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Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Think Heolthy Thoughts Plgggvlonlmllljy $iX Fulbi-lg}-irs i Can a person be mentally conditioned Five University faculty members have to be more resistant to illness? Universi- ,V i ` F j e received Fulbright Awards and are l ty of Kentucky I`€S€3.I`Cl'l€I`S 3I`€ €XplOI`· ,.:, V V Il 5[udying and lecturing QV€]`s€aS_ l ing mental processes which may eventu- Q ` _ Kenneth Coleman, Political Science, g ally lead t0 just such a development. are \ l s V is teaching and doing research in Vene— ~ t A $ll3»0oO grant from rho National ·’ i ·y VZ , zuela. David A. Kravitz, Psychology, Institute of Health will fund research ° V; / "rv is studying in West Germany and con- ‘ into behavioral conditioning of f J2 y guctmg Seminars Oh email greup behaV_ lrnmnnornoolnlallon bY Dr- Thomas si., ` 1or and group decision-making at the Roszman, microbiologist in the UK University ofFreiburg_ College of Medicine, and D1`- Donald JOHNECROSBV Education Professor Pentti M of h UK s chol d - ' ‘ ' mf? t ° P Y Ow gpm Felse Bellels ¤b¤9* l¤ve· Sex iili‘§Zil1i"LT.§°Z2‘§f§ZYE“£El$EZdiZiZLS‘IitiZ i Roszman says evidence snggosls end Murrluge year to follow up on his research. Gary there is communication between the Shannon, Geo ra h , is stud in ri- brain ?Hd thc immune SyStcm’ arld 8 In a new book, a University of Ken- mary Pl'lYslola§ slllise rolooaglong gan person s_nl€nlal state can asset nls of tucky professor Of family Studies at- terns from 1950 to 1o8O in England and her PllYsloalWoll'bolng· · _ tempts, in his Wards, Mm set down West Germany. Michael Webb, Eco- Fer example someone €’FP€“€*l°*“€ sorrie fallacious beliefs about love, sex nornicsi is cenclncrins research cn cern- isrrong Eloprogslrig orb orrlorlonallslrl-la' a_nd1*I1aI·[·ia_g€_’7 megcial policieg in regard to imports 101'1, SLIC 3S C3. O 3. COSC I`€ 211VC, . ‘ an cx gyts In gsta ](;a_ may be rnoro susooprlolo te illness- ],i;?;;yliO?;(’ti·i2;p?,}yf);]A;l4}(f;2ilgniixlgigllizfs Also}? graduate student Gail Gonzalez Roszman belreves if cmotmlml stare Crosby, as writer and editor, and con- went te Argentina in April rc conduct can lswsr 1mmun€_r€SpOnScs’ rr Should tains essays by others, selected by Cros- advanced doctoral rosoaroll {nrc lno be Posslblo re aohlovo the oPPoslro as by_ The publisher is John Wiley gr works of 20th century Argentinian writ- well. SOnS’ New YOrk_ erjulio Cortazar. The rreiect *$llbs¤?mP;1_l