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11 > Image 11 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I DIRECTORY OF OFFICES AND BOARDS Q COUNTY COURT CLERK S I ig CIRCUIT JUDGE II & Master Commissioner 2a @ Court Reporter 2b i CIRCUIT CLERK III COMMONWEALTH ATTORNEY IV F District Detective 4a A 7 TT COUNTY JUDGE AND FISCAL COURT V E County Board of Tax Supervisors 5a M " County Agricultural Agent 5b Q Home Demonstration Agent vv County Library Board 5c Q County Board of Health 5d '`i` i _ County Health Officer 5e Q County Children*s Bureau 5f G Chief Probation Officer 5g ` County Treasurer 5h _ i g County Auditor 5i Q _, County Road Engineer 5j =m County Indexer Bk I _ ` Commissioner of Poorhouse 5m '__ Y County Livestock IDSPGCEOT 5n g `T JUSTICE OF PEACE VI sunvsron vii ji I ASSESSOR VIII ' COUNTY TAX COMMISSIONER IX l COUNTY ATTORNEY X . CONSTABLE XI q SHERIFF XII I I County Election Commissioners 12a V County Election Officers l2b JAILER XIII COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION XIV County School Superintendent la SCHOOL TRUSTEES XV CORONER XVI BOARD OF DRAINAGE COMMISSIONERS XVII Drainage Engineer l7a 3 6 406 5 7-C-9