almost knocked him senseless. Formal opening of the young lady,' he said quizzically, look-in- At any rate, he couldn't remember College of Education on November dicated, but did not definitely . Schick will speak in English, with Harold Barber, Professor L. J. 18 and meeting: I.-- Greeting, 2. Introducthat i t would not be John Frazer and Professor E. only some special explanations in at me over his glasses. "All I signals or connect the signals and i History- 19, with "Sketches in Economic - of Russia" as his subject. At changed. tions licked the the plays. They let him wander about S. Good. French. All those wh oare interested remember is that Centre hour Wednesday Dean 2:30-- 3 "Freshman Adjustment," stuffin's out of us in '94." Miss Mary Lewis Marvin and Miss in any way in the French people are on the field for a while, and, don't you the second you going to the game know, he kicked a field goal while he Weist spoke on "Economic Changes UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA by Mrs. Maud Mendnnhall, dean of Miriam Sloan gave a clog dance ex- - invited to come. "Well, are to 1917." Saturday?" women, Transylvania College. was still in a dazed, unconscious con in Russia from 1914 11 o'clock Miss TO GIVE FIRST CONCERT This morning at Y. W. C. The answer was emphatic. "Of dition! I don't guess you can believe "The Place of the nationally known inter Colleges," Miss Mil- course I am. And I hope we win it!" that, but six thousand people wit- - E"for Cook,' A. in Schools and (Continued From Page One) "Do you think we can? nessed it and Dick himself states that preter of Russian songs and dances, dred McAfee, dean of women, JEWELERS TO THE STUDENTS at convocation "I don't know. I always go to he can't remember what happened. will deliver a program Princess for Women. study of Russia. The program fol men's gym. Centre game with great trepidation, In the second half of the game, Dick in the spoke lows: "Standards of Scholar 0 Optical Goods on "The Russian Riddle" year came back to earth, kicked two 1. March Slave Tschaikowsky ship," Miss Agnes Wells, dean of because they beat us so hard the They're tough nuts to more field goals and made a touch- at convocation November 9. I played. All 2. Song of the Shepherd Lehl University. women, Indiana The last week of this month will those Centre boys, and game down. So you see, it's no wonder I Drive around Lexington crack, 0 be devoted to lectures given by the as they can be! But I'll be on hand call it the best game I ever saw. Mrs. L. L. Dantzler, solo FANCY CRYSTALS FOR MEN'S AND LADISS and tea at Hamilton College. to see the game all right. There "I played on the varsity squad in art teachers to all art classes.- An Rachmaninoff WRIST WATCHES Place, might be some cases to try in court 1911. We didn't have a separate exhibit of several fine Russian paint 3. Prelude ... 6:30 Dinner at Maxwell 4. Gopak, from the opera, "Thethe home of Pres. and Mrs. Frank L. that day. but there's one thing certain practice field in those days, so on the ings is being considered at the Art Mussorgsky Fair at Sorochinsk" McVey. there won't be any judge to try day we met Centre, our field was of Center. Rachmaninoff The international relations study 5. Night Song Tuesday, November 22 them!" black loam loosened by many rough 163 N. LIME Waltz, from the ballet "Dorn- PHONE 111-r, 6. five years after the '94 defeat and tumble practice games and made group is headed by Prof. E. F. For 9- - 9:30 Tschaikowsky Business meeting: 1. Readroschen" faculty adviser. The student which made such a great impression even worse by a drizzling rain. The A special feature of the program ing of minutes; 2. reports of commitcomposed of Joe Pal upon the memory of "Dick" Stoll, mud was ankle-deebut it was a committee is tees; 3. election of officers. mer, chairman; Gayle Mohney vice will be the offering of the Volga Centre continued to trample vic- good game and we won!" 9:30-1- 0 "The High School Girl rec Boatman Song by the men's glee club. over its humbled' foe. But "Oh, are you going to the game chairman, and Elizabeth Smith, The orchestra has complete instruHer Needs As Seen by a University toriously fortune smiled on Kentucky's retary. in 1898, this Saturday?" I asked the former mentation this year consisting of Dean," Mrs. Ralph Hill, dean of wostandards and, led by Captain Char-l- y varsity man, as he came to a halt in brass, wood and string sections, and men, University of Louisville. Straus, the Wildcats won the day, his conversation. Without hesitation KERNEL STAFF CHOOSES it is augmented by the addition of 10- - 10:30 "Adequate Recreation for 6 to 0. Their followers nicknamed came the reply, THREE NEW OFFICERS a harmonium. College Women," Miss Marie Wilson, them "Immortals of '98." "Yes!" is sponsoring the The assistant dean of women, Miami UniThe rivarly of the next ten years "Who do you think will win?" observance of the foreign country stuversity. For every college Miss for every need The victories continued unabated. "You know who I think will win dy movement at the university. (Continued From Page One) Address by Dr. Frank were about evenly divided, although and what's more I'm sure they will!" 0 for every occasion. Styles that whisper LeRond McVey, president, University Centre never equaled the score of When it comes to genuine enthusof Paris. Materials of distinction. ValCONVOCATION TO BE of Kentucky. 