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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

The Sounds of Summer i _ Vietnom Experience i Summer Sounds 85 will feature sev- en free concerts and recitals as well: Classical music will be in the spotlight June 8LMiChal Fogler and facuityI The eacperiences of Kentucky soldiers in C4 in june when the University of Ken- Cbanibcr Music with guitar, at 8 b_rri_ the Vietnam War will be recounted in a te iucky presents Summer Sounds 785, a in the Recital Han; June 9_SChuYir television oral history program being i FY series of ten concerts and recitals in the Robinson, Organ, at 3 n_na_ in thc Con- p1'0Cll1CCl at the University of Ken- lol i. UK Cerller fer the Arts- Speueered by cert Hall and Guitar Workshop Stu- toekY _ all the UK Cellege nf Flrle Arts, School nf dents Recital at 8 p.m. in the Recital A $1946 gram awarded by the Kell` Music, and University Extension, Sum- Ha11;Junc 117Thc Concord Trio at 8 tueky Oral History Commission will Q in mer Sounds 85 will feature perform- n_in_ in thc Recital Hai]; fund the project in parta joint effort 5 in i ances by guest artists and School of Junc 16_.patricia MontgomcryI pia- of UKs Office Ole lnSt1uCti0n&l Re- ` lrr Music faculty members. The following noI at 3 n_rn_ in thc Rccitai Ha1l;Junc $or`$ and the UK Library Oral His- R sueat artists will appear in Summer 21juh1or String Orchestra Concert, {OW Pmgram- _ e ` Sounds *35; Judy Vascki Conductor, at 7 pImI in I About 15 Kentucky veterans will be M , Juno 6Rebert Guthrie, Classical the Recital Hall; and june 23Lucien lotervlewed eeamera represerlrlrlg a m i guitarist, at 8 p.m. in the Recital Hall. Star-kI nianoI at 3 n_ni_ in thc Rccitaj dlYol$ F& ef S01&l backgrounds and h I-le was recently named one of todays Hair mllllorY experieneee, Sold preieet llr t ' g leading gUl[3.I`lSIS the Gllildf P[l1_}l?' Summer Sounds ,85 is in Con- tor Pool Leveque of Excerpts Of br" i Magazling readera pell The New l/Wk junction with a series of workshops pre- those interviews will be used in a one' pe Times called him "a guitarist of intelli- sented by thc UK School of MuSic_ hou? Program to be aired on cable and he ` Soooo and $oo$lllVltYii Music students from 'unior h` h h ol eoueeoooel televlslorr June 13-the Fine Ans Quarter, nne through cout-ge will eeceive iiitriiitiim Terry Birrlwhiarelli eeerdiaarer ef the %* of worldls great chamber 1'1SIl'1blS, HI on guitar, chamber music, strings, key- oral History Program? will eorlduet the UO 3 n_rn_ in inc Rccira] Hair This is thc board, and band interviews and determine the themes to mi quartcts second appearance at the UK be eevered. Center for the Arts; their first was dur- iiwo would like to give Vietnam vet- Cal ing [hc 1933-34 University Artist Sc- erans the chance to present their own be ries. According to the New York Times, . i nag, P1S," Birdwhistell said. "Whi1t=; there we "the players still live up to their t \ ` i t has been a lot written about the veter- ` U narnc_iincr bcing tbc bcrfcct atiicc- .` _ _ . .i;g _ ans, certain viewpoints have been given I mt _ tivcjr ,V it , i more exposure than others." {01 Juno 20_Armc_Maric McDcrmottI { _ t\ Birdwhistell pointed out that the pro- Ol pianist, at 8 p.m. in the Recital Hall. _` gram Will Hot bf? 21 l11Sf0FY ofthe Con- err i The winner ofthe 1983 Young Concert [re nr ,. it fliet, but Y&tii1` will examine how it lat i Artists International Auditions, she was Q ifi affected the lives of thgsg who partici- tre deemed "a keyboard virtuoso" by the C .. i t fi pated. War/zingtmz Post. 1 i er A i" The program, being produced by : Tickets lor guest artist performances Britt Dwls ef OIR, Should be F3dY for Q are $5 regular, 153 for students and sen- Round the Clock broadcast by November 1985. l E ior citizens; series tickets for all three UK history Professor George C, Het-- pcrlormanccs are $10. Tickets may be _ _ _ _ _ ring, author of two books on the Viet- purchased at the UK Center for the Umllgersliy gid:) Steumgi WBfKYl;S {gow nam war, is serving as historical , E Arts ticket ofhce, at the Rose Street en- on { , ele Ours, e ey Or t c rst Consultant. i E trance, l`rom noon to 4 p.m., Monday time m re 44-year hlsiorlo i 2 I _ I I i _ Don Wheeler, station manager, said = through Saturday. Tickets may be re- 1984 { 1 f h UK E served by calling the ticket office at was a Success U Veer Or t c _ E (606) 257_Iio2o V owned and operated station. One pro- E ` ` i gram, he said, One Nzght Stand, featured E on Saturday night, is now syndicated to 24 other public radio stations nation- wide. For WBKY, he added, the pro- gram is a source of prestige in the pub- lic radio business, not to mention an ex- tra source of income." 2