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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 6, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

""1 fHE KENTUCKY KERNEL Mutual Prof ram FIRST-CLAS- IN EVERY S Suits Made to Order P. APPOINTMENT Tailor College Boys' Tailor Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed - - 11.00 Suits Pressed 3.")C All work Guaranteed Phone 1550-152 S. Limestone Benkart tc Fotsch, Proprietors Eagle Barber Shop M 107 South Limestone Street u-- Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Block Lexington, Ky. FIRST-CLAS- S WORK THE ORPHEUM THEATRE- GUARANTEED TWENTY-THRE- NEW E MEMBERS OF STROLLERS of Organization Roster Thirty-Eigin Shows School at Present ht meeting of tho Stroll was held before tho Christmas era holidays, on December 19, at which names was tlmo a list of twenty-threpresented by the membership commit tee and all were accepted as members Tho stago manager of tho Strollers. reported on tho "Amateur Night" per formance and told of tho progress In tho selection of tho play for the an nual production of tho organization. Nothing definite has as yet been done, but tho play will be selected and re hearsals will be started immediately after the first term exams. Miss Katherine Mitchell, who leaves college in a few weeks on a leave of absence until the end of the year, as vice handed in her resignations president and member of the play, membership, and room committees, was voted not to accept her resig An Important o LEONARD BARBER SHOP At Leonard Hotel NONE BETTER COGSWELL BROS., Proprietors CALAGIS & CO. 107 WEST MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. FINE HOME-MADCANDIES E Welcome to Our City After you have settled down to business in your College duties, the next thing on the programme is to have your picture taken to send mother and the "girl you left behind you." The place is Humphrey's Studio Reduced 341 W. Main Rates to Students St Phone 1635-- x When you contemplate seeding Life or Acci-do- nt Health Insurance ask the K. S. U. student representing a conservative, Boston, Mass.. Company to submit a proposi& tion. You need the Insurance. He will appreciate your Business. Address 406 Cily Bank Bldg. COLONIAL nations. The new members elected to the Strollers are: Henry Powell, Julius Wolf, Cecil Noe, Eugene Gribben, Marion Conditt, Goodson Reynolds, Leonard Taylor, Gordon Marsh, Mc Clarty Harbison, W. L. Smith, Tom Richards, Hector Lawson, Wayne Hat fler and Messrs. Swope, Cherry, Ar nold and Land, and Misses Mildred Graham, Eliza Spurrier, Mary Turner, Eliza Pigott, Edness Kimball and June Sale. By request of the Strollers the complete roster of the organization is published below. For some years the roster has not been kept carefully and an effort is being made this year to determine the membership accurately. Such records as are available have been consulted, but it is realized that the list below is probably incomplete and incorrect. It is hoped that any person who is a Stroller, but whose name is omitted will immediately turn in his name to the secre of the organization, John R. Marsh, so the list of the members can be made complete. The roster of members who are in the Univer sity at tho present tlmo follows: Misses Christine Hopkins, Ina Mario Louise Mlchot, Rebecca Smith, Kathorlno Mitchell, Lois Powell, Vivian Delaine, Anita Crabbo, Mildred Taylor, Margaret McLaughlin, Carloton Brewer, Prances D. Gelsel, Johnnlo Vio Cramer, Cclla Cregor, AHco Llla Estes, Lillian Gaines, Gregory, Nancy Innes, Annette Martin, Virginia Daro Stout, Kathleen Sullivan, Nata Leo Woodruff. Messrs. 13. W. Roth, H. D. Graham, James McConncll, Emory Herndon J. Evans, E. A. Blackburn, W. J. Kallbroeier, Estill Woods, Derrlll Hart, W. C. Shlnnlck, 0. S. Lee, J. Franklin Corn, Herbert Felix, E. P. Hatter, J. Owen Reynolds, Mohn R. Marsh. Wearers of the Stroller pin. Dar-nai- l, Fra-zle- r, ADA MEADE. Everybody liked "Old Hiedelberg" so well that Manager Gurnee of the Ada Meade Theatre, has booked another clean-utabloid for the last three days of this week, January 6, 7 and 8. "Night on a New York Roof Garden" is the name of this new winner and it has sixteen clever classy people in the cast. Ten girls make up one of the snappiest and beauty choruses it has been our pleasure to