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By JOSEPH A. ALTSHELER THE CIVIL WAR SERIES Th e Star The Guns of Bull Run The Guns of Shiloh The Rock of of Gettysburg The Scouts of Stonewall The Sword of Autietam Chickamauga THE WORLD WAR SERIES The GunC of Europe The Fots of the Air The Forest of Swords THE YOUNG The Young Trailers The Forest Runners The Free Rangers TRAILERS SERIES The Riflernen of the Ohio The Scouts of the Valley The Border Watch THE TEXAN SERIES The To, an Str The Texan Scouts The Texan Triumph Apache Gold A Soldier of Manhattan The Quest of the Four The Sun of Saratoga The Last of the Chiefs A Herald of the West In Circling Caps The Wilderness Road My Captive 167 A D. APPLETON AND COMPANY, NEW YORK