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Q)ecem/>r 23, /?c? &7i& (oat&' ($cut&& &qye<27 ack ildcat One Year Ago ^The Indiana Hoosiers, a 2'/2-point underdog, held 6-foot-ll LeRon Ellis, UK's top scorer (21.4 ppg.) to eight points and just two rebounds and romped over the Wildcats, 75-52, in Lexington. Freshman Chris Mills, who led UK scoring with 22 points, had five points as UK overcame three straight turnovers to take a 10-4 lead after almost six minutes of action. In fact, he scored 11 of his points in the first 15'/2 minutes of play as the teams stayed even. The 'Cats hit eight of their first 13 shots to keep it close. However, with the score 21-10 in IU's favor, the game turned. On defense, Joe Hillman turned up the defensive heat on Mills. Guards Jay Edwards and Lyndon Jones cut off the passing lanes, and Todd Jadlow, 6-9 center, and freshman Eric Anderson did a number on Ellis. Indiana then raced to a 40-24 lead in the second half before Ellis got his second basket, a layup, with 17:43 left. Edwards led IU with 21 points. Anderson had 17 and Hillman 16 to go with Jadlow's eight points and 10 rebounds. Mills had a game-high II rebounds. It was IU's first win over UK in 62 years in Lexington, but Bobby Knight did not find it special. "Why should I have?" the Hoosier coach asked. Five Years Ago ^The Wildcats entered the UKIT with a record of 1-4 and left it with an encouraging 3-4 slate. Behind MVP Kenny Walker's 18 points, the Wildcats defeated Cincinnati, 66-55, in the WILDCAT QUIZ v.-.v.v.-.v.v. UKIT Trivia 1. The first UKIT was held in December of 6. Which UKIT team this year has a coach which of the following years? who played his college ball at UK? a) 1951 a) Southwest Louisiana b) 1952 b) Portland cj 1953 c) Cincinnati d) 1954 d) UK 2. Which of the following teams did not par- 7. Which team won last year's UKIT? ticipate in the first UKIT? a) Kentucky a) La Salle b) Marshall b) UCLA c) Arkansas State c) Duke d) Bowling Green d) North Carolina 8. The leading scorer in last year's UKIT 3. High scorer the first UKIT with a total was which of the following? of 55 points was which of the following? a) Reggie Hanson a) Cliff Hagan b) Joe Gregory b) Frank Ramsey c) John Tate c) Lou Tsioropoulos d) A.P. Williamson d) Billy Evans 9. True or False? The UKIT is the oldest 4. This All-American led his team to the college basketball tournament in the country. championship of the 1959 UKIT with a tournament-high total of 48 points. He also 10. Name the former NBA player who pull- had led the tourney scorers with the same ed down 27 rebounds vs. the 'Cats in a UKIT number of points when his team lost in the in the early 1970s. 1958 final to UK. a) Freeman Williams a) Rod Thorn b) John "Hot Rod" Williams b) Bill Uhl c) Rich Kelley c) Jerry West d) Connie Hawkins d) Ron Johnson 5. The all-time scorer in a single UKIT now is a U.S. senator with strong backing as a future presidential candidate. Hint: He scored 77 points in the 1963 tourney. a) Jesse Helms b) Rod Thorn c) Bill Bradley d) Jim Paxson Answers (U1P) 3S}DJ o (nsv) to <"ir 8 3)V)S stmmyjy % vunojvj t/woyv z (S6I l championship game. Walker also grabbed a team-high nine rebounds to go along with four blocked shots. The Wildcats took their first lead, 37-36, when sophomore James Blackmon came off the bench to hit a wide open 15-foot jump shot. Kentucky never relinquished the lead. Blackmon and Richard Madison each had 12 points for the 'Cats. Derrick McMillin led the Bearcats with 16. The Wildcats defeated East Tennessee State, 68-54, behind Ed Davender's 24 points in the opening session of the tourney. Wes Stallings had 22 for the Bucs. 10 Years Ago ^After losing to Duke, 82-76, in overtime in the inaugural Hall of Fame Classic at Springfield, Mass., the Wildcats won eight games in a row before defeating California, 78-52, and Purdue, 61-60, in the UKIT. Kyle Macy, floor leader of the 1978 NCAA champions, was captain of the 1978-79 Wildcats, who were destined to finish 25-6 after closing the season with a loss to Duke, 55-54, in the Mideast Regional. 