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6 > Image 6 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

{" INTRODUCTION A g n , Aided by various workers employed in making the Historical Records g Survey in Kentucky, we have prepared for the use of the Historical Re- Q cords Survey Staff a manual which will be known as the "GUIDE AND CHECK LIST OF COUNTY GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION AND COUNTY RECORD SYSTEM, EAST R AND PRESENT. " N The purpose of this "CHECK LIST" is to insure a more accurate Q analysis of the amount of work that has been performed in each county, { serve as a yardstick in providing the field workers with a more com .f prehensive idea of what they are expected to find in different counties, F and indicate the material to be contained in the information filled Q out on the HR forms. E This "CHECK LIST" has been prepared as a matter of information Q and guide. There has been no intent to reproach any county governmental E organization or record system. Our entire thought has been to devise Q a means of avoiding omissions in listing county officials, boards and { their records. It will be noted that in the Dictionary of Forms are 3 definition and description of our invention; included so that a means of Q identification of records will be provided, thus insuring completeness 3 of the inventory. It will be found that some of the offices included S in the Directory of Offices and Boards are not in existence in numerous J counties; e.g. (The office of County Assessor is included in order to make the Directory complete, although this office has been abolished). l In the Catalogue of Forms and Dictionary of Forms, it will be found that many forms referred tc are not being used. we desire our field workers to explain to officials of each parti T cular bureau the purpose of the Historical Records Survey Project as outlined in the "MANUAL OF INSTRUCTIONS TO FIELDIIORKERS" and familiar- ize the officials with the "CHECK LIST" which shows the graph of county governmental organization, the relationship of the various offices and an explanation of statutory and constitutional duties laid down for each official. The workers are instructed that no criticism should be made because ( such omissions in county organizations or county record systems occur; _ , the purpose of our project is to record an inventory of county archives and to prepare a historical sketch of the county and county government. we are particularly indebted for the use of the Law Libraries at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky, Lexington, in preparing the data contained in this List. /0.-..., f / / 4 . _A;4AD2A2L/ Walter M. Hoefelnan. I State Director // March 29, 1937 Historical Records Survey Louisville, Kentucky W.P.A. Project 9905. A x 40657-C-4