0 run up by State in the fall iasm for Kentucky football, no one prominent part in journalistic and lit 81 to work on the campus. He has ues that defy comparison! HELD IN GYM TODAY of 1904. 12:30 Luncheon. can surpass the zealousness of James erary on The Park, Lexington attorney, president been serving Kernel staff for three as associate editor for (Continued From Page One) of the University of Kentucky Alumni years, Association and, as he likes best to the past year. "THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MODES' Frank Davidson, of Barbourvllle, in the recital. Miss Cook interpi-etbe known, a Kentucky letter man new assistant managing editor of each of the songs before-hanso, Like other college athletes, he likes the the paper, is a member of Sigma Nu even though they are sung in Rusto tell of former conflicts. fraternity, Strollers, SuKy circle, and sian the audience is able to appreAND "1 played Centre in 1911. It was a Romany. He has been assistant ciate their meaning and spirit. cold, rainy day. Every time anybody the 264 EAST MAIN STREET BARBER SERVICE Miss Cook is a graduate of Mis3 got tackled he slid about twenty feet news editor of The Kernel for the Porter's School n Farmington, Conn. It looked like just a piece of luck to past two months. kick a wet muddy ball twenty-fiv- e yards for a goal, but that's what we did. 'The game was a tie until we "Where College Men Go" made that dropkick. "Am I going to this game? I cer V 117 E. HIGH ST. H. M. DAVIS, Prop. tainly am. I've been waiting a long time to see Kentucky beat Centre and I think they will!" "Black Doc" Rodes, star on Ken tucky's team in 1915 and 1916, upon questioning admits that he has liked affrays. "But all the Wildcat-Centr- e the game of 1916. was the best one. We won it 68 to 0. That was the first time we played Centre, after a dis pute which interrupted our football relations for about five years. Interest in the game died down in the meantime, and it was just like playing any small tam. But that 68-- 0 score helped' us forget a lot of our old grudge against Centre and wo certainly felt happy over it. Football hasn't changed much since that time.) It's still the same old thing. That's why I like it." "Will you be at the game Saturday?" His answer was prompt. "Yes, ma'm!" "Daddy" Boles, athletic director f ky the university recalls the first game in which "Bo McMil lan, of national football fame, took part as a Colonel luminary. "It was in 1917 when our team first met "Bo" at Danville, I can't say that he was much of an oil painting when it comes to looks, but he and his fellow Texans could play football! They beat us 3 to 0 and kept on beating us for sev- ral years. We got. a.c.k on them, however in 192& Our starving 'Cats you find comes on ended th.W faat that year, 16 to 0. Th& game lasted until dusk, and nea.v you conscious appearthe close of the last quarter on$ or Top Coats the university band members played "Taps on the cornet It was the " of Centre supremacy. Oh, I know we lost last year, but just wait and see what we will do tomor row!" So they are waiting for tomorrowDelivery all the former varsity playrs, all the loyal grads, all the-- eager- students, all the college wrld. And the re sults of tomorrow's battle will go down in fojotball history. "We'll Geese Ducks win," unanimously predict KentuckyS FOR ALL FORMAL followers. Old Change in Dr. H. F. Clarke Will TATC PAVORFh lTennessee Game Hour Speak Here Monday DEFEAT COLONELS No action had been taken by Uni Dr. Harold F. Clarke will speak on 'CATS AND CENTRE MET FIRST 36 YEARS AGO DEANS OF WOMEN TO CONVENE HERE 0F modern mysteries at J good-natur- 'd i . ks n. home-tow- rt er Hor-lach- i Kro-potk- and Repairing Kinds Watches, 3:30-4:3- of Rimsky-Korsako- 4:30-5:3- w - . P. EDW. VILLEMINOT Y Far-quha- COATS and FROCKS 10:30-11:3- s EXPERT, CIEAN SANITARY d, B. B. Smith & Co. Viaduct Barber Shop Thanksgiving I Centre-Kentuc- The Wildcats Score on Saturday-Goldbe- rg's Suits Score Every Day V FRATERNITIES Order Now! When the Football season round, and with thousands of other style nisi., are Goldberg's Fall Suits and ance? the best "swan-song- $25 $30 $35 $40 the Day Before Thanksgiving. 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