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73 > Image 73 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

22;* I II II I Office Item I- I Q or Number I J Bu Duplicate receipt EEEi - I _ * Application for k Plate or badge I 5 I Enrollment, School XIV IEI I Entry and Detainer, Forcible I WMI fw v,v1 64,llO ~ I Equity for discovery, petition VI lg; SU.1Tl.I`IlOIlS II 28 Estate, Liable for debts Schedule of II 43 ` I Expense Fund, General ` Appropriation Allotment I Condition of 5h 76 Budget Requests I Schedule l 5h 78 , I I Execution Bond I I Replevin of vI,XII 87 I Cost II 46 I Court Costs II 56 I Judgment for debts VI 99 I I Execution, Writ for II 56 I I Exponis, Venditioni I Writ of II,V 40 I Farmer, Application of I Owning truck I 10 I Fee Allowance, Witness I Certificate of III 58 I "Witness Order for allowance II 25 I I Fiduoiaryls reinvestment Bond V 65 I Finances, Comparative Income I I Statement of 5h 7 I I Financial Report, Monthly 1 P I Board of Education XIV l2' I Fine Bond Q7 I Capias pro VI _ Il Replevin 1I*J rg I Suspension of Cost III I Floating Indebtedness U I I;]. ` Schedule 4 I 68 40657-C-VI _