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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-12-nov19-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

The work must be done if the building is dasd. The old prepared roof was given a heavy coat of asphalt last year to carry it through the winter. Asphaltisng would not remedy the trouble. Very truly yours A. 0. Whipple Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds On motion, duly seconded, the Superintendent of Pui?,d- ings and Grounds wasS authorized to carrv out the work. (8) Bond Issue for Buildings. A communication was read from Mr. W. E. Grady Louisville, calling attention to the probability of a special session of the General Assembly, and suggesting the nec- essity of the University's being considered in a bond issue for University buildiggs. Mr. Ernst. was requested to make inquiries of the Governor as to the possibility of a special session. (9) University's Membership in Amerioan University.Union in Europe. President MoVey presented a bill for $100 as annual dues of the University in the American University Union in Europe. lie stated to the Committee that the necessity of supporting this organi- 2ation is not now so great as during the war; that very few grad- uatas or students of the University of Kentucky would now receive benefits from the organization and that it would be well to disoon- tinue payment of -annual membership. On motion, duly seconded, the University's membership in the organization was ordered cancelled. (10) Specifications for the Men's Dr y A communication was read from the University's architects, Coolidge and Shattuck of Doston, Massachusetts, presenting jlans and specifications for the new dormitory. These specifications were examined, and the Supez4 intendant of Buildings and Grounds was directed to advertise for bids immediately. He was directed to carry advertisements for the next three weeks in the following named papers: Louisville Herald, Courier Journal, Louisville Post, Lexington Herald, Lexington Lender, Cinoinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Times. Star and some trade journal. The form of advertisement was prescribed as follows: Bids for the Construction of a Dormitory for the University of Kc-ntucky Lexington, Kentucky Sealed proposals for the complete construction of a Dormitory for men at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky and sealed proposals for the heating and electric installations for the same will be received at the Presi- dent's Office of the University of Kentucky until 12:00 noon Monday, Decembeor 20, 1920.