20 Years Ago ^-UK won its third straight UKIT and 11th title overall with a 112-104 win over Michigan after defeating Bobby Knight's Army team, 80-65, in the opening round. The 216 points scored in the UK-UM game is still a UKIT record. The wins gave UK a record of 27-5 in the 16 tournaments held up to that date. Leading scorer for the tournament was UK's Dan Issel, MVP with 56 points. He was joined on the all-tournament team by teammates Mike Pratt and Mike Casey; Rudy Tomjanovich of Michigan, Dick Simmons of Army and L.C. Bowen of Bradley. Issel and Pratt went on to make first team All-SEC that season. 30 Years Ago ^West Virginia's Jerry West scored a tournament-high 48 points and played an outstanding floor game in leading the Mountaineers to wins over St. Louis, 87-86, and Kentucky, 86-76, in seventh annual UKIT. The Mountaineers had won the tournament two years earlier with victories over North Carolina and Kentucky, but had lost to UK. 97-91, after defeating Oklahoma State, 67-49 in the opener. West also was leading scorer with 48 points in that 1958 event. The Wildcats had won the first two UKITs before losing the title to Dayton in 1955. They won again in 1956 with a 91-70 win over Illinois. 40 Years Ago ?^The two-time NCAA championship Kentucky Wildcats, minus the services of the graduated "Big Four'Cliff Barker, Ralph Beard, Alex Groza and Wah Wah Jones-were led into battle by team captain Dale Barnstable and veteran forwards Jim Line and Walt Hirsch. Line got the season off to a rousing start by hitting 13 of 16 from the field and 11 of 12 from the line for 37 points as the Wildcats opened with an 84-61 win over Indiana Central. The Wildcats defeated Western Ontario, 90-18. at home and then traveled to New York. where they lost to St. John's, 69-58. They were in Chicago six nights later to take the measure of DePaul, 49-47, and then won at Purdue, 60-54, before returning home to prepare for a Sugar Bowl appearance against Bradley. VIEWPOINT Letters To The Editor Mall All Letters To: VIEWPOINT, The Cats" Pause, P.O. Box 7297, Lexington, KY 40S22 (Continued from page 7) back patio trying to pull in an FM station. Also, Cawood Ledford was routinely asking Coach Pitino the other night for his starting five and Coach mentioned to see if all were paying attention that he would be starting Johnathon Davis at point guard. A good sense of humor from the coach and, hey, don't laugh, with the kind of confidence the coach instills, Johnathon, too, might be knocking down the 3's William R. Hooe, Jr., Nashville, Tenn. More info, please Dear sir: I really enjoy reading Vie Cats' Pause. It is hard to get any information on the basketball team down here. I have been a Big Blue fan for over 40 years. I wish you would give us fans a breakdown on each player, including the walk-ons. This team may lose a lot of games this year, but they are still our team and I will be listening to them every game on the radio. The closest station I can pick up is Hopkinsville and sometimes it fades in and out. I would like to have more information on the basketball team than I am getting this year. Yours truly, Ray Claiborne Nashville, Tenn. Like to see SEC stats Dear sir: As a Wildcat fan living in Connecticut your publication is a wonderful way to stay informed on Kentucky sports. One suggestion for improving the publication: add SEC stats. List the Top Ten in statistical categories. Part of following the 'Cats is following the SEC. I'm always interested in where a UK player ranks in the league. Please consider this addition. David A. Jones. West Hartfort. Conn.