present in some time and the comedy is all of the spontaneous variety. As a special feature all box seats for the 9:15 performances will be reserved from now on and all matinee seats will be reserved at the following scale of prices: All lower floor, twenty cents; box seats, twenty-fiv- e and balcony, ten cents. The night prices will remain at the usual scale. Order seats now and avoid the rush. best-lookin- g COLONIAL THEATRE. During the last half of the week the Colonial will offer the following attractions: Thursday, January 6 "The Devil's Prayer Book," featuring Arthur Hoops and Alma Han-IoKleine-Edl-son'- Friday, January 7 An Equitable comedy drama in five acts, featuring the great stage success, Thomas A. Wise. Saturday, January 8 A Vitagraph drama, "On Her Wedding Night," feaMetropolitan turing Charles Kent, Louise Bondot, Edith Storey and Antolne Moreno, The Place for Good Things to Ea1 which is a photoplay of remarkable charm and force. Sunday, January 9 "The King's Game," a Pathe picture, featuring 15c Pearl White, George Probert and ShelHair Cut Shave 10c don Lewis. (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) Monday, January 10 A t MARTIN'S BARBER GEO. photoplay 'Misleading Lady," SHOP. Basement, 139 East Main, featuring Henry B. Walthall and Edna Opposite Phoenix Hotel. Mayo. (Adv. Restaurant MFeature Program Best Screen Best Actors Best Artists Best Pictures Best Producers r five-ac- Florida - Cuba - New Orleans WILDCATS ON SALE DAILY TO ALL RESORTS OF THE SOUTH. LONG RETURN LIMIT. STOP OVERS. APPLY TO NEAREST TICKET AGENT OR WRITE Agent, 101 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. Cincinnati, Ohio 11:00 P. M. M. TO (Continued from Page 1) Ireland, Peah and other have played before and aro good men. Tho Freshmen are as yet almost unknown quantities, howovor, there Is a lot of excellent material in tho class. aro two ZerfoBS and Longsworth whoso work has been particularly noteworthy. Tho comploto schedule of tho Wildcats as far as it has been determined, is as follows: January 14 Cincinnati at Cincinnati. January 18 Georgetown at Georgetown. January 29 Chattanooga at Lexington. February 4 and 5 Vanderbilt at Lexington. February 15 Centre at Danville. February 19 Cincinnati at Lexington. February 22 or 24 Louisville at Louisville. February 26 Maryville at Lexington. February 29 Centre at Lexington. March 3 Marietta at Lexington. A return game with Louisville at Lexington and games with Tennessee at Knoxville and Lexington will be played on dates not yet determined. SEASON OPENS WITH KENTUCKY WESLEYAN (Continued from Page 1) new girls and until the coaches get them to working together a little more Toothly It will be Impossible to pick out the live who will face Kentucky Wesleyan in the opening game. The game scheduled with Margaret College for January 14 has been canceled, but an effort will be made to arrange for this game February 8 at Lexington. The complete schedule as far as it has been fixed is as follows: January 21 Kentucky Wesleyan at Winchester. February 5 University of Louisville at Lexington. February 11 K. C. W. at Lexington. February 18 Margaret College at Versailles. February 25 University of Louis ville at Louisville. February 29 Kentucky Wesleyan at Lexington. March 3 K. C. W. at Danville. In view of the lack of practice, Ireland, Peak and others have played Graves, Cox & Company s Bid Sale NOW ON Young Mens Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats At very low Reduced Prices Special also Prices on Furnishings, Hats, Shoes Caps, Leather Trunks, Goods, Etc. Graves, Cox & Company (Incorporated.) ADA MEADE SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE 2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY 3 - - SHOWS KRESGE Serves the Best y 3 DAILY - MATINEE NIGHT . $1.00 WORTH 10c FOR 10c SAME MANAGEMENT Four Item Noon Lunch Franz Josef Spengler The Photographer FOR FULL INFORMATION, H. C. KING, Passenger and Ticket W. A. BECKLER, General Passenger Agent, OPEN 10:00 A. FIRST GAME IDEAL WINTER PLAYGROUNDS WINTER TOURIST TICKETS 5c Admission . - J. H. STAMPER, Jr., Owner and Mansjer. Dry Cleaning B. ROBARDS, Go Where the Go's Go. MEET ME AT. in Your Town Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years. Can he show you? In the City For 10c 311 W. Main St. Phone 1092-- y