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7 > Image 7 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

A ` INSTRUCTIONS TO FIELD WORKERS, DISTRICT STAFF AND STATE OFFICE STAFF % ] - QE The introduction to this manual has in a brief regime advised of the g content of this manual and certain general instructions were expressed. It is our purpose to break down by these instructions the division of each Q separate section and instruct in the use of the manual. The preparation of Q this anual has been designed to serve as a self check of workers* work in the g County concerned. Q ` SECTION I - GRAPH The graph which is included is for the purpose of providing each field i worker with a ready means of listing all of the County Offices and Boards { existing in each County. The way in which to use this graph is to explain g carefully to the County Officials concerned its purpose. In some counties E this can be handled through one Official. Check off with a pencil each office { not now existing in the County concerned. By doing this a complete picture E is presented to the State Office of the offices that are now in existence in E each County. E SECTION II - DIRECTORY i A directory of the County Officials and County Boards has been prepared. i Capital letters and Roman numerals refer to Elective Offices. The field j workers are asked to draw a pencil line through those offices not now exist- ing in the County in which the survey is being made. The system of capitals and Roman numerals is consistent throughout the manual and will be used in I reference only to Elective Offices and Boards. Small case and Arabic numerals e refer to Appointive Offices and will be used consistently in reference to J Appointive Offices. Q SECTION III - SYNOPSIS I The synopsis is enclosed primarily for the field workers* own information and may or may not be used as an additional check against the preceeding two records. ` SECTION IV - INDIVIDUAL OFFICES 1 We are listing under Section IV the duties of each Elective Officer as provided in Kentucky Constitution and Kentucky Statute and Acts. We are doing this for the purpose that each field worker can in his contact with ` the County Official concerned check off the duties that he does not perform in the County where the survey is being prepared. Understand, all of the duties listed under each Official frequently are not performed by the Official for the reason that there is no need for such performance. Part 2 of each County Office is divided into a catalogue of thc forms and a dictionary of the forms issued and used by that particular official in the affairs of his office. The Official concerned will be glad to advise you as to what forms he uses and in reference to forms used by his predecessors. The definitions and descriptions of these forms have been prepared as a matter of guidance. 2 40637C5