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Image 17 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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_ ggrics Office I t a QE . .¢§ COUNTY COURT CLERK @ zi THE COUNTY COURT CLERK performs the duties expressed in his title. In @ addition he is the State*s recording agent in the county; issues and collects f the State*s fees for various licenses; performs various incidental tax assess- Q ments functions; acts as clerk of the Fiscal Court; and performs a variety of Q ministerial duties under the election and other laws. Compensation is by fees, E (except in counties containing a city of the first class, where he receives a f salary) paid in civil actions by the parties thereto and in other cases by the Q State or County. No provision is made for an accounting by the Clerk of fees L earned in civil cases. lj Z —2 Specifically, the County Court Clerk is: € (l) the general local recording agent, f (2) secretary, y (5) collector of revenues, Q (4) subordinate tax administrator Q (5) general ministerial officer. { These classifications, however, are not mutually exclusive. J (l) As a Recording Agent; This set of functions is characteristic of the g office in practically all the states, though it is not uncommon for these duties to be shared with other officers, such as recorders or registers of — deeds, etc. In Kentucky, this function would include not only documents of a private nature, (that is directly affecting private individuals) but also pro- j ceedings of the local governing bodies and the report of county officers. (2) As a Secretary; Clerk of the Fiscal Court and required to keep a full , and complete record of its meetings. For these services the statute authorizes Q a "reasonable" compensation, to be paid from county levy (St. 1855). · V Clerk of the County Court; this duty being, in fact, l indicated in his constitutional title. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Compensation as ‘ in the capacity of the Clerk of the County Court (St. 4l2l). · c (5) As a Collector of Revenues; Special revenues collected include; taxes on deeds, mortgages, marriage licenses, seals, suits, leases, and powers of attorney. Report on the first of each month to the_Auditor of Public Accounts is mandatory, (Laws of l9l4, Chap. 12, Sec. 5). In the same manner, collection is made of mortgage recording taxes of twenty cents on each $100.00 on all mortgages, the term of which is greater than five years. (St. 40lQa-9). (Note; This tax is distinct from and additional to the regular mortgage tax). Under the game and fish law, the County Court Clerk issues hunting licenses and retains a fee for each license issued, the balance being paid into the State Treasury (St. l954c—26, 27 and ZC). _A state license is necessary to operate numerous forms of business, including; "intinerants", transient merchants, peddlers, l2 { 40657-C—l5