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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

_\ , Geneclogistsl Heaven "Lots of attempts have been made in .'_ I aa _Q the past to totally mechanize tobacco `V__ ` , . . . N _ _ 1 */* rr .,P_ jj; harvest1ng," Casada said. "We decided Approximately 14 cubic feet of records J ee ` the best approach was to keep the hu- dating back to 1849, the date of the ~ an Z ; j. .. .r r man hands involved to do the delicate _ I founding of the Lexington Cemetery, n;.>aH}n_,;-K ke if I _ V L Work], have b" dad the Ui""Si[Y af ~ *> . r i The harvesting aid drew eh ehrhusi- a Itl ` ri Kentucky Margaret I' Kmg Llb_mry_ /~ - 2.;,. , Ya - ,, - 4 astic response when it was demonstrat- ' i l Paul Wll1lS dlrccmr af Uk hbmns* ` i va i e . { . - . F ed to tobacco farmers around the state, =~ [ wax? ".r*ii .=e . ra- . . A ekplarhed that mast Or tha dbehrhehrs Swetnam sa1d. It was later demonstrat- relate to thc day-to-day Opcrimonaof Ji"? i `"C aa * $* ed successfullY in harvesting strawber- the cemetery but also list who 1S buried I ries, ben peppers, cucumbers and other . there] _ Tobacco TF$P Ont Del/Ice vegetables that ordinarily require te- Minutes of the board of directors, fi- patented dious hand labor to harvest- habclal lcigara lima carllxhdofglggcms Worker productivity was increased ``- fa; eomprlse [ e CO eUn C re` by 30 to 40 percent for most crops. cord lists about a dozen Lexington men Three UK agriculture engineers have Swemam Said thc multi-cmp Vcrsatil- nr , who contributed $500 each to establish developed a Way aa use 3 aaaaaa hm" ity Of the harvester Sets it apart from W tha aamatarr vcstmg mh. to transplant Obacco other units on the market and is the Bob WachS the ccmctcryis general ill? have assigned the patent rights to key to making it ajustifiable investment manager, explained that this spring his for Small farm O eratiene V office will eempurerize. Aher transfer- Larry Swataaaa J amas Caaada aad I dd - P h f r rang all eur lists onto rhe eempurer we Laws Walwa Say thaia baalav tabaaaa - YO ervcstlng S 1 it will permit the UK library to transfer harvesting aid, developed in 1979, elim- the baslc mailimcds car?LY aidaprerl ta Z; " _=_ this same information to microhlm for ihares rhueh Or the baek breakrhg labaa mw cmpt C1ElV?tn` t C aicstt lm- " _ _ - - provemen e o acco rans an er- rr, gcncalogists and other scholars interest- faam harVeShg_W9rk Tha rrraehrhe has enables the senin Of one Or tw}; rows at M since been modified for use in harvest- S ed in such information. _ a time ing vegetable crops. ~,`,`. ~ V Tha he"Y rebaeeo rrahSPlahrariOh ah For more information, contact Larry ,ti Z tachment is intended to broaden the Swcmam at 25y_y383_ r,,r at ,V_.r'; ` `i _ uses of the harvester and make it more ,!: practical for small farms with limited equipment budgets. .t The basic machine is a gasoline pow- A a ered, three-wheel platform designed for 1` a yr __ re fx . versatility, ease of operation and low __.`~ cost. In its tobacco harvesting mode, the machine cuts each plant as it guides `,._ r j .V,i .` itself automaticall down each row. The _ ~.` ii` eq`}, _ j { operator, seated comfortably, spears the ;` fi Q ga. _ cut plants on sticks in the traditional `L ` war Willis said, "The complete list of Although the semi-mechanized tobac- people buried in the Lexington Ceme- co harvesting system is not significantly , ij tery is a whos who in the history of faster than hand methods, operator Lexington and K5n[uCky_" Kentucky comfort is improved substantially. statesman Henry Clay and other fa- mous Kentucky families such as the _ Morgans and the Breckinridges are buried there. V