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13 > Image 13 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

. la V COUNTY JUDGE AND FISCAL COURT E a. Term of office--4 years, Constitution Sec. 99. b. Eligible to succeed himself--yes*. c. Time limit--none. H d. Method of removal--May be removed from office for mal- E feasance, misfeasance and for neglect of official duties, Constitution Sec. Q 227 (also same as Comm. Atty.). Q 5-a County Board of Tax Supervisors (3 members). g a. Appointed by--County Judge. E b. Term of office--l year. y c. How removed--No statutory provision ; , d. Citation-Kentucky Statute, Sec. 4115. $5 5-b County Agricultural Agent. , . Home Demonstration Agent (No specific statutory provision if for) These officers are locally appointed by the College v of Agriculture and by the Fiscal Court, Kentucky Statute, .Y Sec. 4656g-2. Q 5-c County Library Board (Optional). g a. Appointed by--Fiscal Court appoints 2 members, Q County School Sup*t. appoints 2, `.; County Judge appoints 5. ( b. Term of office--l, 2 and 5 years. j c. How removed--No statutory provision. Q d. Citation-Kentucky Statute, Sec. 958d-l. 5-d County Board of Health (4 members). ~ a. Appointed byState Board of Health selects 5; Fiscal Court selects l. b. Term of office--2 years. c. How removed--No statutory provision. A d. CitationKentuoky Statute, Sec. 2055. _ 5-e County Health Officer. a. Appointed by--County Board of Health. A b. Term of officeNo statutory provision. c. How removed--Holds office at pleasure of Board. d. Citation-Kentucky Statute, Sec. 2055. , 5-f County Childrens Bureau (5 members). a. Appointed by--Kentucky Childrens Bureau from a list of 9 persons submitted by County Judge and the County Superintendent of Schools. ' b. Term of office--5 years. G- How removed--No statutory provision. , d. Citation--Kentucky Statute, Sec. 35ll-l6. 5-g Chief Probation Officer (Juvenile Court). a- Appointed by~County Judge. b. Term of office~No statutory provision. c. How removed~H0 statutory provision. d- Citation--Kentucky Statute, Sec. 35le-5. 5-h County Treasurer. a. ,Appointed by--Fiscal Court. b. Term of office--A years. c. How removed--By Fiscal Court at any time for neglect of duty, incompetency or dishonesty. d. Citation--Kentucky Statute, Sec. 929. 8 i 40657-C-ll