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Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

` KZ `. `y""”. ‘,` l ‘ A i i ' i I ——”· `';` lii i ii A .A » i i Membershi in the UK National Alum- i _ i The National Association offers 14 ben- i ni Associatiien reached an all-time high in ii efits of membership from a car decal to Af 5 in 1984 with 24,465 members, an in- 'inie ·`§ * automatic membership in one of 68 tai crease of five percent over the previous gg; _,, alumni clubs and/or aiililiated college ‘ Q year. Life members represent 30.3 per- gi organizations. Approximately 200 club i cent of the total membership. The __,, *,/ Vg,[A>_ _ w ig v>_, x functions were held in 1984. { SOI i iin'ee`Yeni mempeisnip Opiipn gained Mare than 115 members participated nw é substantially in popularity with 22 per- in the alumni travel program, Tours mi l cent of the members preferring this and the number of participants in each ‘ , method of payment. Last year more than 83,000 data chang- during 1984 were: Mexico City/Puerto Jui Distribution of membership among es were processed in order to maintain Vallarta, 15; Australia/New Zealand, las f the class years based on a random sam- the accuracy of information such as ad- 11: Passage of the Czars, 12: Germany, aw plc shows 13.5 percent having gradua- dresses, degrees, marital status, occupa- 25; University Abroad in Great Britain, ac; ted or attended prior to 1944; 12.2 per- tion, etc. 8, and Scandinavia, 47. thi cent between 1944 and 1954; 14.6 per- About 70 percent of the members Spindletop Hall, the alumni-faculty . i cent between 1955 and 1964; 23.5 per- continue to reside in Kentucky with club on Iron Works Pike, now has its; 1 cent between 1965 and 1974 and 36.3 nearly 28 percent out-of-state and 2 per- about 1,700 alumni memberships. mc i percent between 1975 and 1983. The cent in foreign countries. Membership is open to alumni with 12 COI most recent graduating class receives an The largest constituent organization or m01“€ credit h0L1rS Wh0 hold member- WC. i ollcr tojoin the National Association for continues to be the College of Business ship in the UK National Alumni Asso- Of: t_ one year at half price. About 400 new and Economies followed by Arts & Sci- Ciation. , graduates from the class of 1983 took ences, Engineering and Dentistry. Jef- Wildcat merchandise was offered to % advantage o1` this oller in 1984. ferson Community College has the alumni in cooperation with the Univer- i Alumni clubs began a concerted ef- greatest number of graduates on the sity Bookstore. The bookstore is now $6( ’ fort in late 1984 to contact alumni who alumni membership roster for the sec- under the management of Follet Stores — , did not renew their membership. Mem- ond year in a row. Inc. who prepared a four-color bro- bership committee chairman Laura ehure for alumni. $51 ’ Glenn White said the etl`ort was paying Hundreds of members enjoyed _ E oll` and itis hoped 1985 renewal statistics Post presidents ofthe Notionol Alumni Associo- check-out privileges at all University E will improve accordingly. ln 1984, the iiOn lUd9€Cl the elnb Gweiids PiO9"9m enilies Oi and community college libraries. Many E i l`(TIl(‘\V2ll FZIIC WVZIS 2lppI`()X1fl'l211Cly PCI`- ihe Summer Vi/Orlishqpi From Iefii U1€I'Hb€I`S CO1'ltlI'1Ll€Cl to {3kC advantage 1. §;*rg,?2· Dr M Fmt md Joh me of discounts from the U.,.V...i., P .... $3, Altogether, the records sta1l` main- of Kentucky. One of the most popular _ tains more than 119,000 individual re- books this year was professor Bert cords of alumni and associates. The UK Nelliis book about UK basketball. $2( i_ National Alumni Association is the otli- Family life insurance and use of the * cial recordskeeper for the University as UK Career Planning and Placement niantlatcd by the UK board of trustees. Center were other benelits utilized by Sli] ‘__~_;;.. .9 Q alumni last year. _ l ' ” 1 i l . . . i g ‘ { .2 s i \ * .-- ` i l P » - t t·ti V .’-. K" _§ 1 _ _ , _-y A " . l » --·<‘ ?·§` tt